Death Grips – Culture Shock

37 thoughts on “Death Grips – Culture Shock

  1. This album just has every mood in it, sad, angry, very angry, super angry, rage, electronic, rap, happy, things we have never experienced or ever will experience due to our prime brains not being unlocked and when we do we will possibly worship death grips due to them helping us and giving us a key to part of the brain we don’t have yet.

  2. Rides fucking pissed about the subject but he’s right. This is like a non cringey and threatening version of “technology is taking over”

  3. "Never seen without one hundred."
    Might be a conspiracy theory but the 💯'S on the puffer thingy in the Bootleg video…

    Drug addiction. Enough said

  4. Ohhhhhh my god they really need to make a remaster of this album for there 10th Anniversary because it will be in 2020 and honestly I think Exmilitary is the best death grips album and the money store and no love deep web but definitely Exmilitary and the money store but still Exmilitary is the best it has so amazing and wonderful many songs and the reason why I really went this on iTunes is because it's lit

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