Day Trading: Target $200 – $500 – $1000 a Day. Members Q and A Part One.

yesterday however what I discuss is just
as applicable to whether you trade stocks Forex or the futures markets but
I want to get underway with something it’s very very important to me and
important to you as a trader and that is the power of questions now over 70% of
those that invest in a day traders fast-track program and that a members
are already highly experienced members that is I’ve been trading for some time
perhaps I should say some have not been profitable up until now so what is very
very important that you don’t allow your past to cloud or or if you like to
hijack your future so it’s very very important that as you watch my
recordings and you hear me talk about this all the time
that you do with an open mind and the best way of putting it and then stating
this this is this there are empowering and disempowering questions so you’ve
got the victims those that use disempowering self-talk that says or
that will say to themselves why does this always happen to me
all right that’s playing the victim what we can do and what we must do is to
reframe it and as you watch this video is number one make sure you take notes
but also be asking yourself is what can I learn from this how can I use this
what’s great about this how can I use this to improve my trading what will I
do differently next time how can I improve my entries with what Ray is
showing me how could I improve my exits how could I better qualify the trade
notice these are all empowering intelligent compelling questions there
is a massive difference and I promise you that if you create a massive shift
in the sort of questions that you ask as you watch my recordings I promise you
it’ll ever you’ll accelerate your learning because questions are the
answer to success as a trader questions also concentrate our focus
that is what we focus on we tend to get so it’s very very important that we
focus on ways of making it work rather on the past on what hasn’t worked in the
past very very important that we do that now as we get into this of course I do
need to legally put up our disclaimer for those that are members you see this
on every one of my videos so I won’t go through it or if you’re new to my
recordings please pause the recording and read the risk disclaimer and very
very quickly so for members I’m just going to give a very quick ad if you’re
a member of a public that I know that is not a member please visit my website or
download receive a download link in the description below to request my free
training manual my free e-book on day trading the truth about day trading and
even a better still become a member for $197 you now receive my top 15 day in
swing trading strategies there’s over 300 videos now on my site and there’s a
ton of resources so I’m not going to say anymore but visit my website request the
information even more importantly come and join us as a member of a day traders
fast-track program in the bed let’s now get into it so this is an email I
received from a member during the week so here’s what he said 1,000 a day 5,000
a week is a life changer how do I achieve this will traders what we could
look at is what is realistic we need to build our confidence and you hear me
regularly talk about discipline discipline is like a muscle the more
often we exercise it the stronger we get likewise in achieving our daily
profit targets we want to celebrate as we achieve a certain milestone we
celebrate and we can increase that as we go along within with experience so one
way of doing this is to say ok I’ll trade 10 contracts achieve $100 a day
net profit and we’re going to be talking more about
how to do that in this session that’s a thousand a day as you increase your
experience and and your profitability you might choose to be trading only five
contracts achieving 200 a day which we’re going to look at a chart in a
moment on this which is a thousand a day so there’s a lot of different ways of if
I may say skinning the cat so what we could look at though is that a lot of
trade is really lacking confidence in their early days so target $100 a day
stop going to sim and celebrate you winning then go up to 120 a day 140 160
etc now we all have different personalities so you’ve got to really
look at what works for you now another way of looking at it is this we’re going
to be looking at the various setups in a moment but let’s just say you start off
with one hundred dollars a day so consider trading two markets that means
you only have to net fifty one hundred dollars a day from each market so in
other words you’re going to be looking for the best of the best or implementing
or using only the best of the best trading strategies the very highest
probability strategies and what that means is you’re only then looking for
one two three trades we’re going to really realistic we know we’re going to
have losses but by going to for say the t2 over thirty four B’s which you know
a very high probability of course we can minimize the amount of trades that we
need to undertake now what that is doing is strengthening our muscle our
discipline our confidence and so that also strengthens what we call our belief
the greater our belief in our skill set of course the more confidence and more
likely we are to follow our rules which is very very important so let’s just say
here one hundred a day we’re going to start with I’m going to trade two
markets what strategies could you use to achieve this now by the way another
reason I mentioned trading to markets if you say were to trade all of the day to
day traders fast track strategies so if you to trade say all
the top ten strategies that I have you could probably only trade one market if
you’re an active day trader why because you get that many potential entries but
say if you’re going to focus on say the T2 s or the 34B which are trend trades
well in that particular case you might only get say 1 an hour so you could
realistically trade to markets at once but just looking for the best of the
best so number one if you’re going to be looking for this you want to look for
any trend trade after a t20 now we know a t20 is the equivalent of a 50cc is
zero line crossover and the t20 – one is your first trade after a qualified t20
so the strategies and these are all trend following strategies I’d be
recommended as the super scope of the t1 for slingshot for floor trader pivot the
t7 with trend not counter trend the 21b 34b the 89b all as trend
following strategies the best of the best I would be saying at t2 s and 34B’s which we’re going to look at in more detail so getting back to this start off
by targeting 100 today and build your confidence over a period of time so how
do we get there 200 500 thousand now number one per contract 200 is an
extremely achievable goal to get to a thousand dollars a day per single
contract is quite difficult let’s be realistic here so you’re going to be
talking about trading multiple contracts once you start to get to that but let’s
start off by talking about trading one contract to begin with so let’s say
we’re going to sculpt as day traders we’re say looking at CL maybe the NQ
maybe you’re going to look at gold is a brilliant one and actually let’s have a
quick look at this let me bring up gold just um
this is a by the way we’re looking here at a 144 tick chart here so this is 144
on gold now this is from a couple of days ago and I think I did a recording I
recorded these live all straight after on another video I did on trading
indicators but the point I wanted to make out here is that this this is
this five ticks ignore that 2 that’s actually shorting two contracts here at
each time but the point is here you had a a 34 89b 34B 34 34 34 you had
multiple other entries so had a number of entry opportunities one two three
four and this actually your five trades in a row we also have what we call the
sweet spot look at your anchor chart your anchor chart is also supporting the
trend at this stage as well this trader here by the way for members you also
know this is 87 you’ve got a t7 bet the farm because it’s with the trend and
that would get to be or could have been a really nice trade now just why we’re
on this another thing you can be doing in increasing your profitability is
rather than just say going for five ticks and remember it that charter a
moment ago we were looking at five by five tick trade today and with by the
way for those that aren’t familiar with gold gold is $10 per tick like CL it’s
$10 per tick and so five trades a day by five ticks is two hundred and fifty
dollars to take away your commissions that’s 225 now that really maximize your
returns what you can do and you’ll get great runners on CL every day you’ll get
it on the NQ you’ll get it on gold as well usual trigger line to stay in for
trade up here you would have easily got 10 ticks here you’ve romped at 10 ticks
so there’s $100 there there’s over $100 in that move there so you can use the
trigger line as long as you’re on the left of a trigger line you stay in
that’s if you’re trading to the short side so there’s things that
you can do to maximize I’m not saying that five ticks should be the on x are
can’t you go for because you’ll easily find on gold but you can pick up six to
ten ticks in most moves but the point I wanted to get across is by the way that
there was in it and this is a during the Globex session the overnight session
that’s induced under two hours you’ve wrapped up your trading you’ve netted
well over your 200 a contract so that’s just sort of one idea there now getting
back to the PowerPoint wherever I put that here it is here okay so five trades
a day that’s 225 so what you want to look at is what are your highest
probability trades to do that particularly for a new trader now as you
build your confidence and also your skill set you can introduce new trading
strategies or suits should say a number of other strategies in the mix but
become a specialist at first we’re gonna talk more about that in a moment but as
we lead into this what I’m about to quickly discuss will make a massive
impact on you achieving your overall goals and this really gets back to
questions that I’m asked all the time about you know how much is enough how
far can i really go as a trader well first of all traders let’s quickly
and I spoke about this in a video the other day the truth about the
multi-million dollar trader when you’re trading your own funds there is a
massive difference to say if I’m trading a fund where it’s not my money if I’m
trading for someone else it’s a total different scenario than they feel
trading with your own cash so this chart here will show you that if you’re
achieving 200 a day so once again let’s just say here let me explain this and
we’ll come back to what I’m the point I was going to make so let’s just say here
you start off with $5,000 capital you achieve $200 a day that’s $1,000 a week
and at the end of we’ve got 6,000 we – you’ve averaged 200
a day we’re now up to 7,000 a week once we double our account from 5,000 to 10,000
I’m then allowing myself to increase the amount of contracts on trading to 2 so we
feel like I’m using the markets money and this is one point that comes up
regularly I have a lot of members of join us where they’ve got 50 100 200
thousand dollars or maybe their retirement funds when they join they’re
ready to turn day trading into a serious profession they’ve got the capital
behind them and as you hear me say basically every single recording you
have to earn the right to go from one contractor to two you have to double your
money you’ve got to earn your stripes this is very very important because once
you go from trading and seem to trading room with real cash psychologically it’s
a total different story and getting back to the myth about the million dollar
trader there are very few very few traders at trade a million dollars or
more of our own capital at once there’s very few of them 100,000 years trading
ten or twenty contracts but once you get above that it’s totally different but
back to this table here for a moment what I want you to do is is to create a
goal you know you want to create a compelling future you want to have what
I call a mighty way because when you’ve got a huge WHY in front of you the hell
seems to appear so this is why in my goal from setting sessions you’ll hear
me talk about having your goals for having a massive Mighty why what are you
gonna do with the money because when you’ve got a met a big enough why the
hell will come you start to ask yourself intelligent questions because you’re
focused on success so getting back to this so after five weeks I’m now up to
two contracts now by the end of um what are we up here by the end of
steamed weeks here I’ve taken my capital from $5,000 up to 62 thousand dollars
I’m now trading 12 contracts and earning $10,000 a week now traders
realistically as you develop or build your account you also instead of risking
2% which is what you’d be doing to say a maximum of 100 dollars here over a
period of time you hear me talk regularly about dropping your risk
factor down to only 0.5% it makes it that much easier to pull the trigger
when you’re at trading at only 0.5 but this table here you get down to week
sorry down to week 24 here at the bottom you can see here your trading 52
contracts and you’re earning 43 thousand dollars a week and this is based upon
only earning two hundred dollars a day net and only going to an additional
contract when you’ve doubled when you’ve got an additional 5,000 dollars being
very conservative now if this turns you on
if this motivates you great right take a copy of this create the table or even
better still email me and I’ll send it to you and put it on the wall have a
goal have a massive why now – realistically to be getting up to this
sort of level for most traders you’re certainly going to be wanting to lower
your risk because once you’re starting it up therefore losses can be big – but
the point here is this is the potential this is where you can go that’s based on
just $200 a day now to get to $200 a day in the day
traders fast track program we’ve got 15 strategies so we’ve got both
trend-following we’ve got change of trend and we’ve got counter trend
strategies now hopefully you didn’t hear that I just said in alarm go off the
background become a specialist focus on only a few strategies until you’re
consistently profitable and this is another thing members that from a number
of emails that I received this week is impatience
if you’re impatient you’re not going to have anything to achieve in the end
anyway you’re gonna blow your account what’s very very important is that you
take your time you’ve got to treat this as a 90 to 180 day internship very very
important now this is from Mark Douglas out of his book for Discipline trader
which you hear me talk about every recording and let me just quote part of
this what he says here what you want to do is become an expert at just one
particular pattern that repeats itself with some degree of frequency to become
an expert choose one simple trading system that identifies a pattern
preferably one that is mechanical instead of mathematical so you’ll be
working with a visual representation of market behavior your objective is to
understand completely is for every aspect of the system all of the
relationships between the components and its potential to produce profitable
trades in the meantime it’s important to avoid all other possibilities and
information now why is that why is it important because what it’s start doing
its building your strength when it comes to discipline its building your self
trust and of course this book by Mark Douglas a discipline trader is probably
the number one book in the world today in my opinion on mastering the art of
day trading when it comes to head stuff remember traders we all suffer from a
hardening of the attitudes and we need to give ourselves a regular checkup from
the neck up trading is 90% head stuff this is very very important so the point
here is in achieving our $200 a day we’ve got to remember simply
simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and so it’s very very
important that we start off by mastering simple patterns patterns at a geometric
that appear in the markets each and every single day so what are those
patterns well number one we want to simplify our trading and to do that and
there’s a statement sucia trading it’s really easy buy dips and so
the rallies the trend is my friend we want to stick with the trend now I
mentioned this in a video a couple of days ago that if it’s easy why doesn’t
everybody do it well it’s because he easy things are also easy not to do that
is we you know we become impatient once again we need to work harder on
ourselves as traders personally than what we do on the setups getting back to
this so the trades I want you to focus on I have a trend of following
strategies the t1 t2 t7 now that’s of course a double top or double bottom
with the trend for t25 the 34b are these are the
best of the best when it comes to trend following strategies now as a quick
reminder when it comes to 34B for an example we’ve seen back tested over
hundreds of trades and over live trades 82% 84 % profitability it’s an extremely
when trade it correctly and extremely profitable and the high probability
strategy and that’s where I mentioned trading the 34B you could trade that on
it on the number of markets at the same time because you’re sitting back waiting
for the best of the best to appear now as a reminder members to find the file
on my Google Drive once you join if you’re not already a member so for
members there are there are two files here one is called the 34b
and this other file here which is dated the 34b file there are two files there
with the information is a whole lot of research etc on that the 34b several
two folders now why are we member traders something else another one of
our members this week and for our ninja trader eight traders he provided a
template for ninja trader a ninja trader right where it’s got two of the EMA’s
all set up the zero lag he’s got a whole lot of other things that are
up there which would be a great deal of help set up there so it’s in the folder
NT8 indicators okay so you’ll see if there is set up the EMAs he set up the
indicators we use so it’s in there so NT8 indicators so getting back to what
I want to say here oh one more thing okay one more thing as a reminder I’m
having a lot of members and this has come up a number of times is that when
you’ve joined of course I’ve sent you a spreadsheet and Excel spreadsheet of all
of the recordings is over three hundred as you know now when you click on the
Excel spreadsheet on the bottom of the spreadsheet you’ll see tabs and if we
quickly go here let’s bring this up you’ll see master for strategy John
Sheely general YouTube webinar live trading day trading Q&A CL NQ ES so
you’ll see the the subject headings are at the bottom of the tab excuse me the
tabs at the bottom and that will direct you to where we’ve also group them so
we’re I’m mentioning these and if you’re a brand new member it’s very very easy
just go to the tabs down you’ll see everything is named okay so T1 T2s
getting off track a little bit so another point here is that under the
testing of a 34b with tests that are on CL ES NQ the results are
outstanding this one here eighty-four percent over
two hundred and eighty-eight trades this is just from a member of the other day
he is spreadsheet here trading the ah mainly the 34b this day on two
contracted trade cashed out with six hundred and seventy dollars on his real
account trading two contracts once again mainly the 34b and he
specializes in the thirty-four be absolutely no counter trend trading
whatsoever so trade is that’s what I recommend is that I’m just getting back
to this chart here you by achieving two hundred dollars a day you can achieve
once again incredible goals financial goals there now how long will it take
you to get to 200 well as I say to all traders you want to master every setup
at least 100 trades on the simulator before you go live impatience is the
greatest killer in this business people invest in my program and they want to be
in making a fortune within 1 week traders treated as a 90 to 180 day
internship remember impatience is what’s going to kill you
you want to be patient you know you want to master for setups it’s it’s it’ll
develop that that discipline of sorry that muscle core discipline which is
absolutely critical but this is the potential now one other thing I do want
to say on the $200 to achieve 200 a day you need to be averaging 300 a day why
because you are going to have down days you are going to have lost days so to
get to 300 a day for trading to markets that’s 150 out of each market and if we
just go back to gold here for a moment as you can see here you would have
easily romped it in now you can see here you could have been now as an example
here let’s just have a look so this is during the Globex session so 144 on gold
and we’re going to talk more about this on which markets to trade in section 2
you’ve got a lot of trading opportunities what you also want to look
at perhaps is trading the globex session if we’re talking globex so just
for a moment the 89 tick on on CL okay so this is oil another great market you
could be trading during this time of day during the Globex session is the
Eurodollar futures contract there’s some great opportunities there so you want to
be aiming for 300 a day but once again start off with 100 and build that muscle
over a period of time but anyway I am tie see a little bit once again so
what I’m gonna do on a put a put on a pause this video here
and I’ll then go and record part two and send that out as well and just one more
thing before I sign off and I really should have mentioned this once again as
a quick reminder please subscribe to my channel very very important so you keep
updated because if you’re not a member you’re not going to be getting this by
email of course thank you traders see you on the next video

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