[Day 3] How To Find Instagram Influencers In Minutes!

what is going on everybody Anthony masks alone here and now and welcome to influencer marketing success blueprint day 3 as I'm walking you guys through the absolute a-to-z process of utilizing influencers and becoming more profitable with influencers especially in e-commerce so that being said today we're going to be going over exactly are going to be finding influencers manually and a few different techniques that I've found best my students have found us and where I've found some of the best influencers with that being said it is a little bit of a time-consuming process but you know what once you do a little bit of homework on your own your influencers and you find these influencers it's easier than ever to contact them and go ahead and start firing off ads in addition to that I want to give you guys something special if you go down to the description below you could find my cheat sheet of a list of 50 influencers from my personal rolodex so instead of taking the hours of time to go ahead and find 50 influencers for yourself I've already done it for you and I've covered a bunch of different niches with that sheet so it's most likely that your niche is in there if not I'll go ahead and I'll help you guys find one just as a special thank you for go ahead and tuning into influencer marketing success blueprint with that being said go ahead and download that right now it's absolutely free on me you're near 25 Instagram influencers and 25 YouTube influencers and also if you haven't already be sure to subscribe so you can see more videos just like this and more awesome content so let's get into the keynote right now without any further ado where can we find these influencers these ambassadors these people that have this pull over an audience and have the ability to make these people take action well quite frankly Instagram is an amazing sweet spot about half a billion users and it is growing immensely month after month and I mean it's crazy interesting one of the fastest growing platforms and one of the best platforms to do your word of mouth and influencer marketing and along with Facebook and YouTube and Twitter as well YouTube is pretty awesome because it gives you guys the amazing capability to have people do how-to videos or tutorials or maybe if you give someone a free sample they could incorporate it into their video so it's amazing way to get a scene advertisement with people who technically have a much more interpersonal connection with their audience because of their YouTube videos it's a completely different dynamic and different stream of content rather than just still images that you'd see on Instagram or Facebook so that's why I love YouTube influencers I think they're amazing for your brand and if you can find one that is absolutely perfect and congruent with your brand definitely start utilizing them I have a bunch inside of that free download below this video so be sure to use that if you have not already so how are we going to be funny's influencers on these different platforms well first and foremost we have good old search engines we have keywords influencer based search engines and also Instagram locations so I'm going to break these down one by one to give you guys some clarity on exactly how you're going to be using it pretty much step by step and if you have any questions feel free to drop a comment below and also like this video if you like how it's going you love this content so I want to get some feedback so I know exactly what to go with and what to not go with with these videos so keep me posted give me some feedback with that being said let's get into search engines right now so plain old Google I mean anyone has used Google before especially if you're here I guarantee you've been on Google or any search engine before in your life or time spent on the Internet and it's an amazing tool to use if you're just finding influencers so if you were to look up for example men's watch Instagram er if you're trying to gain some exposure on your new watch brand for example you can go ahead and punch that into Google and I guarantee you're going to find dozens of links taking you to a list of Instagram pages of people who post a constant stream of content strictly related to men's fashion or watches and why do I notice because I've done it myself I've done the research I know exactly what's gonna be working for you and this works for pretty much any NIT so if you want to go ahead and plug in something different maybe it was a fishing Instagram or or a hunting page Instagram or whatever it may be or whatever you're trying to tap into just fill in the blanks and put an instagramer or blogger on a search engine such as Google or Bing or whatever you use and I guarantee you're going to find a bunch of different articles or a bunch of different links to Instagram accounts that you can start tapping into and doing some research on to see if they're well fit for you and your brand and if you could put a ad make sure it's super congruent and converting for you so that being said definitely use Google if you go ahead you could click to these links in specific and I saw a huge list of different pages and they also break down in these articles what these people are posting about in specific so it's pretty amazing what they're able to do well what you're able to do by just punching in some good old words into Google I mean definitely do not undermine the power of a search engine because it's still working amazingly so that being said I want to go onto keywords inside of Instagram again pretty straightforward and if you are using it then you know how easy it is to find influencers so if you were in the fishing niche for example you'll see you punch in fishing in the Instagram search bar and you'll see that there were over 15 million posts with the hashtag fishing on them so that's pretty crazy it's pretty remarkable how many people are posting about fishing on Instagram and then right after that you see that there's a list of different pages that have fishing in the title or in the name or directly related to fishing we see that's fishing sales fishing fishing with flair fishing the Midwest we have a bunch of different pages and if you scroll you'll find a ton more in addition to that you could also add some attribution words so for example if you look all the way to right right here I did love pit bulls or love pit bull and you see that you have a bunch of different pit bull pages rather than if you were just to write pit bulls into your search bar so if you write these attribution words you'll also find some more results rather than if you were to just keep it super straightforward and type in just gaming or fishing but regardless you'll still find a bunch of results so definitely check it out and be sure to use keywords inside of Instagram because you'll find tons of pages so if you're in the gaming niche you just punch that in you can see the top hashtags in there and if you want to browse the hashtags and go to the post and see what other hashtags are on those posts so you could start using those to get more exposure that's another way to do great research but more also focus on finding influencers your to see gaming jokes gaming memes gaming posts or gaming with Jen so you see you have three different general pages general page influencers right here and then you have gaming the Jen a big personal page influencer that could very well help your brand if you're trying to sell gaming products let's get into the next one which is influencer search engines so what I wanted to show you guys if you have not seen this in my training in the past or you're not familiar with hyper branch calm is pretty amazing and why say this is because as a free trial user you get a hundred free searches and you can view uh 20 influencer reports which is pretty amazing because in the influence of reports you're going to see a bunch of analytics based on this page in specific and exactly what their audience is made up of and exactly what kind of engagement rates are getting so it's super valuable information that's going to shortcut your research time as well as finding influencers it's going to be super helpful for you and why I love hyper brands is because of their extended free trial I look at a bunch of their competitors it's Thomasson and a bunch of other ones and I've seen that a lot of them have had quite a hefty price whether it's monthly or flat rate to use their software as a service and it's crazy how much are charging for these so I wanted to suggest you guys a hyper brands so go ahead and use that it's going to be super friendly on your budget because it doesn't cost anything unless you go to the paid plan but they're there free plan is super extensive so feel free to use that as soon as today so you start finding a ton of different influences as you can see right here I just punched in Fitness and they have a wide variety of niches that you could tap into and I got I mean dozens and dozens of results here as you can see I've scrolled that far down just to give you guys a screen shot so I was looking through all the different influencers on on there under fitness so they give you a ton of options so feel free to go ahead and start using that in addition to influential search engines I wanted to touch on locations and circling back to Instagram the app itself this is perfect for finding micro influencers so if maybe you wanted to start out on a bit of a smaller budget or maybe you could find some bigger influencers this way as well but more often than not this is a great great technique for finding micro influencers and how you can do this is by using locations and now even if you were using influencer marketing or you had a social media marketing agency this is amazing because you could help smaller local businesses by using location so that's pretty amazing what you could do there if you aren't just focusing on e-commerce it's pretty easy you could just go ahead number one you're going to find a location that you know is renowned for something so whether it's a business or a landmark whatever it may be you're going to find that location punch it into IG search bar and they're going to browse the top coast and you're going to find influence are right there and more often than not so to give you guys a little bit of a visual behind it so living in Tampa you know I know of crave spot there's a lot of traffic around there it's pretty popular place so for example if maybe you were trying to sell women's cosmetics or cosmetics or a cosmetic brand you want to find these micro influencers that could help you out because maybe they have maybe anywhere from five to ten thousand followers on Instagram or even less or more whatever it may be these people are going to be helping you if you could use them for an influencer post so you go to crave spa and you just type in crazy spa temple or you type in their address on the Instagram search bar because I just know this place I Drive by it a lot I know it's a very popular spa and it's on one of the biggest main roads in Tampa that has a lot of foot traffic and car traffic so I punched it in I saw all these different posts and right off the bat you can see the top posts right here and what caught my eye here was this post right here with nearly 500 engagements and I went through this person's Instagram page and it turns out they have about 8,000 followers on Instagram and what it was just a regular old lady bloggers you know she's pretty popular on Instagram post a bunch of content but if I want to start a women's cosmetics brand I can absolutely reach out to this person right here in Tampa whether it's a local business or new commerce business I know that she has some pull in this engine in this industries you post content like this so it doesn't hurt to have her go ahead and do an influencer post for us just get a good old featured post by inquiring via DM email whatever it may be so you can use Instagram locations to find these influencers that are congruent with your brand based on renowned locations because you're going to see their top post on that on a geotag once it's on Instagram because it's not going anywhere it's always going to be up there so if it's a top post it's most likely they have some pull in that industry so go ahead and start using locations as well a lot of people don't really utilize that technique too often but it's something that I spoke about a couple months ago and I think that's something that's super valuable and I think that you could definitely start utilizing it for a local business or an e-commerce business that's strictly online so if that being said I hope you guys enjoy this segment of influencer marketing success blueprint and if that any further deal to wrap things up here if you have not subscribed already be sure to do that leave some feedback give me a like let me know what you think about this video and I'll be catching you guys in the next one so that being said Anthony here signing off and i'll be speaking you guys very very soon

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