Data policies, scientific approaches needed to mobilize action for sustainable development: expert

today October 24th is United Nations Day
a day to celebrate the work of the the global body and his efforts to build
peace cooperation and prosperity across the world at a forum held by a UN agency
and Arirang TV an expert stress and the need for stronger cooperation between
all actors in this rapidly changing digital society our Oh Sooyoung reports all sectors of society need to play a
role to ensure no one is left behind amid disturbances and changes brought by
the digital revolution in an interview with Arirang TV dr. David Horan a
researcher at the UN sustainable development Solutions Network stressed
the need for sturdier partnerships within and between countries to achieve
the 17 UN sustainable development goals adopter than 2016 under the mantra of
leaving no one behind the UN’s scg’s aim to eliminate extreme poverty and hunger
achieve low-carbon economies as well as peaceful and just societies and ensure
human rights were all but to bring about transformative steps towards these goals
collaboration is needed between multiple sectors and interest groups as well as
governments horan says governments should help encourage an effective
bottom-up approach by encouraging their citizens businesses and academia to take
part in initiatives for sustainable development some type of almost like a research
grant scheme that enables those organizations to participate in a recent
UN report highlights the use of scientific evidence based data and tools
to keep track of progress and enhance policymaking to advance the SDGs South
Korea has been using open government data to improve the lives of citizens
and also help them develop solutions to societal problems examples includes of
voting up on city policies and opening up a big data center to encourage
startups experts say these cases could be strong examples of encouraging
bottom-up action to induce new value creation to advance sustainable
development also young Arirang news in tun

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