Currently in Quincy: December 23, 2019

hello and welcome to another live
edition of currently in Quincy I’m Marc Crosby on today’s program we chat with
the musical group duo our May and learn about an upcoming fundraising concert
but first weather and news currently in Quincy it’s sunny expect sunshine all
day with temps reaching into the low 50s tonight partly cloudy skies with lows
around 33 for Christmas Eve again bright Sun but
not as warm as today highs will reach around 40 degrees during the day and
Tuesday night a perfect night for Santa to make his deliveries expect mostly
clear skies with those right around 27 Christmas Day Wednesday partly cloudy
daytime highs in the low 40s just about at the freezing mark in the evening
under mostly cloudy skies highs in the mid 30s on Thursday with some Sun in the
morning and increasing clouds in the afternoon
temperatures right around 29 degrees well in the news today it looks like
Quincy City Councilor at large Nina Liang will be the next council president
Liang won re-election to her 3rd 2nd year term last month and will be
nominated to become the next council president during the inauguration
ceremonies that will be held on January 6th at 10:00 a.m. at Quincy City Hall
Liang was the first asian-american elected to the City Council and has been
an advocate for promoting diversity in the city she is a Quincy native
millennial and works in a family-owned local business Liang says she wants to
continue work to bridge the divide between where the city is and where it
can go in the future as father bills homeless shelter in Quincy prepares to
move into the next its next headquarters they are also planning to change the way
they serve the homeless in the city the shelter on Broad Street is being forced
to move across the street as the city will take the current property to make
room for a new Quincy police station the city will purchase the property across
the street from the shelter but it’s up to father bills to build a new
three-story shelter director George as Winsky John yes
Winsky says they see the change as an opportunity to focus on preventing
homelessness the funding sources that we would go after we it would be what we
would get what we would call permanent supportive housing so we’d be targeting
the people really that can’t really struggle and would be our longest stairs
that can’t access mainstream so people maybe that were used to be in the mental
health institutions or people that just aren’t going to make it out into the
community that would be downstairs for years right so and we’ve had a success
with that we we’ve got over 550 units of supportive housing across the South
Shore and all we target is the chronic homeless we’re not building or
developing housing for people 70 percent of the people that come to father bills
only use us for a month or two seventy percent use us for exactly what we
thought come in and move on thirty percent of these people used to be in
the institutions that we’ve gotten rid of you know Massachusetts used to have
eight state hospitals used to have twenty one thousand beds which were
housing units we’re down to eight hundred now we never had shelters in
night before in 1980 it was a public policy issue so our thought our success
has been for the last more than decades we’ve been targeting our supportive
housing for that group and after three years ninety-three percent of them are
still housed and still paying rent it would be up to father bills to raise the
estimated 20 million dollars that would be needed for the new shelter
he has Winsky says they will launch a fundraising effort and seek out grant
money a Quincy man is facing charges that he was dealing drugs and had a
machine gun in his apartment police say 24 year old anton lopez was dealing
fentanyl from his wall South Walnut Street home officers recently seized a
gun that had been modified to work like a machine gun
other weapons and ammunition and drugs when they executed a search warrant
police from Quincy Boston and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms all
participated in the investigation the Rockland trust blue hills Charitable
Foundation recently presented a three-year grant totaling $30,000 to
NeighborWorks housing solutions of quincy NeighborWorks
offers affordable housing programs and assistance to communities across
southern massachusetts CEO Rob Corley says the grant will allow them to
continue to plan and develop affordable housing for the region the agency has
created more than 786 units of housing for veterans families and others in need
over the past 70 years while the crippled Clifford Marshalls Elementary
School in Quincy is being recognized by the state for achieving academic
excellence for two years in a row the school was recently notified by the
Department of elementary and secondary education that it is one of only two
schools in the state to earn the distinguished school designation
principal Nick Ahern told the City Council recently that the achievement
was a team effort this is not about one achievement but thousands of small
achievements that we celebrate each and every day with our students and staff
they happen because of the importance that the city of Quincy places on
education through the work of our mayor our city council our school committee a
strong vision of education that the that comes from educating the whole child
from our superintendent his leadership team and again as I’ll say one more time
the incredible support of our families and finally most importantly the work of
our staff and students to approach everyday looking to celebrate growth and
achievement no matter how big or how small thank you all very much for your
time tonight thank you folks Clifford Marshall was recognized for
working to close the achievement gap between students and meeting or
exceeding goals in mathematics and English
her–her and said the school would be celebrating the honor throughout the
school year well now that you’re up-to-date with
weather and news let’s run down our programming lineup for later today here
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regarding Noonan syndrome that’s at 6:30 at the Kennedy Center with grief
counselor Beth rotundo at 7:00 in memory of the recent passing of
former Quincy city councilor Leo Kelly a QA TV classic a look back John Hancock
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up we check on some of the current events and activities featured on our
electronic bulletin board that’s next welcome back here’s a check of some of
the current events and activities featured now on our electronic bulletin
board on channel 8 for your information Quincy Point Congregational Church
invites everyone to their Christmas Eve candlelight service that’s tomorrow
night the Stardust duo performs at 6:00 and
the candlelight service and carols will be held at 6:30 call six one seven seven
seven three six four two four or visit Quincy point Cong dot org for more
information a reminder that the Thomas crane Public Library is allowing overdue
materials to be returned fine free through January third all past overdue
fines will also be forgiven however there will be fines for lost or damaged
materials the Quincy farmers market winter market will be open on Fridays
from 11:30 to 3:00 at the South Shore YMCA on Coddington Street through
February 14th visit Quincy Farmers Market dot-com for more information
volunteers are needed to deliver meals on wheels for South Shore elder services
during the winter storms if you have a car and don’t mind some snow please call
seven eight one eight four eight three nine one zero extension four three zero
for details regular weekday drivers are also needed and remember if you have an
event or an activity that you would like to promote please visit our website at Q
ATV org download a bulletin board request form
fill it out send it in and we will get that message posted on channel 8
– coming up we chat with the musical group duo Amy Amy next well welcome back as promised we are
going to feature a musical performance or that is upcoming but before we get
there we do want you to be aware of what is happening and joining me I have two
guests I have Allison Barr she is a faculty member at yes Academy
and next to her pianist alesis Kwan thank you thank you yes I do there’s a
lot to to get to hear the musical performance itself but it’s connection
to yes Academy so why don’t we start with by definition and explain what yes
Academy is we should mention that this is a fundraising concert
that’s correct and I’m very appreciative that do Army has chosen to designate
American voices yes Academy as of the recipient of of its in income from the
two concerts actually so I have taught for the past two years in in Beirut
Lebanon for in a two week summer program that would be akin to a summer camp that
we would have here a music camp where children from aged about six years old
all the way through young adult sort of professional musicians come to learn in
a very positive setting that gives them a lot of sort of a takeaway of really
feeling great about their music making great about their performance so yes is
stands for youth youth excellence on stage so we do have a performance
component component the parent organization American Voices basically
has about 110 countries that it offers not only yes academies but performances
cross cultural exchanges small workshops all over the world especially in
recently stable or relatively stable environments as the Middle East Africa
so for about two weeks I am with these beautiful young people and we Forge very
close relationships in terms of teacher-student
and they are incredibly open in their hearts and their families are incredibly
open just wanting some of them don’t have access to music instruction some do
and some of them have music instruction that we would label as not maybe the
most positive so we try to come in and just really build them up and in that
short period of time hopefully give them something and just the history of the
organization so American Voices was founded in 1993 by it’s a it’s a
nonprofit out of st. Louis Missouri that’s where its Home Office’s by
actually a consummate concert pianist his name is John Ferguson and he can
play the pants off of everything but something inside him called him to do
this crop this work in the world with music as an ambassador for making
positive music experiences all over the world for particularly underserved
populations and alesis talk about well you’re a pianist yeah so talk about your
music and then we’ll talk about this upcoming performance okay
so Julie my dual partner Julie Ryman unfortunately she cannot be here today
Julie and I met about five years ago through a benefit concert and then after
that we got along really well and then we decided to continue playing as a duo
and it was you know we’re very lucky that we both share a very similar vision
and mission we both like the idea of community and then giving back to the
community so every year we would pick a nonprofit organization to partner with
and then we play a concert then all the benefits all the other proceeds we give
it to the nonprofit edition that we chose and in this case it’s the yes yes
yes and Alison and I have been friends for a few years now and I always in I’m
always inspired by the volunteering work I was going to ask how did you choose
yes Academy yes because when Alison told me two years ago that it was she was
volunteering and I guess Academy we’re just like blow my
mind because you know going to such you know play said you don’t know you know
it’s the first time you’re not going to with it was a complete unknown right
right so I was you know constantly you know it’s like being inspired by her as
a human being as a piano teacher as a colleague so Julie and I you know just
think that this is a great program and we would like to especially in my line
of the world I you know work with students for music student a lot so to
be able to help to outreach to a different part in the world that that
means something and Allison is a you know it’s a great ambassadors yes she is
what sounds like the program is is very worthwhile your program is very engaging
for folks and beneficial so certainly this partnership and I guess to partner
with performance like this could be a better connection so let’s talk about
the the performance date the dates we have actually hosts we’re hosting two
concert the first one is January 11 into Saturday at four o’clock at the first
parish of Watertown and the second one is going to be February 15 in the James
library in Norwell we have n p.m. 7 p.m. yes and the music that the selections
that will be played we actually have we we are going to play a theme based on
the Viennese tales which is inspired by which shows a group of composers from
Vienna including Schubert Beethoven and Mozart especially this year this coming
year is the Beethoven’s 250th anniversary right so we probably yes
it’s perfect you know the music program that is the composition is beautiful and
I did I’d mentioned I did sample some of your music with your cellist and
fantastic oh yes very very good Bronk yeah thank you and I guess for
folks at the bottom of the screen folks will have a web site to visit for more
information about this particular performance but I guess performances
that you will do in the yes so Julie and I Joanie has our
official website at and we also post our events on our Facebook
page so if anybody would like to come in come
to the concert or even just make a donation there are a couple places that
are linked on the website and Facebook page that they can make a donation to it
as well and I know you and I were speaking actually the two of you were
speaking to me prior to sitting down that this is rather unique I guess for
musicians to partner with proceeds going to an organization all proceeds correct
yes is a hundred percent person and we are very fortunate to have a few
sponsors the CNC printing company actually based in Quincy and they were
printing all our invitation card posters and also we have Kurt Brian’s Duluth
here in Boston area and then the racket or a ice cream will be sponsoring the
ice cream at the reception in January yes yes yes yes every times a good time
for ice cream exactly but I also I have noticed perhaps through my work than
this kind of an organization that more and more people are partnering in the
social action component with musical performance and we talked about that
from their Saturday which is now global Ramsey actually participated this past
year I mean it’s happening more and more and I there’s a whole cadre of young
people out of the you know what you would consider the finest conservatories
Juilliard or whatever who are just going around the world giving of their gifts
and their art so that is incredibly to be at my point in my career 65 years old
taught all my life and that’s incredibly inspiring to know that coming up there’s
there are people who understand that your music can be a greater can speak in
a greater way well I guess the question is why does this work it’s great that it
does work but the connection between music and
nonprofits how does it work well I think it works because it’s all about humanity
I mean when you’re a musician you need to have I mean when Julie and and at
Lisa’s play you can’t help your riveted to their humanity you can’t help but see
how passionate they are in every note that they make and and that how they
present that just completely open in an open you know open their hearts and
their souls up so I think that’s the connection is that there’s so much
humanity it’s easy crossover so alesis you would say that basically music
connects us all it is very is a very accessible tool and you’re right music
does connect all of us together and we Julian I particularly enjoy this
partnering collaboration program because not only we are bringing music
colleagues but like people in other business or in other industry they all
have access to music but for us to gather together to do something good you
know together so that really means a lot to us and I need to ask just some
feedback after performances that benefit nonprofits I what what do folks say do
they congratulate you I would imagine well they they were just very happy that
they are they can be part of it to be able to help us promote the concert
bring in more audience and bring in more ticket sales the more money we make you
are we race it’s actually for example this program more students can go to the
program in Lebanon so since we are responsible for raising some of the
money to get ourselves there and we are a volunteer staff a lot of what the
proceeds will go for will be you know scholarships for kids who wouldn’t be
able to pay some some children there are able to pay for the small tuition but
some can’t and now with things being as they are in Lebanon I mean there are
even transportation issues or terrible infrastructure issues so all of this is
helpful and I know what my colleagues have said is I’ve as I’ve been promoting
this concert they’ve said what are generous thing for that for that your
friends to do your duo friends to do and I said exactly it’s just it just is
beyond my wildest dreams so I think that would be my response and what ages are
the children that benefit from this particular charity so we have in our in
the actual camp or what they call academy part of it right we have from
six year olds all the way up through young adults who be could be 2025 who
are probably like parrot what we might call paraprofessionals or they’re doing
they’re going after some other line of work you know or some other profession
but they’re also continuing to be grow as a as a concert pianist or a singer we
have a Broadway program they love Broadway they love things that represent
the classical music the Western classical music it’s just a great thirst
and as we close I just want to go over the performance the date so folks can
certainly attach yes so is January 19th I’m sorry you love is
the first one at fall calling to First Parish of Watertown and the second one
is in the South Shore area February 15 7:00 p.m. and the noel james library and
tickets tickets are available at the door or you can also purchase it online
through our website as well very good i want to thank you both we have a
collaboration this has been a certainly a fun interview yeah thank you thank you
so much and we are going to recap the forecast expect a sunshine all day today
with temps reaching into the low 50s and tonight partly cloudy skies with
lows around 33 for Christmas Eve again bright Sun highs will reach about 40
degrees Tuesday night mostly clear with lows right around 27 and on Christmas
Day Wednesday partly cloudy daytime highs in the low 40s and just about at
the freezing mark in the evening under mostly cloudy skies highs in the mid 30s
on Thursday with some Sun in the morning and increasing clouds in the afternoon
Thursday night mostly cloudy temperatures right around 29 degrees
special thanks to my guests for joining us today thank you and we thank the crew
and of course again we thank you at home for watching have a
great holiday season Friday at 11:30 we welcome
Quincy Council on Aging director Tom klasby for another live edition of
currently in Quincy you you

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