Cultural Dimension: display of emotion

If there is conflict at work, how do you demonstrate
your emotions? when you're angry, thrilled or otherwise feel strongly about an issue, do you heat up or do you cool down? This demonstrative spectrum runs from hot to cold. From very loud to very soft. From very verbal to very restrained. Some cultures favor an open show of emotions by shouting crying using broad gesturing body language flowery and poetic words or swearing and cursing. You express your passion, your integrity
and your commitment to an issue or person by how vividly you display those emotions. Your animation is proof of your veracity and your commitment. On the other hand some cultures prefer a low-key “rational” approach an even and quiet tone, minimal body language a reduced display of emotions to show maturity and thoughtfulness and to avoid disruption. If your style is to heat up, you'll find your cooler counterpart downright cold. Does he not care about this issue or working it out? He just walked away from me! But if you ARE the cool cucumber using your “inside voice” and doing your best to reduce tensions, your passionately arguing co-worker most likely feels to you out of control. Indeed, you may well think he is simply having a tantrum. You much prefer to leave that for another
day, you tell him, saying “when we can both act like adults.” The inevitable result if you don't recognize
these different styles? Friction at best, frustration and fury internal or external depending, of course, on your style. Animated or rational? Where do YOU fall on this spectrum?

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  1. i am from México i am studing social psicology today is hard find that because the "etnocidio" is incresse think about jerssy people? looks like many mexicans but they are gringos

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