Cultural Care Au Pair LCCs

I love being an LCC because I'm getting very fulfilled with what I did and because I can help other people I've been an LCC with cultural care for 18 years and soon it'll be 19 I've been an LCC for just about two years three months over 25 years what I really love about my job is helping these young families find child care as an LCC we do so many things interview families and talk with them and make sure they understand what the program is about talk with au pairs and if they need support throughout the year we're there to celebrate victories and if there's any bumps along the way we're there to help smooth it all over I consider myself a counselor a listener I am a mentor and a friend they need a support base and that's what I'm here for we love learning about all the different cultures from around the world I've met so many people and from so many different countries and backgrounds I've gotten some wonderful trips with cultural care au pair I've been to Rome and Dublin Ireland Sweden Switzerland I walked into the hotel in Stockholm and said my name and the person behind the desk said you are my LCC when I go on these international trips and I get a chance to see these LCCs it's like getting back with an old girlfriend we just start where we left off and it's so much fun and we laugh and have a great time one of the really fantastic things about being an LCC is the friendships that you make just the relationships that you build being an LCC me means that I get this incredible opportunity to bring people together for me it's all about the people here cultural care of it you

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