Dark Piano – Sociopath

50 thoughts on “Dark Piano – Sociopath

  1. ''As I wrapped the barbed wire around her neck, she screamed for mercy while her tears shed
    I pulled the wire from one edge, as I dragged her like a silenced mutt
    I led her towards a silent room, where none shall see or none can be seen
    But beware not to light the shed, for all you can see is covered in red
    As the little mutt sat on a shattered stool, I pulled out a bag full with sharpened tools
    Oh little mutt little mutt, wipe your tears for you shall squall
    The music played beautifully, as the mutt screamed in lyrical
    Oh little mutt little mutt, do not worry provide me with such story
    For I shall share the music, chanted by you
    A carol those who relish, as I hold the tools gashed inside you
    The music continued to seed while the tune were hard to plead
    A smirk on his face gashes on her flesh
    The night is still young my little mutt he said
    As he walked towards the foyer and quietly and slowly closed the door''

  2. This music makes me feel like a future serial killer. I've been called a sociopath numerous times by people at my school because they thought I'd shoot up the school one day or something like that. But nope, here I am. Enjoying this relaxing music as I sit back and scope out my next victims.

  3. The artwork reminds me of some of Zdzslaw Beksinski's works. Crazy stuff. And how beautifully the artwork fades away with the music.

  4. i love you my darling when i listen and close my eyes it feels as if you are right next to me i think about you every day it should have been me not you…

  5. Calling yourself a sociopath – Edgy as fuck

    Calling out the edgy kids – Edgy as fuck

    The actual music – Edgy as fuck

    There's so much edge here it hurts

  6. 99.9999% – People complaining about people claiming they're sociopaths.

    0.0001% – People claiming they're sociopaths.

  7. OMG… i dont care about how people or composer named this song , but i found beautiful into every touch of the piano, i mean every single note, so much story behind this music and performance , just so great… which is something you cant express into the words but only through these melody, it tells everything clearly and effortlessly without single word!

  8. This days I’m afraid of myself like everyone does
    I don’t blink I fight a lot my eyes twitch and change color this days are too dark hope vocation can help me if not than idk what to do

  9. I'm doing some edits on a drawing series about narcissistic abuse today. Listening to this song makes me think of the egg shells that abusive people make their victims walk on around them. Sends shivers up the spine.

  10. That would be an awesome painting to hang above your bed
    Without sociopath on it just the figure

    Freak girls out ya bring home.😈

  11. It’s raining tonight. Outside the passing cars are casting momentary lurid flashes on the wall. Otherwise all is dark. I feel like something is standing in the corner staring at me through the shadows. Goodnight.

  12. I like it.
    Also think the first part sounds a bit like The Rains of Castamere, which is my fave GoT song. ❤💕

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