Deepti Babu: From Volunteer to NSGC BOD Member and ThinkGenetic VP

Speaking: Deepti Babu, MS, CGC The first opportunity was writing and editing for the member newsletter, which is now a digital magazine. Honestly, the two counselors who interviewed me for that role, took a chance on me and that led to more opportunities. Actually, a lot of the skills that I use in my job I learned from volunteer experiences with the NSGC. So when I got nominated for the board, I was kind of like, this is really interesting now to think about things as a strategic level, as our field is exploding. We have to really figure out directions in which we’re going and how to respect them all, and honor them all, but move forward together. For 15 years I was in different clinical roles in two different countries. So, I found that really interesting, you know, navigating the field – in different health systems, in different institutions, in different clinical settings, in different ways in which the services were delivered. So, I’ve been able to explore those kind of other attributes of the field, in different ways, with always the drive to help people being at the core. Genetic counselors, our skills are so transferable. Genetic counselors know this. We don’t have formal training in a lot of these things but we have intuition and we have a lot of expertise that we gather practically, that we don’t really recognize that we have. None of us joined the field to be bored, so this is just another opportunity to kind of buckle up and see what happens in the future. The foundations of ThinkGenetic are in providing quality information and guidance and what I’m learning is this artificial intelligence knowledge base that we’re creating really, through machine learning, is so fascinating. The work that I’m doing with so many other wonderful genetic counselors, is to write, information, at a very, very detailed level, about different genetic conditions, and these are the nuances that I get to have the honor of learning more about. What are the families with these conditions dealing with on a day-to-day basis. It’s so important and that’s the stuff that I think we’re able to share a bit more widely with the platform that we have and connect those bits of information together to really help families in a different way. We’re really taking the time to make sure it’s done right, and I love that.

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