Cultural Entrepreneurship at the Munich Creative Businessweek

I believe that the cultural entrepreneurship HAP project between the Goethe Institute and the strategic Center is an important project to learn more about the creative arts about the creative industry scene I hope that we are able to have creative industry hats around the world in a couple of years we recently discussed the idea of like building a virtual hub where we could all exchange ideas and remain connected so really my role within the context of our hub is to keep the guys accountable to the milestones that they have and the day that they came to the hub with and so every Friday we've got what we call feedback Fridays where it's almost like a tribunal and the hub is themselves you know we hold each other accountable it also helps to kind of bring our community closer as the health community so entrepreneurship takes on a much more important role in the developing economies such as ours German is very focused on industrial structures and engineering but now we are times are changing and creative companies and companies out of cultural and creative industries become more and more successful and more and more important one of those challenges for those small structures in casual and creative industries is going abroad bringing their business models to internationalisation and therefore the creative hubs could help to create network all over the world that could help to exchange knowledge is formations about a framework the cultural entrepreneurship hub in Indonesia will be established in partnership with the Indonesian arts Institute in surah Carta a small city in Central Java with long history and its priorities is basically to enable young performing artists to acquire entrepreneurship skills so they can create startups businesses for themselves cultural entrepreneurs they have a strong passion because they have this creative vision how they would like to make the world a better place and with their cultural idea on the other hand they have to learn also to make entrepreneurial impact and creative impact on the other hand they have to earn money to be sustainable so they have to bring that together to be financially sustainable but on the other hand to scale their impact for the culture they want to bring on the market you

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