David Wallace: “The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming” | Talks at Google

60 thoughts on “David Wallace: “The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming” | Talks at Google

  1. I know Global Warming is Real and its symptoms very visible but i suspect it will take thousands of years to Affect the World since Earth is not what you see on the map, it is very vast in reality.

  2. "Hotter than ever in human history"? Not according to climate history! 2016, as an example, was one of the overall coolest years since 1900 (also cool due to Trump 2016! 😉

  3. More electric cars? Great! They are powered by 70% by burning COAL. Last year was the "highest year for emissions" but when he says "WE" that is countries such as China and India, where as "WE", the USA, had the LOWEST rate of emissions in OUR INDUSTRIALIZED HISORY. "CHINA puts us to shame?! China is the most polluted industrialized country! This is not difficult info to find! Air, land, water. Wait, don't that already have a "dictator"?

  4. "wrong perspective on science, which we can talk about, if you re interested"? That is a ploy to say he can make this argument, but does not need to. Anyone that says this should be selling used cars.

  5. Here we go! "climate refugees"! AS in, the UN should control the U.S. boarder. "500 year storms"?! Fantasy! Those are 100 year storms which have already happened 100 years ago; climatology history. Financial crisis of 2008 is now part of BS global warming? Hu, silly me, I thought it was due to the housing market boom and bust.

  6. California wild fires growing! WRONG. California mismanaged their forests by putting out small fires for decades. Guess what eventually happened as a result? They no longer due this. BING search it.

  7. Millions died a 100 years ago due to weather conditions. Last year it was 20,000. In 1,900 world pop was about 2B. Today it is 7B.

  8. WWI, WWII, the cold war, Sept 11th, and the 2008 fin crisis are also being clumped into BS "global warming"??? The counter to this is this limp interviewers nameless science friend?

  9. Typical. Here we go at the end, UN, a group of unelected bureaucrats, should be running industry, telling us what science is, and isn't, and will be running our boarders. Sheep.

  10. So we weren't warned about this because scientists held back when speaking to journalists?! Wow, BS, Scare tactics are the top way the left gets its flock of sheep to act.

  11. This paid google/gulag clown made it clear the 100% of his info is from the UN. Better, gretna the 16 year old with severe mental illness is telling the un what to spend 25% of their budget on? how perfect, event better that the un is already in such financial crisis in 2019 that there is talk of the group going "bankrupt". Get woke go BROKE. The science is NOT alarming. Only the alarmists are alarming for those who can't do their own research.

  12. Malibu, Calif as an example? That area should NOT be built on! It's topography is a disaster. It's also a tiny area! Build on hills which slope to the ocean. Who builds there? It is dominated by rich celebrities who squak endlessly about "global warming".

  13. "Can only be achieved at the policy level". Yep, this moron says the gov should run your life. It's always where these idiots go.

  14. Polar shifts. Grand solar minmum. Poleshiftnews.com. The Mavstar Observatory. Global Warming is NWO agenda. Yes, orginally "Global Warming". How convenient to now call it Climate Change.

  15. At the beginning when the author mentioned that fear motivated him, I thought of Bane saying: "Calm down doctor, now is not the time for fear. That comes later.
    " There's some truth there. Could go either way.

  16. This guy has no idea what he’s talking about. None of his assertions are backed by actual scientific experiments. Just an other “journalist” regurgitating UN talking points based on political ideology not science.

  17. At 44.00 that guy talking about us as though we are some kind of 'pestilence' has got it about right. It is extremely unlikely that the human race is going to solve this little problem – personally believe the sooner we become extinct the better. Just imagine it a world without factory farms/slaughterhouses/vivisection labs/whaling ships etc etc etc – just hope that the animals survive the coming cataclysm in order to finally enjoy a world without us.

  18. The man says exactly what I tell people for 30 years and nobody wanted to hear it. They just found me too negative and no fun at parties. That's why we are a failed evolutionary experiment!

  19. 1/2 voters as of now think the guy is an alarmist. They are wrong!
    Also Elon Musk is a futurist idiot who promises unrealistic things, because he has no grasp of basic physical laws and is a salesman. He needs to be in the press to accumulate interest from the investor class who has even less of an idea about what is possible.

  20. Save him from such utter stupidity. He has no concept of how the UN was sold to suckers and did NOT exist in WW2. He also has no concept of Adam and Eve living in the garden when the Earth fell as they lost their easy life due to listening to the first liar on Earth. He is obviously a willing descendant and expects to survive the return of Christ. NO CHANCE FOR HIM the way he babbles.

  21. Is this the best we have? This guy is a Marxist and an evil person. Can we get a real engineer to talk to this guy like Thunderf00t? If I wanted to listen to a philosopher speak, I would be listening to Yaron Brooks. This guy on stage is an imposter. Google, I hope you are smarter than this…

  22. When the military complex shutdowns down completely, I mean all their manufactures of death, and when all their useless war toys are parked away in a desert, then we can start thinking about changing our diesel cars, otherwise lets all die together singing kumbaya.

  23. My recommendation is to sell climate deniers coastal land and buy northern inland. Michigan is a great place when climate change takes over.

  24. The more people that prepare for a worst case scenario and make it known, the more likely reality will set in for the deniers.

    How many people evacuate before a hurricane because their neighbor is scared?

    If everyone that can evacuates at risk areas, the more fear the stragglers will experience. Eventually, they will all agree something needs to be done.

    Probably too late, but at least you get your safe land cheaper.

  25. Either policy needs to change or innovation needs to happen. You will never get everyone to independently decide it's important enough to live in a sustainable way. Theres lots of things that I want that arent really ecologically safe that I'd likely buy if I had the money. I like my old cars that are fuel inefficient. Planes are still the fastest cheapest way to go long distances. How much of industry is dedicated to transportation? Our need to travel at high velocity for long distances is ultimately the real problem.

    I think the real solution is more localized manufacturing of everything.

    The best way to make that happen is to make oil more expensive.

  26. And Michigan should make it easier for big business to bring its headquarters here. As probably one of the best places to be when climate change goes haywire…its a good idea to get the early birds.

    The early companies to move are likely the smarter, better businesses that would be wanted in Michigan.

  27. 23:50 We've had e.g solar to completely replace our "dirty energy" sources for a long time, says Wallace. Did anyone mention to him that the Sun doesn't shine at night and that batteries are very "dirty"? Also, the wind is very unreliable, especially at night, and is very environmentally costly in terms of space and rare metals.

  28. No no no beef eating needs to transmute into beet eating in order to beat global warming… go peace foods = plant based whole food eating irenosophically (wisdom of peace) from irenology the study of peace.

  29. David ignores tipping points. We could reach a point where runaway hothouse earth means that it will be beyond our ability to control the destruction.

  30. 5mins 10secs – "Hotter than it's ever been in human history" – Really ???

    The Medieval Warm Period (MWP) was a time of warm climate from about 900–1300 AD, when global temperatures were somewhat warmer than at present. Temperatures in the GISP2 ice core were about 2°F (1°C) warmer than modern temperatures.

    A journalist who's written a book on climate change who has never heard of the medieval warm period ?? Hmmm ??

    Oh and (4min 15secs) Malaria and Denge mosquitoes in the arctic circle within the next few decades.

    OMG, I'm really cared now !! Do me a favour !!… I might get his book just for the comedy value !!

  31. 24 minutes… No we cannot replace our current power with solar. We cannot store the power before you even start discussing the other issues.

  32. David is an optimist. He believes that population will increase by 2100. That 4 degrees increase indicates how much power we have to control global warming. He believes food production will decrease 50% by 2100.
    He doesn't want people to become paralyzed with fear, just afraid enough to act.

  33. 36:10 Wallace: "The California wildfires last year were the worst in history."

    Outright untruth.


  34. High temperature (molten salt) nuclear reactors can be used to combine carbon (taken from the air) and hydrogen (from water) to form liquid fuels for transport, including for air travel.

    No long-term buildup of carbon in the atmosphere using this technology. Some fraction of the total production of fuel could be buried (if we don't frack all rock strata) as a very stable form of carbon sequestration.

    The most efficient and fair way to cause the economy to transition to a sustainable path would be to make prices honest by charging fees to industries that put pollution or deplete resources or destroy wildlife habitat, then share fee proceeds to all people.

    Sadly, reporters do not mention systemic solutions when they report systemic problems. And they report only the symptoms of the systemic problems. 'Make prices honest' is a plain-language way of saying "account for externalities". When we account for externalities, we will align profit motive with societal and environmental health. When we do this in a fair way, we will end poverty throughout the world.

    Equal sharing of natural wealth promotes justice and sustainability:

  35. It's much worse than David reports….Atleast according to my thirty years tracking the situation…I'm no Mcpherson stooge, but it's several catastrophic crisis combining, snowballing, feeding off each other, to produce this "perfect storm", that we won't escape…We won't be around, on a large scale, to see this sea level rise….The biggest delusion is technology, which makes educating tech nerds nearly impossible, it's the mass production of tech, that's the problem, not the tech itself…But, it's the new age god, that will be revealed as a devil, but not in time….

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