Culture of Victimhood

welcome back my friends this is destiny most of the Nemo's news network there's a lot of news going on and I wanted to share certain key things with you let's check out some trends now you guys know I I talked favorably on the whole queue anon movement have actually been there since the beginning and I helped build it in my own small way I contributed to that before it was even known to most of the world now I've always been a kind of a defender of the queue and on movement and I've always done that not from a position of faith or cultism or whatever the MSM want to call it but logic evidence reason and compassion and these are very important things to me now I say these things because if you've been following the queueing on movement and if you go back to any of my earlier videos a lot of things have been coming true lately a lot of things have been almost as though the queue movement could be in a position of i-told-you-so now I only I do not encourage that I don't think that's gonna win you any friends actually remember the ego if you prove someone wrong oftentimes even if you prove them wrong they'll double down their belief they'll hate you and they'll believe it harder than ever so what is the how do you get around this fragile ego issue sorry about the background noise is there you have to use Socratic method which is exactly what Q does you have to let them come to it on their own you have to ask questions in fact I'm very excited soon I'll be doing a before we get in the news oh I'll be doing a how to red pill people interview with a very special guest I think you guys are going to enjoy it but in the meantime what do I mean by you could be in a position if I told you so but you shouldn't well yeah a lot of stuff is happening the Clintons even Obama's are now in the headlines they're going down for treason just beginning the drumbeat is building up that shifts the Overton Window that we been talking about but we shouldn't say I told you so what we should do is just reinforce the major points as to why we are fighting so hard we are trying to protect victims we are trying to protect victims of Marxism in our education systems that spews out children like you know Millennials even my own generation that just hate their culture and everyone around them and have this divisionary segregated compartmentalized society they live in a caste system based on supposed victimhood the more points you can rack up in the in the victimhood more sympathy points you can get the more power you have and more authority and status you have that's not a world I want to live in where your judge based on the color of your skin or your sexual nuance or whether or not you identify something that day I don't think most of America wants to live there either on the other hand there's another way president Trump's way where it's a meritocracy the best man or woman for the job gets the job regardless of race or skin color or anything like that despite what you may have heard about our president he's actually won awards for racial contributions I remember the Ellis Island award Muhammad Ali Rosa Parks right next to him I do not remember the name of it but he was there they used to love him even Snoop Dogg used to love him but what happened they were told to flip on him they stabbed him in the back because they were puppets and everybody suddenly said he was racist so we're gonna talk about some of these things coming true and some of the victims that were fighting for now with this article Trump talks about going after Obama let's subpoena Obama records Hillary Clinton records Clinton Foundation Records Obama's book deal we know those book deals are very interesting in those Clinton Foundation records are very interesting this is where a lot of the dirt is done those book deals are where a lot of that dirty money is swapped he was brought us to that before Wow this is very interesting this is interesting indeed so breaking president Trump speaking in the Oval Office during a gathering to announce an agreement with Guatemala called for a probe into former President Obama's book deal it's a subpoena all of the records having to do with Hillary Clinton the hill it's getting good so continuing reporters unexpectedly summoned to Oval Office Trump revealed he had a agreement for asylum with Guatemala that's one the big yeah yeah and then this is an important is this is important not because we want to talk about these I wanted to talk about this because I don't want to talk about this list must be honest but we have to talk about this because culture is down trained from politics and this victim status that I talked about culminates in the transgender and that's why the transgender issue is being pushed to the top as they're the greatest aggrieved status they're the tiniest victim minority except of courses in whren pointed out the the tiniest minority is the individual the left doesn't want to hear that so this person is known for basically suing because local businesses would not give him a ball waxing like he they would with a typical female bikini wax first of all I don't know if you can wax your balls honestly this is a serious question I think that actually might do some damage those things are pretty tough I have heard and if you actually do that to this fragile skin you you might be in the hospital but secondly this was obviously just another gay wedding cake situation where even though the left lost this issue and they even got paid for it took it all the way to the highest court they they still tried to sue them again and again and again now there's another transou II a gay wedding cake guy remember the Christian Baker who refused to bake the cake I can't forget his name off the top of my head well listen this one after trying to sue a bunch of them and developing a reputation as wax my balls I'm not joking trans activist Jessica yaniv then applies for permit to host a semi nude pool party with children without parents around this is peak crazy we have a loud Marxist to infiltrate our education systems I started you know somewhat with the hippies I like hippies but we have to understand they're they're not supposed to be educators Bill Ayers Weather Underground these kind of folks they went into your children's brains that's where they've been waging war for generations and our side didn't even show up the damage is apparent now in trying to right that wrong which is a part of our goals of the cueing on movement definitely part of my goals why even get out of bed in the morning if you don't try to right the wrongs we have to address this issue not from a position of anger but from a position of concern especially for the children but also for the victims of gender dysphoria who are being told that you're a victim and that you should you know be proud of this rather than seek treatment that could potentially help them and remember that the statistics are quite a parentless the suicide rate is nearly the same after the sex change operations as it would be before this is not a body issue this is a mind issue now again and again we see examples where this has harm to children mixed bathrooms where the children have been molested or groped or peeved on you know like perverts and then things like this which all too often is allowed recently I saw pictures of the drag queen on the floor with children at one of the drag queen book signings literally balls two balls I mean the clothes everything on shore but this is disgusting behavior and it's harming children and I say that from a position of compassion for all parties involved even those who politically disagree with me of course because on the Left these are a form of priests of power in the Marxist culture because of the victim status thing remember you get the more points the more victim status the more power you have there is you you just outrank everyone around you and you're like well no I'm the bigger victim you have to say do what I say or you're a terrible racist whatever whatever Nazi that's how it works it's an authoritarian collectivist religion which masquerades as a political party of love now we also have very upsetting news here and then I reached out to Todd when this happened and offered my you know condolences although this isn't the end of course 250 million dollar Knicks sandman lawsuit against washington post for defamation dismissed by federal judge all right so nick salmon dismissed for his very clear case of injustice here these poor kids not just him but all of them especially him though his face was made the face of like white nationalist hate or something of that nature and they tried to paint him as this terrible racist whatever and he's just his kid too getting death threats and he'll be he'll be he'll will he will suffer the consequences of this indirectly for the rest of his life yeah how often waitresses spit in his food how often will someone assault him how often will he be turned down for opportunities or I would argue now since he's suffered so much injustice maybe offered opportunities you know there's there's opportunity in being brave in these times I'm in my own tiny way a living example of that I showed up and I just told the truth and you guys have offered me this huge platform with this big flashlight as I call it in order to spread that truth and I really do appreciate that it's my dream job I've been trying to do that my whole life never thought I could get paint but at least it covers the bills and now I'm trying to help others as well now we also have Olano Mars splits from second husband asked questions about marital history heats up so it's a bit too late now there is a thing called Records and the internet never forgets so this is getting weirder and weirder isn't it with with that situation and it does look as though eventually she will go to jail for it or be deported because her citizenship was fraudulent so I think you can lose it in that situation also a judge says that the Second Amendment does not protect semi-automatic killing machines that's interesting because killing machine is exactly what the Second Amendment protects and that's what therefore they are for killing people and why would you kill people well obviously in defense of one's life or Liberty and that's exactly what the Second Amendment was about so I always question these unusual interpretations of our very clear Second Amendment and we certainly need a move somewhere at some point maybe part of this overall agenda if we can build the white hat movement maybe we can do something about that but I think we do need a move to go back to a constitutionalist perspective and interpretation of the law literally taken from the Constitution and and we should see things soar in this country and I you know I'm hopeful for that under President Trump we also have job creators and network member Warren's Democrats are quietly trying to pass massive tax increase on payroll oh man that's no good this is from Kelly Brosnan Rosina who spent 25 years advocating on behalf of small business owners and their employees testified at a hearing of the House Ways and Means Committee Thursday and warned that the Democrats Social Security 20100 Act would dramatically increase payroll tax and devastate job creation well so this would raise the payroll tax overall several years by two point four percentage points to fourteen point eight percent of earned income Wow that's massive folks that's that is you're spending money and more right there president Trump announces agreement with Guatemala to deal with asylum seekers so again back to that a little bit it was signed see if there's details of this one is this is where the big announcement was about Hillary which is actually far more interesting so they're Supreme Court blocks they go out a mall and president from signing a deal earlier in July so they're you know they're lefties are probably fighting this just as hard if not harder down there where they may have more influence yeah and Trump it added big US taxpayer dollars going to them was cut off by me nine months ago oh man that's what these countries are doing they're just like threatening to send people if we don't pay them I guess in some cases here we go we want to take you now to the White House we're moments ago President Trump announced a new asylum agreement with Guatemala let's listen in thank you all very much appreciate it look we've been dealing for many years I would say with Guatemala and with other countries and we are now at a point where we are we just get along and they're doing what we've asked them to do and I think it's going to be a great thing for Guatemala they don't want these problems either so we were able to get this done and we got it done fairly quickly but this is after many many years Mexico also is working along with us very nicely I mean tremendously actually you'll see a chart where the numbers are really through the through the floor I should say because they're going down Kevin maybe you want to speak to the numbers how well we're doing on in terms of apprehensions absolutely mr. president since the agreement was signed with Mexico that you energized and drove we've had 28 percent reduction in June and we're headed toward another 22 percent reduction in July in crossings so 43 percent overall thanks to the effort on the government Mexico side and the implementation of our migrant protection protocols border wide and the fact that they do have really a big slowdown coming in from Guatemala at the border because we have again 6,000 Mexican troops at the border of Guatemala so that helps but this will really help this is something that's going to be rather incredible so the numbers are going that we we could really do this in a much easier fashion if we had cooperation from the Democrats we have absolutely no cooperation nobody can understand and most of these people five years ago they all wanted a wall and we're building a lot of wall right now a lot of it we've ripped down old wall and we ripped out wall that didn't even exist which was it had bad footings bad foundations it was they used to be a wall there there wasn't it was gobbled up by the people that crossed that we're building beautiful new wall a lot of it and it's getting built rapidly so a lot of things are happening but this is a very this is a very big day that's exciting I'm very interesting okay also prosecutors in Jeffrey Epstein sex traffic case investigating uncharged individuals we know what that means that's all the people in his little black book which is going to lead back to people of course like Hillary like Phil by the way of course build even more than Hillary for Epstein we also have I think it's the smoking gun so this is important these recordings Havok sculpt Ettore evidence so the these are the kind of things that was one particular quote i really wanted to show you they talked about it actually being a game-changer whereas most things you know and in today's world no one's gonna buy it no one's gonna change their mind on loving or hating President Trump and they said this one might be one anyway so the do J's Russia probe review focusing on The Smoking Gun tapes of meeting with Trump eight now this is going to start to really blow apart the Russian collusion delusion as we've come to affectionately call it some less affectionately of course anyway it wasn't really an important quote I just kind of wanted to show you guys that this is a bigger piece of information because of that reason they're gonna use that they're gonna start to open up more doors they're gonna poke a lot of holes in their story for the public and it's just gonna really unravel it's already starting to unravel right it's Muller was a big big big part about this last testimony where he seems to be trying to fake Alzheimer's the updated lists a hundred and thirty times the FBI DOJ and or Mueller gang quote deviated from standard practice and quote or committed crimes in efforts to exonerate Hillary and indict President Trump my gosh 130 times lobbyists there with a pattern you to bad policy the term Christian is unacceptable but Muslim is still acceptable Wow so there you have it that's pretty bad and we'll finish up with this court's subpoenas Epstein's personal pilots for flight logs will show Bill Clinton on 27 flights most with underage girls here we come to the final part the Justice phase of the queue and on movement and then we have to rebuild our world result Society from this crazy treasonous plot to destroy us all and of course there are more q posts i will keep those for another video later tonight when he's finished you guys have a great one be well and i'll see you on the next one please support our work donar / dustin Nemo's shop with our sponsors q here dot us and apex health club like golf club and you also can check out stop bed burning calm if you want to make a stand against this kind of censorship because you may have seen that i right-clicked and saved that video the next thing i'm gonna do is send it to my attorney to see if maybe we can support them in some way because religious freedom is important and clear discrimination against Christians versus Muslims is a double standard – that might be a winner who knows we'll ask and see you guys be well you

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  1. The Federal judge who denied the Sandmann defamation lawsuit against WaPo ought to have his career put under a microscope. What skeletons does s/he have in their closet? I'm not saying we are talking about a pedophile/human trafficker/rapist here, but no truly decent person would have done this!

    If and when provable "dirt" is found on this evil person, they should be removed from their bench post haste.

  2. You should see the chats that “Jessica” has engaged in with children. Asking about tampons, and of (s)he could see the string hanging out. This “thing” is a sick individual!

  3. Federal Income Tax is Voluntary unless you were born, live or work in DC, PR, Guam…or you are an employee of U.S. Gov. (i.e., IRS Agent) or, have a contract with the United States, or were born outside the United States Republic. See Weiss+Paris for history of Federal Income Tax.

  4. Its called "Victicrat", James "The ACORN Shaker" O'Keefe, moon walks in this one

  5. Oddly .. most actual trans girls are right wing gun nuts. All these left wingers are just poser fags following a fad. There is a difference. The people murdering themselves are the one that followed a fad & looked in the mirror and saw they were living a lie.

    The #LGBTQIA (#P) is just the world shapers trying to fuck the world over. They flip everything on it's head. As above so below. The real answer is to let the dykes destroy the "movement"

  6. NO .. I am definitely in "I Told You So" .. What I want is to KILL THE PEOPLE WHO STOLE MY WORD & CALLED ME A NAZI. I don't give a fuck what happens to the world. If they got a problem with me telling the truth I will holler it in their fucking ear until they are deaf. Fuck these motherfuckers. They had no problem with me going to a gulag ., FUCK THESE MOTHERFUCKERS

  7. Guatemala will have an election Aug 11 and friends that live in Guatemala are prepairing for a socialist gov. Great people there are prepairing by moving there money before Aug 11.

  8. Our children are paying the price for for these mixted up angry feet stomping demanding shoving attacking haters.

  9. Great time to be alive my fellows. Keep slogging it from the trenches, the war is coming down to a decisive battle.
    We need a billion prayers from a billion people to hold the good. Give no quarter to evil.

  10. so much, Dustin…a gazillion wows to your insights..Wax My Balls wants semi-nude pool party.. aren't swimming suits pretty much semi-nude already? and Devin Nunes tweet: Corn ready for to be cut! – IPOT pointed out 4 2 be cut may mean pres #42 BC…

  11. The biggest victim group are the CHILDREN. Manipulated, used politicly & socially. Denied childhood, denied protection, denied decent, safe guidance & natural parental nurturing. 🙁

  12. OMG! Don't you remember a thing called S L E E P ?!?! Uploadeed at 5 am… Thanks for your work revealing the dark secrets of politicos and corporation. Nice to see I have another "Brother from Another Mother", Dustin.

  13. Oh I’ve been barraged on Face Book from “ brainwashed snowflakes on the Independant newspaper… God Bless America.. I held my own


  15. Q / Anon…..Truth is a force of nature >>> " We can see clearly now their reign has gone ? "….kek……WWG1WGA……. m (UK)

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