CyberMDX & Assuta Work Together to Ensure Safe & Secure Healthcare

Today, cyber criminals aren’t just targeting your phones and your bank accounts for secret military data. Hackers are attacking the very medical devices that keep you and your loved ones alive. Consequences aren’t just costly, but potentially fatal. And these attacks are happening at an alarming rate. Hospitals contain thousands of connected medical devices like infusion pumps, heart monitors, and respirators. But they (these devices) remain unseen by their own facilities, making them vulnerable to remote hacking. Hospitals can’t protect what they can’t see. And those that don’t act now, face a dangerous position ahead. As Israel’s largest private network of hospitals, Assuta is a leader in innovation and security. That’s why they deployed CyberMDX in all seven of their facilities to counter against this growing threat. Using a unique solution with artificial intelligence to detect and prevent threats CyberMDX protects Assuta’s hospitals from health data theft to ransomware attacks and device manipulation. As cyber threats continue to menace the world of healthcare, Assuta and CyberMDX are ready to stand guard and protect what is most precious to us.

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