David Ignatius: Trump’s Syria Decision Will Bring Lasting Damage | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “David Ignatius: Trump’s Syria Decision Will Bring Lasting Damage | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. NOSTRADAMUS PROPHECY – Turkey attacks Syria, America (The Great Satan) withdraws completely. We betray our allies in front of world. Putin saves the day, enlisting the Kurds into Assad's Syrian Army.. Putin gets Syria, Turkey removes the Kurds from border.We lose face ISIS heads here. so what? It's good that we are out, right?NOSTRADAMUS SAID The Great Bear of the North is on israel's (chosen ones) borders. The chosen (Israel) will turn the sands beneath the feet TO GLASS. Just saying, look it up.

  2. You should check who gets benefits while evaluating an event. In this example, ISIS, we see Kurds are the winners both in northern Iraq and in northern Syria. ISIS was used as a pretext to let kurds occupy arabs lands and declare their states. ISIS invaded Mousul, etc. and then repelled back by kurdish militants backed by western countries. That game was enacted successfully in nothern Iraq. And then the same "narrative", that Westerns fight against ISIS, was enacted in North Syria, together with Kurds, again. It was the target that Kurds would declare their independent states there again. But we Turks gave the show away. To put in a nutshell "fighting against ISIS" is just a decesive slogan to cover the real aim which is setting up kurdish states in northern parts of Syria and Iraq. Then they would be united and become a unique "Kurdistan", for the sake of Israel, for their benefits, for their "security". That Kurdistan would be a great threat for Turkey, especially for eastern parts of the country. What Turkey did has just collapsed this sneaky intent. Everyone, who analyze events objectively, can see this reality easily. Those terrorists can't be "allies", because they have been killing innocent people since many years. We are attacking those terrorists, not civillians. There are millions of Kurds living in Turkey without any problem. I personnaly have many Kurds within my relatives. However we will never let those coward terrorists build up a state neither in nothern Syria, nor inside Turkey. They won't be able to occupy the lands of Turks, Arabs, Kurds and other nations to form a big terror state. In no way.

  3. What Trump has achieved is making the Kurds go from an ally of the USA to hating their guts in less than 48 hours.

  4. Let's not forget that the Kurds were heavily involved in the Genocide of 1.500.000 Armenians in the Ottoman empire 100 years ago.It is disingenuous to claim that for helping the US in their fight to expel ISIS, the Kurds deserve to carve out Syrian land with oil fields and income to create a Kurdistan. and Deny Syria the income from it's oil fields. the arrogance of the Kurds is amazing.

  5. America? Oh, you mean Trumpistan, where everything is for sale to the highest bidder. Blood, flesh, bone ….. it can all be converted to more gilded palaces and whores. Who has the most? Who has the best? Who cares what it cost? Spit on the veterans on the street. Suckers.

  6. Why Did Trump and Erdogan Wait until The Senate and Congress Was on Recess To Green light This Pull Out? The timing Makes this Hostile Takeover Seemed Planned By The Both Of Them, It Seems Trump Knew No Emergency Vote Could Be Taken In Senate And Congress To Stop This Rash Decision, Again Erdogan And Putin Are Happy This full Scale Takeover Of The Region, Ask Yourself Trump's Instanbul Trump Tower Will That Still Be Profitable For Him, Or could He Have Been Cut Off. The U N Met Last Month Why Was There No Diplomatic Territory Negotiation, Don't You Think They Knew The only way To Get Territory Was To Take it During Recess? Congress And Senate Only Recess twice A Year, The Timing Of This Is Suspect. Trump Is Sending "3000 American Troops To His friend MBS In Saudi Arabia. Kurds Imprisoned "13, 000 Isis Fighters In 4 1/2 Years, Kurds Lost '11, 000 Men and Women Soldiers Fighting Isis With The U S Logistical Help, And air Support, "17 American Soldiers Died in An Extremely Successful Use Of Military Strategy, The Region Was Pretty Stable Until This One Phone Call Green light For the Slaughter of Our Allies, If We Are Forced To Go Back In The Middle Of a Full Scale Assault Many Of Your Husbands, Wives, Daughters And Sons Will Be In Danger, Now The Region Is In Full Scale War From The North and South, Turkish Forces, Isis Forces, Asad Forces and Syrian Forces, Possibly Russian and Iran Forces Could Get Involved, Who Thinks Selective Attacks Will Prevail In That Region? roads Of Escape Closed Our Nuclear Weaponry In Turkey Unable To Be Extracted, This Foolishness Thinking World leaders Will Listen To Trump's Orders To Stop Because He Says So. Making Rash decisions With The lives Of Your loved Ones And Green Lighting A Slaughter Of Our Allies.

  7. Trump, Putin and Erdogan cooked this betrayal up probably from the start of his fake presidency. This man will go down in history as a corrupt traitor and so will his slimy family.

  8. Trump has always been destructive and it’s always been to take the heat off himself, the man doesn’t know to do things right and or to apologize and correct his actions when wrong, he’s dangerous to himself and the world

  9. It does not matter how much Trump upsets the foreign policy apple cart, Republicans will still back him to the hilt because of two factors: first the individual Republican Congress members are equally corrupt as the President. The Republican Party is the Party of Corruption. Second Trump's following is not so much political as religious; I mean to say that he is the focus of a religious cult of which he is the icon. Rationalism does not come into it. That potent mixture of political corruption and religiosity may keep Trump in the White House.

  10. What sort of Racist Effing Crap are you reporting MSNBC? I guarantee you many of fighters supported by Turkey were Trained by the U.S., You dumb racist twats. Whereas your so-called Kurds, Are Actual PKK taking Orders From the Qandil mountains. Fire Engels. If you have any, and I mean any honor whatsoever.

  11. MSNBC is full of insidious propaganda. Congratulations , You really are number one on this with your incredible lies.. Learn who is that US backed group from your congressman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-y41XeGLTjI&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR2IN61U8rJqv_-0DW8BhK-ZmIazLDZel49dhdFGmG313_WmAh2Wxr7Q9QA .. Get your news from honest broadcasters..

  12. It is not enough that he is impeached and thrown out of office. I really hope trump dies. he is not only demented but seriously evil and incredibly stupid just like his supporters and all republicans. The USA is now looking like it has no honor and doesn't stand beside its allies. trump is a traitor and an insult to all life in the universe.

  13. This part of the world will be destabilize for years as a result of Trumps action to pull US troops.Trump has blood on his hands! Thousands of Syrian people will be killed as a result. All to keep a campaign promise

  14. STFU, Richard Engel. The Kurds, a minority even in areas they controlled, earned nothing. The US temporarily allowed them to govern themselves. They are now protected by the Syrian government.

  15. This is not the first time Engels/MSNBC have done an absolutely racist job on Syria. Those so-called " al Qaeda " are more often then not our own US effing trainees. You make me sick MSNBC, you have this ghastly coverage, you insult Syrians, you impugn a whole nation, Turkey, and their cultures, you suggest Kurds are synonymous with the PKK/YPG, you claim common Sunni Arab symbolism is "extremely." You know nothing about actual Kurds who are majority muslim, often conservative like Syrian Arabs. And you are doing this for partisan purposes. This is not journalism you or Engels etc. are doing, it is Slander.

  16. my heart drop when i saw that child with her parents 1: 25 where is the united nations, where is nato?????? i all hear is words but no action…… the kurds has no choice to get assad and help from russia. where is great britian, france, germany?

  17. The Kurds have already negotiated with Assad, so everything goes back to Syria and Russia again. Trump works for Putin.

  18. Trump did the right thing by pulling our troops out of harms way. Anybody who thinks that TRUMP should had left the Troops in place to fight against the Turkish Military can just jump on the next plane to Syria & join the Kurds. I bet nobody will jump on a plane to Syria to join the Kurds because Liberals are nothing but cowards & keyboard warriors who come here just to bash President TRUMP. "Cowards".

  19. With the speed Turkey moved in on the Kurds it appears they hope to crush the Kurds before American sanctions will take place. By then Turkey will agree to pull out of Kurdish territory to avoid sanctions.

  20. This militias are the Free Syrian Army FSA. Oops now they are al-qaida, jihadist. FSA is alqaida people are saying this since 2012. These are the same guys who fought against assad in Aleppo or Damaskus. Back then they called them Rebels, Freedom fighters the good guys. MSNBC LIARS.

  21. Pull all the troops out of Syria , and bring them home. The slaughter of the Kurds will end now that Syria will partner with them to stop Turkey moving into anymore Kurdish lands. No word from Engel or any of you about us backing ISIS when they were going after Assad and of course no mention of how the Saudis have funded terror.

  22. I guess having your allies slaughtered all around you does increase your risk. Too bad Trump couldn't have seen that coming. Truly, I wish Trump could have seen this coming, everyone else could

  23. U.S. Allies In Syria Find Protection In The Arms Of An Enemy, U.S.( TRUMP& HE'S none ADMINISTRATION> ) Abandons Them! ITS A TREASON TO OUR FRIENDS!!!! OR ALLIES!!!

  24. U.S. Allies In Syria Find Protection In The Arms Of An Enemy, U.S.( TRUMP& HE'S none ADMINISTRATION> ) Abandons Them! ITS A TREASON TO OUR FRIENDS!!!! OR ALLIES!!! THEIS IS A TRUMP TREASON TO OUR COUNTRY!!!!

  25. U.S. Allies In Syria Find Protection In The Arms Of An Enemy, U.S.( TRUMP& HE'S none ADMINISTRATION> ) Abandons Them! ITS A TREASON TO OUR FRIENDS!!!! OR ALLIES!!!

  26. It takes an ignorant coward to sell out brave allies in arms. Another criminal vile act by a monster. #StopTurkishGenocide

  27. The American political system has abandoned the Kurds just like it abandoned the American working class and resulted in a two bit reality television schmuck like Trump becoming your president and Commander in Chief.
    "Commander in Chief??" hahahahaha, the USA is a joke!! He couldn't lead a troop of girl scouts!!

  28. what's going to happen if and when these hotels start getting hit in other countries, is the U.S. obligated to protect some man's buildings in other countries?
    i.d.k. how much skin Trump brand has in the game worldwide?
    what would you do if you were in the service and the commander in chief says go protect my personal crap?

  29. Still floundering around in Afghanistan after 18 years you morons?
    Still have ~700 military bases around the world.
    How many American manufactured nuclear weapons are in Turkey at the moment? 50??
    The USA, barbarism, hypocrisy, and duplicity.

  30. Uuuhhh correction Obama did created Isis just like John McCain!but trump happened to also be a scum! All for a selfish america!

  31. http://www.trumpistanbul.com.tr/
    The only reason Trump is doing this is because he has to Trump towers in Turkey! Next stop Russia!


  32. Why are we in Syria? Oh that's right Obama, Clinton, and Saudi oil money.
    Where did Turkey get the weapons of mass destruction? Oh that's right Neo Liberal Democrats and Fascist Republicans in Washington.
    Killing is big business for corporate news, defense contractors, Saudi oil and Washington just ask Bush, Cheney, Obama, Biden, Clinton and Warren.
    No regard for human life, profits before people. MSNBC, Joseph Goebbels contribution to society.

  33. He’s just following Putin’s orders. No ally will ever trust the US again. He’s selling troops to the saudis who produced most of the 9/11 terrorists.

  34. The Turks were going to invade with hundreds of thousands of troops and militia fighters. There was nothing Trump could have done. Slapping sanctions on Turkey when the US makes nothing. China is the worlds factory, remember? Another act of strategic brilliance. The Chinese don’t care about Syria or the Kurds. The Russians are getting the US out of Syria. I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin and Erdogan planned this from the beginning. Trump fell into their trap.

    We should get out period. Assad is going to retake control of his country section by section. The Turks will have carved out a significant safety zone by the time this ends and will resettle millions of Syrian Arabs out of Turkey.

  35. Trump has serious childhood issues that have spilled over into a serious, poweful position that has spun out of control..

  36. The US was still at war against terrorism (only undeclared because they were not a recognized state), Trump's lone actions gave aid to the enemy by letting the prisoners (America's enemies) go free by deserting our allies (the jailors). If that is not treason, nothing else should be. If one American dies because of it, Trump should hang.

  37. • Sept. 20, 2001: In a speech addressing Congress and the nation, Bush announces the War on Terror, saying, “Our war on terror begins with al Qaeda, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated.”

  38. I agree with Trump bringing our soldiers home. This should include Germany, South Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, Iraq and any where else. Money should be spent on intelligence, drones, culvert operations, cruise missiles and navy attack groups. We can still support our allies with these and air. Others need to step up. Once the socialist take control, they will phase out our military anyways. We will all have to learn to speak chinese.

  39. The Kurds should team up with ISIS, Iran, Russians & China to fight Isreal & USA and occupy all OPEC countries and starve America & Europe of oil.

  40. As a person that fled Vietnam during the Vietnam war. I will honestly say that the United States are NOT a reliable ally. They will use you and throw you to the dogs once they are done getting what they needed from you.

  41. Trump is Putin’s lackey. It’s payback time, and Trump has no choice. He owes Putin too much and has no choice but to obey. Putin put him in the White House and now Trump is owned. Take heed America. Your enemy’s minion is sitting in the White House.

  42. I think there is a conspiracy between Putin, Assad, and Trump to pull American troops and nuclear weapons out of Turkey. Maybe Erdogan wants to revive the Ottoman Empire so meanwhile he is committing war crimes and maybe falling into their trap. Maybe Erdogan should be left alone with Putin when America pulls it's nukes out of Turkey. Maybe Erdogan will go back to buying oil from ISIS since they like them better than the Kurds. This is total betrayal of the Kurds. The Kurds deserve their own nation carved out of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and yes Turkey. Trump only cares about his hotel in Istanbul and the continuance of arm purchases from Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Turkey recently bought military hardware from Russia and Trump can't have that. This is all a Faustian art of the deal with the devil.

  43. It's obvious that Trump and Putin have made a deal. It's a shame that the rest of Republicans are still going along with Trump's retric. Trump's cowardness makes America and all American's look weak.

  44. Trump entered the white house admitted he hated the government for which he would be appointed. His intent from the beginning was to undermine and destroy laws & regulations. His intentions were aligned with Putin & America is in a difficult position because this man has a dictator mindset & may spawn a civil war. America despite it's problems is the most important country on earth & has the most important constitution on earth. He's intentionally trying to destroy it. We all need to get ready for what is to come.

  45. Women and children are being brutally murdered right now directly because of Donald Trump. Trump has killed women and children.

  46. Trump has allowed ISIS to regroup and has betrayed the Kurds our allies, this man is uneducated and ignorant to the core and is destroying Americas respect in the world. He's also a corrupt criminal conman and psychopath and pathological liar and traitor who needs to go to prison.

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