Cuyahoga Valley National Park Opening Boston Mill Visitor Center

(gentle music) – Welcome to the new
Boston Mill Visitor Center. Here at Cuyahoga Valley, we’ve never had a centralized visitor center,
so we finally have that today, and it’s really, really
a beautiful facility. And I think it was very
fortuitous that we didn’t have it until this decade, because
it took us time to understand our role as a national
park, and our connection to the communities in Northeast Ohio. – And I think you all
know the community loves this national park, so
when we went out and said, “It’s time for a central
visitor center,” it’s clear that the park’s service
budget was not going to allow that to happen, we went
out to the community, and over 500 people stepped up and helped us get this project done. I think it speaks dramatically
about how much people care about this park. – With this visitor center
is providing a place that is easy to describe to the public of where they should start their visit. You know, our job is for
people to come to this center and become really happy that they’re at Cuyahoga Valley National
Park, both because of what this place is about, and
what they can do here.

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