(Day 3) SHOPIFY CHALLENGE – Making an AD post LIVE, Influencers

what is going on guys it is Sebastian here and welcome to day three of the Shopify live challenge today we're going to be creating an Instagram we're going to be creating an advertisement for Instagram and we're also going to be making some sales stick around stay tuned if you guys are new to the channel go ahead and click Subscribe I'm going to be giving away a bunch of free value and if you guys enjoyed this video or find any value in it go ahead and click like down below leave a suggestion for what you guys want to see in day four let's go ahead and get right into it alright everybody welcome back we are enough screen sharing and as you can see I'm on the home page of zodiac charms or ample accessories we set up a promotion and it went live so there's been sixty visits so far thirty-five dollars in sales which is not not too much but it's okay I'm just testing an influencer I'm testing a product so I'm not really sure what's gonna happen so the first thing that I did since the last episode was I created an Instagram account for my for my shop so as you can see it's called ample accessories for the profile picture here I just screenshotted the name off our homepage and as you guys can see I just put a couple pictures of some really cool spots around the around the world you know just something to make the Instagram look pretty cool and then I added two pictures of the product that I was promoting for that day so I am promoting the anchor bracelet as you can see here's the link to the collection page where you could see the anchor bracelet so when you guys are creating your store you want to give off a different kind of vibe you want to put as you guys can probably tell all my pictures kind of look really really cool and that's because I put the same filter at like 30 percent opacity on all my pictures so when you guys are creating your Instagram account you want to choose like a theme like a like a picture or a kind of a filter to go with and also none of my pictures have white boring backgrounds so you guys definitely want to engage your audience you guys want to put school pictures and I'm going to show you exactly how I found these two pictures so if we go to Instagram search so the way I found my picture was I actually just typed in ink or bracelet literally hashtag anchor bracelet on Instagram and 74 thousand posts came up so I was scrolling down and I found my picture I can't find it again but I'll just use a different picture so I saw one that I liked just a second ago okay so this picture is really really cool I like it I like the way it looks and what I'm gonna do is I'm going to just screenshot it from top to bottom here and then once it's on my desktop I can edit it in canva so let's go ahead and go to canva canva I'm gonna go ahead and click on create a design and then we're gonna do Instagram post and then we have to upload our pictures so let's do that upload our own images BAM choose it's going to take a second and this is exactly what I did for the ad that I used this this morning so we'll go ahead and drag it on there and now we're going to go ahead and resize it and we're just going to go straight to that just like that that's perfect and we're gonna go ahead and add some text okay let's make that a little bit bigger and we'll make it and we'll make it white and see if it looks good yeah that looks fine let's make the text a little bit bigger so people can see it okay and then we'll change the font because I don't really like this one okay that's perfect okay so another thing we want to do is we want to add this is what I like to do is add 0 and then the money signs so people can really really tell that it is only $0 so we'll go ahead and highlight that make that super big change the font and change the color and then we can just drag this one down right down here and I'm actually gonna make this bold finally we're gonna just let them know that they have to pay shipping just cover ship just cover shipping and we're gonna make this like a grayish because we don't want it to stand out as much and we're also gonna turn down the opacity to like 80% okay and actually we'll make that white because it's not gonna stand out enough so we'll turn down the opacity to 80% throw just cover shipping right down there and then that's perfect so they can see that it's free anchor bracelet just cover shipping and then it costs $0 and so hopefully this will get them to engage and the picture also looks very very good so you could usually find pictures of your product either on Google or just search up your product on Instagram and you'll see it there so the way that I found my influencer is I just typed in IG fashion and then the first person that comes up was IG fashion blog so I found this page and I asked him if we could do an advertisement and they said yes so here's actually my advertisement that I did a few hours ago and then you're the sales that I've done from the advertisement so you guys could really do the same thing I mean I just typed an IG fashion blog I could have done a lot more research finding a better influencer and I probably will in the next video but this guy didn't generate me as many sales as I hoped he would in the first few hours if you guys are having trouble finding influencers I actually released a video and I explained in depth how to find good influencers and how to make sure that they are going to work so go ahead and check that video I'll link it in the description and I'll flash it up on the screen now all right guys that's going to do it for today's video if you want to see something in day number four go ahead and leave a comment down below and also leave a like on this video so I know that you guys are liking the series and so that I can continue to record it alright everybody I'll see you guys next time

42 thoughts on “(Day 3) SHOPIFY CHALLENGE – Making an AD post LIVE, Influencers

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    What do you guys want to see a day 4 ? i want to test a new product and influencer. LET ME KNOW!!!

  2. Thanks for the Free content I have been watching your videos like couple of hours ago and I started since the first video you created and liked all of them. Compared to other youtubers you are great and the information you are giving is amazing!!! I might text you later on snapchat about few questions and how I can Improve my first website.

  3. One question when you dtopship how does it work. Is it automated orders and how does it put the address automatically and send. Also on the packaging will the name of the comapny come up e.g aliexpress and what about the reciept. Will it show the lower price. Thanks for anyone who answer my questions

  4. Thank you for the vids. My eyes have been opened to new opportunities that I can use and try out for myself 🤗

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  6. Hey I am trying to sell something that comes from China, but my "store" is in Australia…. how do I post it to the customer in Australia within 3-5 days? Without paying huge postage fees? How does that work in "Dropshipping".

  7. Hi, I was just wondering, can you pull any photo like you did from Instagram and use it as your ad? I'm just worried about copyright claim if I were to do something similar to that.


  8. How many stores are you allowed to open on your Shopify account? It would appear that finding the "right" product can be a daunting enough of a task, tell me, is opening multiple stores the thing to do? Do you stick to a single niche until it's done then open a new Shopofy account?

  9. I would like to know why this store is no longer up.  Your Instagram is still live, but not the store.

  10. Hey quick q, is there any way to edit the position of the cover photo for collections? They're all over the place and I do not see a section to reposition them like I did with the header. Any info would help, thank you!

  11. Hey man not to scare you but just to warn you that what you did with the Instagram photo and using it to be more careful with that, I saw videos earlier about someone getting their store sued for using a photo that was copyrighted. So please be careful bc I want to see you succeed without a clap back

  12. Iti multumesc pentru video, este foarte interesant. M-am uitat deja la multe dintre ele dar totusi ma intreb…de ce le faci? Doar din bunatatea inimii tale sau totusi e si un motiv ascuns. Sunt personae care sunt platite si cu 4k$ pentru a da astfel de informatii..

  13. I binge all the 3 days video, I thought this store was generate $6k like you show in the thumbnail 😟

  14. How much did it cost in total for you to start up your store and make your first sales? And AMAZING VIDEOS!

  15. Hey did you use Dan Dasilva's course for Shopify? I was going to take it and wondering if it'll help me be profitable. I'm willing to put in the work to be successful like you in 2 weeks

  16. I would like to see you getting a hold of and communicating with an ig infleuncer. I think we all would. None of us have any idea on how or what to say to them, and if they have a good price or not. PLEASE make a video on that, brother! You will be the FIRST I have ever seen to do so! – Kevin

  17. How did you find time to start your initial store did you start in the summer because school is in and it’s hard to even get around to starting or even fixing around your store

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