Culture Shocked Americans Share The Things They Didn't Realize Were So American

37 thoughts on “Culture Shocked Americans Share The Things They Didn't Realize Were So American

  1. Americans understand personal space for the same reason we smile and talk to everyone. We are all people sharing this world.

  2. In European countries they don’t put ice in their water like at restaurants and stuff. I first thought it was an Italian thing but when I went to Germany and Greece it was the same. Like they would just put a pitcher with water on your table but it was room temperature not even slightly cold. It was very unsettling because in America usually ice is filled to the top of the cup/glass when you are served so having Luke warm water was weird. Also I loved having the tax just included. At first it was weird because I’d pay 6€ for something that was 5€ but always got exact change back and then i realized so it was very nice

  3. American: I went to Europe over the summer


    Also, the European: I’m from Northern Europe and-

  4. True the grocery stores in the US are very big. Stores in general are big lol. I live in Texas and we have a furniture store (Nebraska furniture mart) that has a 4 story parking garage because it’s so huge. It’s also 1.8 million square feet 😂 that’s why we drive everywhere because everything is massive. We also have huge portions which foreigners think it’s weird but I think it’s awesome because even though I eat only half my food, I can take it home and have two meals for the price of one.

    I find it really weird that you have to pay for public restrooms in Europe.. like …. what if you don’t have money do you just pee in a tree…?

  5. So basically a bunch of fat white Americans went to other countries, saw that all the ppl there don’t sit around drinking large 32oz of soda and a frozen pizza all day but actually are healthy slim/average sized, eat normal sized portions of food, have decent healthcare and pay benefits and use the same metric system and somehow that’s a culture shock?

  6. The sugar thing: maybe in America you really need to reconsider the amount of sugar you put in your products. Like…. Really.

    Water pressure: European water pressure is just fine, it's you that use an enormous amount of water. We have 3% of usable water on this planet, for the God sake.

    Going to restaurants: we Europeans (especially Italians) LOVE food and eating togheter with others is kinda a ritual. Americans seems to consider it just a thing you do, quickly, just for the sake of it lol

  7. I've lived in Chicago most of my life, but wound up working in a small town. Everyone legit stood like 10 miles away from each other it was annoying especially for a line it was hard to know if people were in a line or what. In Chicago if you stand 10 feet away from the person people will cut in front of you assuming you're waiting for something else 🤣 You legit don't leave space it's seen as 'theres space must be for me to cut into' 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Well I don't typically smile in public but if that's true that people don't like the smile I think that as a multi cultural person the American way or smile is valid.

  9. So i am from the Midwest in America and we were super chatty with each other and would be rather blunt and honest but to strangers usually a friendlier way so when i moved to the west it was weird most of the people were very aloof but once they talked they were really nice i can only image what that is like to Europeans just there like "who the hell do you think you are?"

  10. I'm Asian and we (I mean, at least me) always bow before we meet other people. It was kinda weird because I'd go to bow in a foreign country and they'd be all 'oh my god wth she's bowing do I bow back or….'. It's kinda strange so I've been trying to stop but it's just become habit at this point…

  11. Smiling for American's is a quick way to let others know you are "non threatening". Very handy when there was a time when a lot of people were armed. The tradition stayed even though slightly less people are armed all of the time now.

  12. Talking to adults and people your age/younger without certain honorific or respect. America’s fucked up 💀

  13. watching this made me realize how similar americans and canadians are. we’re like,,, the same people with bonus maple syrup

  14. Im german but visited my friend in the US once.
    People always came by me & asked "how are you".
    I was like do i know them? did i meet them before? xD
    After that i thought they wanted to start conversation, and the americans were like wtf, cuz i tried to start a conversation. My friend told me its just a phrase kind of thing. While laughing his ass off ofc.

    Yea its weird when u think that every 2nd person wants to start a deep conversation with you lol.

  15. Meanwhile in Indonesia… if you're approached by a stranger and they start talking to you, then it's going to be someone promoting insurance/credit cards, or a student with surveys they want you to answer. They're usually really friendly and talkative, then they just pull out a form out of nowhere and expect you to fill it. I hate them.

  16. From what I've witnessed, Americans are really loud and annoying. I live in a tourist-filled town in Italy, and 50% of the tourists are Americans. They just assume we are Mario stereotypes, and if you catch the really annoying ones sometimes they will talk to you in an exaggerated Italian accent or straight up use hand gestures you shouldn't absolutely use in that circumstance. Once I was just giving directions to this American couple, and the husband kept saying "Prego" (which means "you're welcome", or "help yourself", btw) and doing the tulip hand gesture, generally used in situations in which you are annoyed/insulting someone. I was trying my best to be polite, but they were just detestable.

  17. I can tell who's american at airports because they usually are arseholes who think they can skip security searches because they have a pass in the states what makes them able to do that. Again, the US has some of the shitiest security at airports I've ever seen. Especially ridiculous since THERE WAS A MASSIVE TERRORIST ATTACK ONLY ALMOST TWO DECADES AGO.

  18. The thing about compact cars in Italy is so true! I would tell my mom "The traffic just looks different here, I don't know why." Then near the end of my trip I realized it was because there were no trucks!

  19. May I add some:

    (For reference; I was born in America but my family is Hungarian so I go to Hungary every year for about a month)

    • Listening to music & using the AC in the car. Whenever we went somewhere and a friend or family member drove us, I noticed they always turn off the radio and never used the AC, despite it being over 90 degrees outside. I get that some cars didnt even have AC, but for the ones that did they just pulled down the window. Whenever we asked to turn on the radio they would just look at us weird, I dont understand why they hate music so much lol

    • Smoking. Oh my god. There’s just cigarettes everywhere. In america I feel like its so rare to see someone smoking a cigarette, meanwhile in Hungary people are already smoking at 14. And its legal to smoke almost anywhere. (TMI but whenever I blow my nose its fucking black from all the damn smoke)

    • Paying for public bathrooms & shopping carts. In America both are free, but here each are about 50 cents. You dont really “pay” for the shopping cart, but you need to inset a coin if u want to use it, then you get the coin back once youre done

  20. 6:00 FAT AGREE! I’m from Virginia and to drive a few hours to go somewhere really isnt thatt big of a deal. For ex. If there’s a concert in NY (5 hours away) then id get excited over how close it is. Meanwhile in Hungary (I go there every summer to see my family), I was so shocked at how big of a deal a 1 hour drive was to them?? We just wanted to go to the mall which is about a 1 hour drive from our village to the city, and they were checking the car and planning it out for days like wtf

  21. 3:23 we’re trying to phase out plastic bags, is probably why. Idk about other countries but in the UK you have to pay for plastic bags at checkouts so no thanks I’ll bring my own

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