CSUN Distinguished Alumni Awards 2016: Robert Taylor

Charles Schetter: When I think about what
made Robert really stand out to me moment one, was his incredible discipline. This man has a focus in his life. A mission. And he brings great great talent everyday to that mission. That mission is to help the
world be a better place. And he does it with an amazing array of talent. And it’s a drive that’s truly distinctive. ♪♪ ((Music)) ♪♪ Now you ask yourself what is it that is driving
Robert? And it really his mission. And in his words, his mission is “to enhance the
wealth creation of Black people so that they are able to look after themselves.” Robert is a man of great passion, great caring,
great empathy and a noble crusader on a very important cause. ♪♪ ((Music)) ♪♪ Dr. Raymond Landis: And Robert always had
a very strong commitment to diversity and equity. He did a lot while he was a student.
He’s done a lot through his life to make sure that fairness and equity come to the people
from all races and backgrounds. Charles Schetter: But really most importantly
among the many things that Robert contributed as a leader over eleven years, was the way
he stepped in to the Rebuild Los Angeles initiative. As you recall in April of 1992, there were
the riots in Los Angeles, and the community response was to appoint Peter Ueberroth to launch an initiative to address the neglected areas of Los Angeles. Peter Ueberroth: I reached out to all kinds
of communities. I reached out for, I said we need thousands of people to help us. But we need some really key leaders. And Robert was one of the first to step forward. Robert Taylor, you know, is a natural leader. So we have a board of us. 60 or 70 or 80 and 90 people. Robert was a young man who spoke about, “Let’s get some progress here. Let’s work together.
Let’s make a difference”. John Mack: In that connection, I got to know
Robert. I became very impressed with him as an obviously a very talented person in his
arena. But also someone who cared and wanted to make a difference. Dr. Raymond Landis: When Robert was a student,
he was such a standout that everyone had tremendous respect for him and all of the
other students had tremendous respect for him, and he set an example for them in terms
of what a person would do who was committed to excellence. John Mack: That led to recommending him and
he joined the National Urban League board of trustees where again Robert played a key
role in helping the league develop strategic plans to make sure that the organization had
its appropriate focus in the areas, particularly in the economic arena, jobs, entrepreneurship to economically empower the African American community and communities of color. Peter Ueberroth: He wasn’t looking to be a
hero. He wasn’t looking to be in the newspapers. He’s working to make the city better. And he knew as a citizen, he’d make the city better, he make it better for his employees, better
for all the rest. It was totally unselfish. It was a case where he wanted to give back. ♪♪ ((Music)) ♪♪ Charles Schetter: On behalf of myself and
the entire McKenzie community, I want to congratulate Robert on this very well deserved award from his alma mater. And we all wish him the very best going forward. John Mack: It’s extremely well deserved. You, I’m sure, have made not only yourself, and your family proud, but you’ve made the
university proud. Peter Ueberroth: It’s a big honor for you.
It’s a big honor for your university. But it’s all about giving. But you’re a real leader. You make a difference. You keep your word. God bless. Dr. Raymond Landis: You are tremendously deserving
of this reward, and I am so proud of you. And so privileged that you were part of my
career and my life. So good luck and well done. ♪♪ ((Music)) ♪♪

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  1. quite befitting.  and well deserved.  I believe you have  served your mothers wishes…And don’t embarrass me by wasting the sacrifice I made for you.”bravo and congrats.Dwightone of the many you have inspired and mentored…

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