CVS Specialty CareTeam Member Justin Nunez Showcases his Passion

I talk to my patients normally.
Like I was talking to a family member or anybody that I cared about. And I put
forth that same effort, as if it was my mother or uncle brother or sister. Even though we don’t personally know each other, I truly care. My name is Justin Nunez.
I’m a pharmacy service representative here at CVS Specialty pharmacy. We have a big team of extremely talented people, who deal with oncology. I have a buddy of mine who we lost to cancer. He battled and unfortunately is not here with us anymore. There was more that we could
have done for him. We spent weeks and weeks, when he should have already been
taking his medicine. It kind of slowed us down. I never want anybody to feel like
if they lose someone, that they say ‘could I have done more?’ I have had a patient – his copay was extremely high. He told me that ‘hey I’m not gonna take this medication. I’m already old. I think my life is done.’ and hung up the phone. It clicked in my head. I’ve lost a buddy to this. And I’ve heard him say the same
thing, where they just feel so helpless. And they are so sick that they’re tired of it. We were able to get him a grant of $15,000. So, when I called him back, and I
spoke to his wife, their whole family was estatic. They were both crying on the phone. I definitely think that CVS Specialty gives people hope. I’ve had multiple patients on the phone tell me that I’ve made their day. It means the world. You walk out with your your head high. Your shoulders are broad.
And you just feel good.

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