D.R.U.N.K PRANK ON HUSBAND!! *Bad Idea* | Jancy Family

work the kids are gonna come what are we gonna do what my head from him family because I'm going to be is the day oh yeah getting it guys today I'm going to be pranking my husband I'm going to be beginning what you think I don't know I don't drink so I don't know how he's going to react when he sees me he went to go drop off the kids to my brother's house they wanted to go swim so he took them I got this I don't know what is this I think is why it says Oh cognac Brad okay so I'm gonna be replacing these with the juice waiting right here right yes okay now I have to hide the camera and use we have to wait for him wait I have a chat with you guys wait okay the shoutout goes to unit car in this car four three one shuttle for you and remember guys if you want to get a shout-out don't forget to like drive and turn around those paws notifications don't forget that right if you're gonna get a shout-out yeah okay okay I think the camera is perfect right here hopefully he doesn't see it holy lies okay so yeah so now I'm going to put a little bit this back oh-ho drink so it could be more realistic oh I don't like this okay guys get ready have to hurry they stink okay ready already now I'm just going to wait for him he should be here any minute oh man [Applause] are you drinking what do you mean a little bit what are you drinking what okay what are you doing where are you drinking what's wrong with you no wait a minute what's up what are you doing eating yeah you serious right now come on man we're gonna go pick up the kids what are you dreaming work where did you get this you don't even dream what are you doing we gotta go pick up the kids I don't know where you drinking do what you're doing this we're gonna pick up the kids Neil they're gonna see you like this what's wrong with you what the kids are gonna come what are we gonna do so what are you crazy you're crazy right okay why are you even drinking what he's drinking stop you are you hear yourself right now so you're happy and you're sad yet because you what are you good talking about oh my god serious right now when I cheated on you what are you doing like do you know what I would never chill you come on you stop drinking yet you cheated me I didn't cheat on you I would never do that to you I love you you smell like alcohol right come on would you stop stop no more no more no more no more drinking come on I'm gonna have to leave the kids over there they have to spend tonight you can't can't see you like this come on what do you why I know I know they love you but come on we don't drink I don't drink man I hit it you two I never seen you like this come on and no Morgan when we're drinking come on more drinking yeah Linnea where's this no a juice [Applause] were these no I choose what are you doing because I never seen you like this and I was like oh my god I will pick up the kids and what am I gonna do what am I gonna tell my sister like Wireless thing oh my god what did you do this I don't know Jonesy's wasn't funny I mean it wasn't funny for me I actually believe you I can't believe you got a while where did you get this ah yeah that's what you don't want to go with me yeah a few are you gonna drop them off anyway my god now for real I'm happy you still uses things though like alcohol cause it was a little bit right here hmm I was wondering why did she's not drinking where does she smell like she was no I'm not drunk I'm knows my mouth smells like cranberry what's going on now man think abou yeah I was catch you I believe you because I was like it smells like alcohol and you have the bottle and everything like she can't be pranking me you know I think this time you know what I think we're happy to well might as well tell you guys we're gonna be doing the giveaway giving out the phone when we hit 100 jazzy's so we're close we're close so if you want to win that iPhone just subscribe turn on pause notification in like this video like this video so easy yeah I put X R what color this color no let us know you are great the corner oh my makeup okay your makeup okay guys thank you for watching us

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