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hi there I'm Michael well that for you today is culture flies world finest Justice League of America unboxing if you happen to like this box there will be a link down in the downstairs area where you can buy your own and you help out the channel a little bit in doing so as well but I'm going to go ahead and open this up first of all last time I unboxed one of their boxes I forgot to record it so you can see this part where I open it up because they actually ship them wrapped which is neat I mean it's a waste of plastic but it's neat anyway so you can see here we got a nice colorful box every box is different and printed with the this is a lot of Justice League comics on there now I'm more of a Marvel guy than I am DC guy but that's that's okay I just don't like DC but my knowledge of DC is not quite as strong as it is in the Marvel Arena but you know I think that's true for most people anyways I'm gonna go ahead and pop this open and we're going to see what is in this okay what to do first I guess I'll do the shirt because I typically do these first because they're fun to wear throughout the entire time so let's go ahead and see what the shirt is all about first of all it is a 2x they said they sent me an email after my last unboxing saying they enjoyed it and the next shirt will definitely be a 2x instead of a 1x because it fits me a little better even though this shirt is a 1x and if it's okay anyways we'll see what this one's like so let's go ahead and try it on oh one two three oh well I like this so couple things here number one this is maybe one of the most comfortable shirts I've ever had on my nipples it's just super comfortable soft number two I like the color now most of the shirts I wear are black because I'm fat you know it's slimming but I genuinely like this color of red number three Shazam I know this is Captain Marvel I know the history behind this character and you know sure Zam is the word he says cuz that's the Wizards name that granted his power I also saw the movie and you know what it was a good movie I really enjoyed that movie so here we are Shazam it's a good shirt I genuinely am enjoying just existing right now because I am wearing this shirt I'm gonna wear this shirt probably the rest of the day because this is a comfortable shirt I genuinely enjoy this I like the graphic let's move on to this this is and unless you it just took the bag it's it's just a bag it's a tote it's a Batman bag a Batman there's a little zipper here what what goes in the zipper area I don't know what goes in there but it's got a spot for something in there it's a Batman tote it's totes a Batman tote I like it it's got a good logo on them up here that's really about all I got you can put things in it books groceries you know usually bag sit totes have like a bottom note this tote doesn't super have a bottom like you can't stand it up so it's not like one of those bags but I guess you just don't you don't have to doesn't have to have that anyways so that's a tote bag it's a Batman tote bag that's spa it's fine what else we got so I guess I'm gonna start having a collection of these because this is the second one I got I have Batman from the last one and this one is Aquaman now I saw I finally got around to seeing the Aqua a movie on the plane when I went on my honeymoon it was just so very okay it wasn't bad but I would not call it good it was just it was a thing that I saw on a plane because I couldn't go anywhere look at that though look at that got Arthur curry going on he's got his Trident the guy's classic Aquaman outfit there now it is a statue just like the Batman one I got last time this is a statue this has no points of articulation he does told them I stand I like the staff goes all the way down this looks good I genuinely think this looks nice I like that a lot I'm gonna put this gently down here so don't break it but that's gonna go really well with my Batman for sure and I actually I'm looking forward to getting more of these so that I can continue to grow my Justice League all right what is next all right so we've got a cup or as the the paper calls it a tumbler you can see it just got a different Justice League things on there keep looking down here that's where my phone is showing me what's showing on the screen because it's easier to see than on the camera somewhere in here ah there we go I was like what is one of these cups without straw because just you have you have to but I like this I know my wife uses these a lot because they're sealed for the most part so she can put water or coffee or anything in there without being too worried that things will spill out I like it this is a this is good solid she said random Justice League Cup what else we got in here all right we'll do this thing next we have the Justice League of America enamel pin yes it's fine it's it's a fine pin again I'm not a huge fan of pins I know and do a monthly unboxing of a zeny box which is all pins so I have a decent collection of pins going on the pins are not usually my thing but you know what now that I think about it if ever got a box up in it feel I feel weird I think I think at this point I think at this point is sort of like Stockholm Syndrome where I like pins but because I feel like I have to get them and if I don't I don't know what I would do all right next what is this little Superman logo here okay there we go that's how we open it and then oh it's a towel which is always good like you can use you can always use another towel on your house you know you're always like oh no we spilled something go get a towel and I go no we only have like three towels this is nice though this will go great and our guest bathroom because it's got comic stuff in there anyway and all we have in there is an old target red towel it's a reproduction of the very first Action Comics Superman first appearance cover it's very famous covered I'm gonna you know what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna I'm gonna wear this like a cape there we go okay so I got to keep on it's a Superman cape kinda I mean legally it's a cape of Superman which makes it a Superman cape what else is in here got something Wonder Woman II let's see what we got okay is it that's a bandana a Wonder Woman pray I never really got the point of bandanas here but you better believe that I'm gonna wear it on my head because that's sort of one of my gimmicks is I just kind of I collect things in the box and if I can wear them you better believe I'll wear them here we go you pull my sleeves down here okay so I've gotta go Wonder Woman band in on you know the print on the bandana and you can see the print on the bandana is pretty good but it's just it's also just a bandana so it's fine I guess next shoe laces now I'm not going to do anything with these they're flash shoe laces so they just have little flash logos on them and they're red they're not bad shoelaces but they're also just they're just shoelaces all right and then the last yes last we have this nice art print no the art print I got from the Batman over here I love it this one is okay it's basically just a comic cover whereas that one seems the Batman one I got last time it seems it's like actual like art print whereas this is just like it's the cover from one of the comments which is fine still art don't think that I'm saying that you know comic books aren't art obviously I think so but it's not as appealing to me as the the Batman why I got so that's it for my unboxing what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna get this together and I'm gonna score it and let you know if I think it's worth the money okay so here we go here's everything in the box laid out I have nine items in this box so this box is gonna be out of not each item is gonna be worth up to one point let's start with the shirt the shirt is great it feels fantastic I like the color I like the graphic it's getting the full point next is this tote bag that I couldn't put anywhere cuz it kept falling down it's Batman it's fine it's useful but it's awesome just a tote bag it's a very nice tote bag but it's really hard to get excited for a tote bag but I'm gonna give it most of 0.75 because I do like Batman and I do like a tote and this will go in my car and be useful for groceries next we have the optimized statue I love this I'm not a huge Aquaman fan but I think it's pretty good I like the stance the quality is good he looks great just standing there so I'm giving that the full point next we have the tumbler the cup is Justice League it's high quality it's you know well-made and cup I love cups you always need cups cups are always useful around the house so I'm also giving that the full point next we have the towel that I'm wearing it's a towel it's a Superman towel it looks great oh it's a little thin I guess maybe but I don't know it's fine you can always use a towel though you know so I'm gonna get that the whole point is well it's a useful item and I like it next we have the enamel pin right here it's fine it's an enamel pin it's just says Justice League of America I'm really super care for pins but I'm gonna give it a half a point because I still I still like it it's just not something that I super like I guess next we have the bandana it's a Wonder Woman bandana it looks fine but it's also just a bandana you know Jim I don't know what I'm gonna do with this but I like the art on it I don't know what to do with bandanas I just I just don't but it's a thing in the box it's not worth nothing I'm gonna give it point two-five next we have these shoelaces again I mean they're just shoelaces like it's really hard to get excited over shoelaces especially the flash she was that mega man it makes sense he runs he's fast these are shoelaces that go on the shoe but I mean if maybe if these were magical shoelaces that made you faster for wearing them and maybe they are and I will never know because he'll never put them on my shoes but yeah their thing in the Box I'll give them a given point two-five and lastly we have the art print the art print here is good it's not great but it's good it's definitely not like wow meat I'm gonna give it a half point like it's so good just not great so if you're masking along that gives us a final score of six point two five out of nine which if you turn that into a number that gives us about a sixty nine seventy percent I'm gonna round up to 70% so it gives us a seat it says it's a C box it's fine it's not the best box I've ever received the Batman one I got last time was much better than this one but it's not bad box these boxes just if you're not in the know these boxes possibly bucks plus shipping you can get a little bit of a discount use my code which I just put on the screen right here if you want to try this out for yourself feel free again putting that code in guys also give a little kickback to the channel which is great and I you know I again i also got this for free so I don't want people thinking they're like you know um taking money on the side or whatever but I am I'm just trying to be upfront about it because I'm not gonna turn away free things from my channel especially it kind of fits the channel vibe you know but that being said would I buy this box on its own after getting two of them I don't know yeah maybe it's a quarterly box and I think for the price that I that I paid for this or I would have paid for this because I didn't but the price time would it pay for this I definitely think this is worth 50 bucks the statue the cup the towel the shirt all that together there's probably 50 bucks right there plus you got a bunch of little things that you know is killings I mean it's not worth get it's not with nothing it's just things that aren't super care about the toe keep forgetting about the tote but the totes totes nice – that's it for my um culture fly world's finest Justice League of America unboxing let me know down in the downstairs area what you thought of this do you want to get it did I sell you on this let me know I like to know I like the reader respond to him like share subscribe is this a couple different ways besides this that you can help my channel out down downstairs area if you want to as well and that's it thanks so much for getting this far it really means a lot to me and I'll see you later I got this kpop it's actually getting pretty hot by you

17 thoughts on “Culture Fly World's Finest Unboxing – Justice League of America

  1. Based on your unboxing of this and the Batman box, I was sold, but unfortunately I am too fat for their largest shirt πŸ™

    I'm watching The Boys later tonight and was thinking I would like to see you do a review of it. Maybe genre movie'tv reviews could be thing you should try..

  2. Box was good not great but good. I think I had the same opinions as you when I got it. But this box even though average still blows loot crate out of the water

  3. The printed box alone makes it worth buying. Lets see if i can ship this to the netherlands without any extra costs. Great video again mike πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

  4. Awesome unboxing Mike and cool box well with the value must do more if these πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. I'm a DC guy, an Aquaman fan, and I completely agree with you on the movie. The scene where Black Manta's dad ultimately dies was so hilariously bad (imo, no hate to people who like it) to me and my dad, we have a running joke involving us recreating the scene with one another. We found "DAMN YOU!!!!" to be extra humorous.

  6. I'm a big JLA fan and love the original run, especially the stuff right before Crisis on Infinite Earths. Seeing that old school JLA logo on that box brings a large amount of happiness to my heart.

  7. Awesome SHazam ⚑️ T shirt looks good Mike πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ and yeah it was a epic movie can’t wait to see it again when out on dvd πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βš‘οΈ

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