Daniela Coccimiglio, Futuro Solare member

Q: We are with Daniela Coccimiglio, one of the Archimede 1.0 Solar Car team members. What is your role in the project? A: What I do is take care of the materials, to give form to the idea of the car. One of the last challenges in which I happen upon was that the car’s windshield (like spherical cap) and the side openings. Q: When and why did you start to participate in this project? A: I have known the project by Enzo Di Bella, who is the promoter par excellence, during an activity in Ortigia (Siracusa) about environmental sustainability. Enzo told me about Archimede and, like all fools who believe in dreams, I decided to participate. Q: A value of this project that you care and that you think is particularly important to convey. A: I believe that the added value of Archimede, in addition to being low cost, is we are almost all professionals and that we find ourselves in the dream for a better world. Maybe it’s not a technical value, but is a human value that is important to me.

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