Daniel Fruehauf on THE Place to Work

my name is Daniel 3ov I'm going from Czech Republic my position is the project manager and I'm also the scrum master of new way of working I'm focused on the cooperation with the startups – so we evaluate these startups and we try to implement them into our company like the most important part of my job is the transformation changed a new way of our King I really think that methods and principles of agile and Design Thinking can really change the company it's still the biggest challenge for me it was and it will be I think because the transformation change it's not about months it's maybe about years I really believe that this change will be successful I really believe that responsibility and Trust is something which is necessary in the way which we wants to go that's actually my Princip my personal Princip – and I think that the Princip which must be implement in these agile teams – we must make the culture where everybody can trust each other the responsibility is of course about making decision and actually it's not about just making a decision it's about to live with the results of these decisions in my free life I'm going to jogging but I still take the energy from my job if I see people that they are they are really acting like in the era of the new way of working it really gives me energy to my personal life to my boss really gives me the energy because he gave me the responsibility freedom and Trust and that's the way which I want to spread to other people to give them the responsibility trust and freedom – my line manager is not just the line manager for me he's the coach for me too you

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