Date 2 Donate: Love Island

Jack you were living life in there me that no wonder you're living I swear the first thing you come in sounds like that one is smizing something goes thing goes tell me about your time in love island like because that must have been crazy going in there and then like coming out into the real ones and everyone assuming they know you yeah my experience was just like like roller coaster because I experienced so much people going in people going out new people coming in that is so weird like I can't even imagine like what it was like for you to watch on the show yes I came in halfway so it yeah every experience is a bit different but I loved it like honestly loved it I have no regrets I had and I really didn't think anything could have changed I was like I was like such a small part in the show but then to come out and everybody kind of like still know who you are and I've only be an octave street and went into a Starbucks and those are girls scrolling my Instagram on the table next when I was just that there's no what's gonna happen when you come out cuz obviously those are like negative things as well like the trolls that I think that's what happens a lot of you that was internet that you became characters that were either important to us and made us angry or whatever but yeah that's the great thing people think that your acting and stuff actually let you know know and that's I think a lot of people didn't understand those people said that like oh it's not real it's only like it is trust me I've been in that that is real one of my best friends qualified Bellona the famous Bonnie Babylonia she's the one who coined the name Oliver Jack how has that name changed your life do you know what was so strange when we come up when we came out together we got to stand to the airport we bumped into storms your mark would double yeah we saw and then name drop but never stormy told you that I I know why Jack and I was that who know what because I had no idea no idea but you do you have no idea we had no idea about the World Cup I had no idea about time don't even know what they know honestly you had no idea what were hell was going wow is that all my bloodline why is it so amusing one time that you let ah I don't want to go home I love it here in the villa I think the first time Alex and I got saved by the public oh my god yeah so that was a big thing for me I think it was like a lot of pressure for you to be let the first unambiguously black woman obviously I went onto the show opened that as well that the show can have other ethnicities and body types and everything like that I think coming out it's been great and the support is so lovely and stuff but it's not a huge issue for me I wasn't worried about not being picked or how I was gonna come across like just go in and be yourself back to you guys right so you guys haven't had a proper fun first date with no cameras no people trying to like quietly Instagram you we went for all the romantic walking we ran around the lane we're just a little Feeney's that it was quite nice because no one was there so we could just muck about and just yeah I think the whole nation was that are we love Danny and Jack but do you think it's like really hard to find love in there like if it's not instant the way there's was incident everyone falls in love differently I mean you can fall in Austria where you can take time but that place in there like literally a days a week so so many things happen so the emotions are flowing about I've given my blood I feel good I'm looking down I'm going good for you Sam no you thought well I've done well no screaming no trophy no SAS nurse I'll be back I want to help more people yeah are we gonna hold on well done you

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