Crochet Social Sunday 4- Q&A plus Chat

Welcome to Crochet Social Sunday 4 I am
super excited today we’ll be doing questions and answers and a little bit
of chatting so anything anybody may bring up in the chat today we will be
discussing and I’ll show you some finished objects or a finished object
and a wip this week what we need bit different of a format is because
everything that’s going on is just a little bit different this week with all
of the things that are going on so what we have is just a little bit different
chat this week so we’ll wait for a few people to come
in and I will go ahead and get started so if anybody comes in this content is
pretty much for adults that are interested in learning how to crochet
wanting more information patterns and yarn and all sorts of stuff as well as
building or belonging to a community based on that so if that is not you
please go ahead and close out this video so okay it started if you have any
questions go ahead and leave them in the comment chat and I’ll get to them I’ll
be checking that periodically also my assistant will ask those questions so I
do then welcome I am doing good thank you for joining um I do have a finished
object I don’t I know normally about kind of sharing members of
the community but to be honest I have been extremely busy I have not had a
chance to do that hi Tina how are you thank you for joining so the this week’s community social I
don’t have a lot of that so I thought we’d do some questions and answers and
I’d share a couple little projects that I’ve gotten done so it’s a little bit
different this week just because trying to get everything kind of rearranged for
the channel and helping a couple others that I work with get their channels a
little bit situated so I hope everybody understands that situation there’s a lot
of new regulations and stuff that I’ve had to research and help with that so
hopefully you guys understand if not I understand so that’s kind of where this
channels been on in the last actually week two week since all this stuff that’s
come up so but that’s where I’ve been diligently working that hay Deni so oh you’re not of age that’s been the
running joke so we’re trying to make light of the whole situation but keeping
it obviously we’re taking it very seriously
you know I’m doing our diligence and oh awesome
so Tina is um she’s made to Christmas tree skirts and one mini tree skirt oh
my goodness oh you made the beautiful one from
crystals back o days pattern I you know it’s on my list to make it really is on
my list to make so far I have a another hat for hate not hate
this is the divine pattern so I got that done and you all will be proud of me it
does not look like yet but I have gotten almost three-quarters of way on a
sock so that is the furthest I’ve gotten so far and yes I know it looks huge but
it fits and that is from that stepping into crochet book from Rohn Strong so
and it is so far very easy to follow oh it’s just some notes that I’ve taken so
uhm I’ve gotten that far in so far with that with the sock it’s only the first
one so far but so far it’s a lot further than I come yet so having fun with it
enjoying it hi Christy how are you they are crocheted they are crocheted I have
not learned to knit yet is on my eventual to-do list I would love showing
my friend the other day all the knitting needles that I had received from my mom
who got them from my great-aunt so yes it is on my to-do list
eventually I do want to learn how to knit so it is something I will
eventually learn how to do I’m doing good I’m doing good thank you for asking
are you doing good no actually Susan I did not I actually went all the way up
so Susan’s question is that I stopped on the third double crochet and not move on
to the fourth double crochet and the pattern and I went ahead and did
this fourth increase at the pattern required and so it is the full pattern
so as you see it is the fourth on it hopefully you can see it yeah it is the
fourth which normally I do stop at the third but this one I did continue on to
the fourth just to see how it would go now this isn’t washed or blocked or
anything this is just completed and set aside you know I don’t know I really don’t
know how I it doesn’t look like about I I don’t on this one I don’t know if it’s
because it’s a four weight and the particular type of yarn I don’t know
because all my other ones that look like a bell Susan I don’t know how I got
lucky I really don’t I think it might be the possibility that I loosened up when
I did my the post crochet I really can’t answer that it’s just playing around
with it it really is and yarn it out I cannot remember your first name if you
don’t mind me asking again I hate using your channel names but I understand
completely if that’s how you want to go with it but Rosalie why can I not
remember it Rosalie it’s such a beautiful name I think you Tina
I appreciate you mentioning that but so what I am what I’ve also been busy doing
um is I now have a which I mentioned in my Tuesday video oh no not enough coffee
yet because my mind just looks like oh there is a sign-up for email an email
list oh I must have forgotten your name Deni is that there is an email signup
link in the description box below if anybody is interested in getting on that
there will not be any spam going out that is pretty much for you know special
things so you won’t get very many emails from them that’s in case any of if
anything were to happen or something special was to come out or a special
announcement so oh no Deni you’re fine
go for it we need the energy right now so if you want to sign up for that you
can go ahead and sign up for that as well as there’s some extra new you’ll
notice that all of the affiliate links are now labeled in the description box
and yeah this is kind of admin stuff versus question-and-answer sort of
things but some may want to know this by no means in my pushing goes oh yeah my
new shawl pattern I’m really devastated about that um so
then I’ll have to tell you so I was watching I went onto fiber spider one
night and I was bored cuz I wanted to do something and I was like oh that that
looks like a pretty shawl so I sat down and I started watching I sure I’m doing
and I’m like wow this feels familiar and I was like wow this is really familiar
and I’m like and then I pull out my shawl and I’m like oh my god it’s
identical so my god oh well so I’m like well I won’t be going any further with
mine so I have to come up with the new shawl someone had already done it and
unfortunately because it was such a simple pattern I kind of had a feeling
well it’s such a simple pattern why wouldn’t have someone already come up
with it so it is it is the chance that sometimes you take when you’re creating
something as simple I had that someone might have already
done it and someone had already done it I just hadn’t come across it yet so it’s
okay I had fun with it so hi Mare so unfortunately I won’t be
going any further with it because someone had already done it but I had a
blast doing it and that’s okay I know I can do it now I just have to sit down
and start doing some more so I will so you can be on the lookout for that
now that I’ve gotten the things that I needed to do with my channel oh thank
you I appreciate that Susan and I know I can do it now and so now that I built
that confidence level up and I know that I can do it you know you know what I’m
saying you know when I think once you’ve built that confidence up and once you’ve
sat down and you’ve done it you’re good to do it
hey sandy welcome back you’re good at you know kind of trying it again so you
know at least that’s my two cents on it so I think now that I’ve gotten I think
everything that I needed to or at least I feel that I have with everything else
right now and now it’s just kind of riding it out with this whole Copa FTC
thing and seeing what what they’re gonna go with and then moving slowly forward
and going from there you know I can start refocusing on crafting at least I
hope you know so let me take a look Oh sandy did you get hurt no sandy I
know you were sick now Christy’s shoulders still bothering
her oh you had surgery okay yeah those are
hard to come back from I mean they’re they’re slow to come back from I know
I’m still recovering from mine from a year ago so now how are you guys cuz I
know quite a few of you have channels how are you guys feeling with the with
the coppa and how are you feeling that your channels are ready or not ready are
you guys comfortable and do you feel you’re informed or do you feel you have
nowhere to look research-wise can’t fetch that I bet
sandy did party too much while she was on vacation man I hope so sandy I’d be
disappointed if there was it I know that’s the one thing I did enjoy on the
cruise was service there was very good drinks Deni I think everybody’s upset
about the Copa okay Christy you’re comfortable not
going to stress over the coppa situation okay Deni I after what I research
lately I’m not going to disagree that YouTube sold out their creators and they
messed up I agree okay Mare you have a few videos up so you think you just need
to add tags and labels labeling them not for kids
okay you are you guys going in and out your channel level and labeling your
channel level or you know because that needs to be done as well as not just per
video okay you marked your channel is not for kids okay good sandy well they’re not done yet sandy so my
socks are oh yeah we got one one one we gotta finish and then we gotta make it
through two you Susan says I guess I just don’t understand why FTC will not just
pinpoint what is right and what is wrong um there’s a couple resources I’m going
to give you guys I want you to guys go check out their latest videos and even a
couple back ok ok Rosalie says I have adult on everything and Deni says Chloe
is on one of my videos Deni I would recommend you putting that to private stuffie are ok Amigumies are
okay hi Wanda you know how to have a knit and it’s boring ok ok to mark it as
not for kids I’m going to give it like I said I’m gonna give you guys some
resources on where to go to get specifics on how to do that whether
you’re on a phone or on a computer I may give you resources for both of those
versus trying to tell you how to do it it’s showing children online like the
romper room ok yes I agree it’s yes correct one two yes Deni make sure you download it or have
a copy say it for yourself also you’re not losing that ok so Dana posted a good
one okay Gloria you have to go per video you can’t just do a whole channel on
your phone you have to go per video I can make a video if you send me an email
I’ll do a specific video just for you and send it to you how to do each video
on your phone it just depends on if you want to take the time to actually do
each video or you want to just get to a computer and actually do it a quick way
it depends on you so you let me know send me an email everything’s in the
description box below and let me know how you want to do it
Oh see anything thank you for coming by I appreciate it Susan if you don’t have if you don’t
make videos don’t worry about it it doesn’t apply to you your consumer it
does not apply to you love it’s all in the Creator which is because we don’t we
we we don’t collect that we don’t know who’s watching our videos truly it’s
like I truly okay I do sort of know how old Wanda is because I’ve seen face on video but I mean if if one wasn’t another creator and she would sit behind the
camera like this I truly wouldn’t know okay I truly don’t
know how old Wanda really is but my guest okay I know one is not under the age
that applies with Coppa you know what I’m saying but realistically how do you
know who’s behind that avatar picture you don’t and you can’t ask don’t ask
any matter of fact I recommend you putting in your words yeah exactly it’s like suing the maker
of a box that miss yeah that may hold a ammo exactly exactly it’s right that’s
right yeah just private the videos that with kids
in it if you’re concerned about your stuffed animals or you’re amigurumi means
just private those too that’s what I did but I only had two videos with them in it you know all I’m going to say Rosalee is you
based on the conversation that they said was YouTube is the barrel and the
creators are the fish in the barrel I am NOT one that’s just going to absolutely
take that chance and I’m just making sure that my Ducks are in a row I am NOT
just going to assume I’m going to at least some might protect myself and make
sure that I’ve checked my boxes and if I feel a video might be in question I’m
going to the FTC yes Wanda I agree remember that FtC also has a general
audience category and YouTube chose not to include it Gloria deleted you’re out in about
videos okay you deleted all yours to make sure that
there weren’t others you prefer interacting with others rather than
making content so are you gonna can ok I’m not
understanding that are you do rather are you gonna continue to make content are
you just not going to just make out in about videos just to keep make sure that
you don’t have other people in the videos is that my understanding of what
you’re trying to say but there’s a couple of people that I listed that you
guys can check out I don’t have them in the description box but it’s Ian Corzine
he is with with the Hoge law Dan courier with video influencers they both made
videos in the last 24 hours Roberto Blake Dee Nimmins he made they
did alive this morning talking about this Nick Nimmins Brian G Johnson and
Derral Eve’s Derral Eves did a video today talking about this so these all
these guys are really keeping up to these so i really suggest if you guys
want to know information check these guys out they are keeping up to date and
staying yes i was in that chat rosalie i was in that chat today well he
was talking about the amigurumi all right so it was they provide such great
information I’ve been watching all of them for quite
quite some time and they all provide great information on YouTube on business
on all that stuff and they’re they’ve been really helpful on this particular
situation they said they thought they were okay but if you’re in question to
just make them private for now to see what it’s going to play out at least
that was my understanding of it but what did you take from it
Rosalie yeah yeah deni Iln Corzine from hoge law is
one of them hi Kelly he’s putting out quite a bit of contact so he’s uh he’s the one who broke the
information about there supposed to be a middle tier for everyone to choose from
about the mixed mixed audience which I found very interesting that we weren’t
given the opportunity to choose from so yeah are you calling trouble those
actually did they get a dog yeah you know me both so so that’s uh but only
all I would recommend is definitely think up to date on everything don’t
just assume that this is all over and if you haven’t signed the petition sign the
petition write your comments on how even if you’re not monetized right right in
on the petition saying how this is affecting you as a creator if you’re on
Twitter follow these people on Twitter follow on other social media groups because they’re all really really active
and they’re all updating everything yes and hope you’ll also put out something
to put in your description box I’m trying to get my hands on
that now I don’t think you can call the FTC you can send them a paper letter and
you can fill out their their online form but I don’t think you can call the FTC I think they have forums but most
government entities don’t want you calling them you’re going to be on hold
for a long time yeah so because they’re bombarded with a lot of calls but you’re
more gonna be able to find I didn’t really say that my content is for adults
and if you’re not one please click off up here with my headphones yeah you have
to go directly to the FTC website and then to the best way to contact
unfortunately and you might be lucky to get a hold of YouTube is to tweet them correct yeah if you’re if you’re a kids
only channel you’re you’re gonna pretty much lose all your contact with your
community there will be other ways for kids channels to get money Thank You
Christy for joining for kids channels the will be and there won’t be any ads
they can’t I don’t think they can run ads or it’ll be limited as it won’t be
specific ads I mean it’ll they’ll be ads but it’ll be really um they’re not at 13
and over it’s not really that’s where this that’s where it’s supposed to be
the 13 to adult is supposed to be that mixed media that they didn’t give us hey
Teresa so it’s it’s gonna be hard to say what they’re gonna do with that
I think Jada’s channels gonna be hit hard I think they’re gonna be really hit hard
I agree Wonda I agree and that’s what a lot of people are saying it’s because
this would be really solved by a parents parenting and a better how shall we say
it sign in process or verification process for verifying the age yeah there’s got to be a better process
there’s got to be or not holding us liable for it it’s content creators
because we’re not how do we know we don’t know who signs up for an account
or not making it mandatory for everyone that has a Google account to
automatically have access to YouTube or I don’t know it’s it’s really hard to
say okay so one is that there are kids on the channel their parents need to
keep them off straight I agree Wanda but I don’t know if that’s gonna
happen mary says that Holly from the proper pineapple may be hit hard but I
think you know I think Holly and them may change they may just change how
they’re doing things I think they’re extremely resourceful and I think that
they will keep their young ones off the screen and they
will change how they do things there that family is extremely brilliant and
resourceful and I think that their audience is very loyal and I don’t think
they’re going to have a problem Wanda I’m not disagreeing with what
you’re saying either rosalie I’m not disagreeing that that
kids jump on their parents computers when they’re home and they bypass the
parental controls it’s entirely possible but then again that falls back on
parents how was the content creator responsible for that hi Leanne welcome and glad you joined us
I agree Rosalie kids are very resourceful and they’re going to get
around parental controls by creating their own Google accounts and lying
about the age and doing all sorts of things yes absolutely
but then that falls back on Google to put in a system that doesn’t allow it but again how does that fall on us as
the content creators oops sorry we have no we have no way of knowing
as content creators we can’t go in and see we don’t know we don’t collect that
up we have no way exactly they they look at it we don’t we
don’t have that doubt access but yet the FTC says we do okay
I said the platforming mind information that’s the biggest problem
now they want to blame exactly they want to blame us for something that the
platform did exactly exactly I’m sorry Tonie said that yeah some
channels with tons of previous content do they have to yes they have to go in
and they have to go everyone has to go through every video they have ever had
everything you have to go through every piece of content that you have ever made
and market you either have to mark your entire channel one way or you have to go
through every piece of every video market Rosalie some people feel that way
that’s why a lot of people mare are going in and doing it on a computer it’s
much quicker that way for some because you can go in and do it block by block
versus on a phone it can be a lot harder like okay that’s why if you notice I
don’t know how many of you follow fibre spider but if you’re in his community
tab he’s put up a lot of messages in his community tab saying hey I may not be on
quite as much right now because I am working through this he has to go into
each video he can’t just mark kids all he has to evaluate does this book seem
more geared towards children because he I was on his I watched his video
then he put out the other day and he was like I don’t read my books geared
towards kids but even with just the candle sitting there glowing it’s not
geared towards kids but some people say because there are more fairytales even
though I don’t read them in ain’t very tell voice or whatever some people may
say you know if you’re still questioning that you can still because wanna pose a
good question here’s a question if I label a video
under unlisted and only give access to friends and my held responsible the
light.the because one is a program grandkids no because no one else can
access it but you and if you’re really super concerned about it put it as
private you can still give out that listing there so a way you can link it
to someone else even as a private video if Rosalie’s it’s still it’s still it’s
still a lot of work Rosalie but his books are not geared for children he
didn’t design it just for kids and in even in that so case and he said that he
goes he doesn’t mind people he he reads them for adult adults like himself to
enjoy it and it’s a it’s a background of just a
squirrel now according to from what I understand
as long as you’re in good faith and market that way and they shouldn’t take
it down because I mean if you look at the content if you truly look at let’s
take let’s take fiber spiders example nothing about it to me – like that and listen to it I my
kids wouldn’t listen to it even his children they wouldn’t listen to it so
no no no I wouldn’t just because it’s the name of a children’s book no now
take granny D yeah and that’s all in the tone all in the tone of how she reads it
even some of her adult books it’s all in the tone so I agree Wanda I agree with your
statement I wish the FTC in YouTube would not be so be and that’s what I’m
having I think that’s what everybody is having a problem with no they won’t make
you happy they won’t know Rosalie they won’t but content creators might I’ve
talked to many content creators who are absolutely considering going to patreon
over this even though yeah that’s what I was
saying Deni uh I in person Dan currier D Nimmins Derral Eve’s they all put out
videos today all of them did they all put out videos on this today that’s why
I said if you guys want a group of people to follow those are the guys to
follow well they can all go to patreon but you
still have to have a video platform to put your videos on make your videos I
mean patreon you still have to have a you know no one is going to be untouched
by this twitch I think everybody’s like oh I’m gonna go
to twitch I’m gonna go to here I’m gonna go to there I’m gonna go to Facebook I’m
gonna go everywhere that the put the thought they’re just next YouTube is
just gonna be the starting point yeah patreon is just a membership so
basically what patreon is gonna be is basically you’re gonna have to have a
credit card so you’re going to have mommy and daddy’s credit card I mean
daddy ain’t gonna hand 11 year old a credit card to go subscribe so always
gonna have to have a credit card to come sign up and banks don’t issue those two
you’re 14 and you goto to have a job pay for that credit card or some form of
income just saying I notice perfect homeboys got one how cuz
he has a job but oh you need the names we have Ian Corizin
from hoge law dan courier from video influencer Roberto Blake Dee Nimmins nick Niminnins and Derral Eves let me type those in give me a second yes they can oh and I forgot Brian G Johnson there you go but let’s look at it though Rosalie even
if that is only targeting US subscribers how many overseas subscribers have Gmail
accounts and run businesses you shut down that you shut down their business they may not be find but they run their
YouTube business you shut down their business they’re just a screwed I mean
so the rules applied to them you’re always gonna get ugly there’s no doubt
about that correct it’s gonna be interesting to see
what happens I agree I think I think the fact that they’re supposed to be in
middle ground and there wasn’t a middle ground is going to piss a lot of people
off a lot of people a lot of big people that’s gonna cause youtube some issues I
think that enough people are going to speak out enough people are going to
sign that complaint they’re gonna look into it some more I hope I can only hope
I think that they’re going to start going after some I do think they’re
gonna go after some big content people I think they’re gonna go after the wrong
people and then everybody’s going to get up in arms and then I think that that’s
when really some pushback that’s got come back okay Rosalie says I’m not
monetized yet so I have no worries but I’d love to bypass it by getting
sponsorships but that’s hard to do because you’re in companies want high
numbers okay so why are you looking at just sponsorships
why aren’t you diversifying yourself and going after other sources of income why
aren’t you looking at doing things like affiliates you can be an affiliate
through a yarn company you making a whole bunch of money that way well Teresa there’s a lot of different
perspectives on it because it’s a very vegue law unfortunately so there’s there’s
a lot of different perspectives because it’s not black and white you have affiliates but does it pay are
you promoting your affiliates and which affiliates are you I mean which I mean
it’s it might not be the right affiliate for you I mean I have I’ve talked to
people that their main source of income is affiliates and they’re income is quite well yeah you start your your patreon and
most of the cases you do your videos and they go straight on patreon and you have
different how Hovium should be amazing Leisure Arts hmm yeah I’ve actually looked at yeah
use your Dollar Tree and Annie catalog well yeah who me I’m just I think hobium
is gonna make a comeback though I have okay here’s what I’m gonna I’m gonna go
off in a conspiracy theory was hoping for a second if everyone wants to
entertain me okay so how hobium was not making as much
as they were hoping something was going on with Hobie whether there was
there’s some sort of restructuring going on with Hobie him because they went from exactly Rhonda or sort of sorry Wanda
sorry I put your are for you rolling through life in front of your name my
back so okay so they went through they suddenly just business but if anybody
caught that email that they sent out they’re out of business that they’re
selling on Amazon and then if you want if you read their their email they said
but we’ll be back and we hope to be back in business soon did anybody else catch
that other than me no they closed their doors then they’re
selling them and they close their doors to their website but they’re selling
only on Amazon right now and actually their prices on Amazon were cheaper than
they were on their website I noticed because I remember crystal always said
oh this is really expensive don’t buy it unless you buy it on sale so I think
that they’re doing some sort of major shift but it’s difficult and they’re
selling under a different name now on on Amazon it’s not like you can’t find them
under hobium I don’t know but they’re there their
prices are always high you know high yarn wise but their shipping is low so
it’s it’s it’s I agree Tonie so there there might be I don’t know there might
be it I don’t know it’s gonna be interesting
to see but I I don’t think they’re gone I don’t think they’re gone for long I
don’t think they’re gone for long at all and I’m going to be very interesting to
see how they were restructure and come back or if they come back under the same
name but I noticed that when they did their their final email goodbye or
whatever I don’t think they’re gonna be gone for long but I don’t think they’re
going to come under ice because their yarns were too different
their yards were different their their yarns are different and and so I okay so really is that order from
overseas all the time and get free shipping with $75 purchase with hobium
you need to have 100 Tony I agree I enjoy ice is there website can be
confusing but it’s a reseller I figure it out you know so shameless apply to a
reseller it description box you can’t order online just because you don’t like
to it’s too confusing you don’t want to like any you can I mean if you really
actually truly count calculate out the cost of shipping the price per yarn and
everything and look at what you pay in store depending on the company by from
that’s how you have to calculate it out on whether it’s worth a shipping from
said company whatever company you’re buying for you need to look at it like
that Rosalie I am probably going to kick my affiliates to the curb I don’t know
what the other ways to earn income streams but the ones that I picked we’re
not bringing in money you’ve got to evaluate it like I look at like okay my
newest affiliates that I picked up you’ve got to be able to trust your
companies one and believe in the products um my latest affiliates that I
just signed up are to create something awesome Academy which is the which is to
Roberto Blake and he is he creates some amazing
products for creators to help them make better channel art and digital products you know like for
Instagram and different stuff like that or he does channel reviews and like I
just redid all my channel from top to bottom because I wanted to make sure
that I went through my channel from the top to the bottom so it did not look
like anything that would have been you know whatever so I started at the top
and when I’m all the way through every video and I redid everything but tone
even even at two dollars as keen can you get the quality yarn that you got from
ice at a local store near you I could not so you could see I I couldn’t they
don’t have the selection that I could get oh yeah Oh does he have a YouTube
channel and not only does he have a youtube channel he has two of them
actually he gives business advice YouTube advice
all that oh okay to me I thought you made yes you
you can you can buy the same here okay see I can’t yeah he’s awesome and that’s
the name in this channel but yeah that’s why I decided to go with his products
and do the affiliate links for him and after I tried his product I love them
they’re easy to use they’re the gorgeous and I believe him what he does
I’m leaving his products I can’t back something that I don’t believe in I
won’t back something that I don’t believe in you know I agree Wanda
that you can get a better selection for Ice yarn the only thing that I can’t get
from IIce yarn yet that I found is something similar to pipsqueak even
though I know Krista says that it’s better than pipsqueak I just the stuff
that I bought I was a very thrilled with yes it’s Tonie and it is true that Ice Yarn is it can be very difficult to to navigate it is something that you have
to just kind of sit down and play with absolutely you have to sit down and play
with and just sit there and spend some time and look at the yarns and and what
I started doing is instead of buying a bunch of them I would just buy one pack
and try out a little bit of it and and go from there and then you’re trying out
on New yarn and then do that and and it’s a great way to oh no problem Deni it doesn’t it Wanda it does need to be
organized better I agree I agree that I ice’s website needs a serious
recalling but it’s also you know talk to the different you know different her
shares that you know that use ice yarn you know there are enough of us that do
it you know I had hoped to be able to get more of ice yarn’s in but right now
I’ve got so much on that I just there’s there’s there’s really no point in me
ordering any more right now until I just work through more projects and I’m just
hoping that at the moment a lot of this admin stuff is at bay for now and I can
start working more well Susan I mean that’s just what who
you use I mean it’s just there there’s your
answer it’s just like sometimes people are like well you’re alive and so its
own so okay so go to so-and-so slide but I’m the
type of creator that you’re not gonna hurt my feelings you know what I’m
saying it’s just like okay for example Wanda I’m thrown into the bus honey
love you I’m a reseller Ice yarns have been a reseller for Ice Yarns since May I am helping Wanda to become a reseller for I Ice Yarn okay so you choose to go and use
Wanda a resell for Ice Yarns are you gonna hurt my feelings no more power to you that’s me
easy now it’s not everybody’s that way okay not everybody was that way someone
get butt hurt okay let me check two things oh I agree one of many many subscribers
a home down and ice is a great place for that okay
Tony you’ve tried Lovecraft last time in throughout five dollars I would love to
try Lovecraft I want to try you know what I want to try it I want to try um
oh man what is it the one that that Dana does what is it somebody help me
oh well I’ll think of it at some point if I just spew out of yarn company’s
name I remembered it that’s it paintbox but I think that’s did Dani
saved me Dani no Tonie sorry I sawed up there
Toni Toni remember I just want to try any form of it sorry
Toni yes I want to try any form of it that sounds heavenly and then I want to
try the one from its crochet o’clock that one sounds heavenly
any of it how are ya I agree they’re too small and they are pricey but you know
hey you know if you had all the money in the world right I’m just saying someday
if I had all the money in the world I’d be literally only crocheting with bamboo
bamboo cotton for ice yarn but you know I don’t sew because I love that stuff that
stuff is like awesome to crochet with it’s actually not that expensive I just
refused to make another yarn order right now I don’t I don’t resell out of my home I haven’t heard of Christine exactly
exactly one of that’s wanda we have our own channels and and we do yes it’s a
great way treason Oh LeeAnn how was it real it was so it’s
acrylic okay oh she does dye her Kristin dyes her own yarn okay No
okay so let’s revisit who just said something about being a reseller because
they think they have to stock their own no that is the distributor there is a
difference okay so if you want to be a distributor that’s where you buy the
yarn and then you sell it out in your home a reseller no you don’t you don’t
do that so as a reseller if you were to go down and click on my ice yarn
website link and make an order for ice yarns you make the order and it’s the
same price and then you so you make it through my website then it goes to ice
yarn they ship your yarn and I get a small percentage it’s similar to an
affiliate link but the difference is is I also get a discount on the online on
my purchases so there’s a difference that’s the
difference between a reseller and a wholesaler basically a wholesaler would
be I sell my yarn upstairs where I would have to buy all that yarn and have it on
hand so a wholesaler that’s there we go a wholesaler would be I would have the
yarn in my own okay so paintbox on it’s beautiful to
use squishes off the colors are lovely I’m going to try the DK weight and
cottoned at the next big sale they have home iam didn’t give me a discount on my
purchase at all as an affiliate now they don’t nice drawing doesn’t give you a
discount either as an affiliate cuz I started out as an affiliate first and
then I was like why am i doing it this way I might as well just be a reseller
and get the discount just count my purchase affiliate I had to pay full
price okay okay Dani I have a wee bit of you’re not like half a closet full
from top to bottom I have some and then I have a closet that I don’t like in a
closet that I kind of like but they’re not full then we have Wanda you have
closets like mine but they’re full I told my family if I wanted to I made
to give her all the extra rooms and filled them with yarn and my husband
didn’t disagree nor did my son they just laughed at me said ok I was like ok let me know when you find that a good
liner you know I let me play around Wanda and what I have since I just got a
brand-new ami book thanks to Ricola at aka crystals crochetnsteff I’m a bunch
of yarn up there and no I don’t want to know about sales
I see no ads no I can’t do it so I will look and I will see because I have a
whole bunch of colors up there hopefully something that will work with that book
and I will see what I can come up with I will have to post them on Instagram
because I’m not putting them here so if you guys want to see the final outcome
you’ll have to either follow me over on Facebook in my facebook group or an
Instagram you have a yarn you can’t identify or name and you can’t identify
I have to shoot a handmade I can’t I didn’t I hear a little wonky they go
into mice they come into my son’s video my son loves them he goes so they’re a
little crooked I’ll take them so how are you oh yeah you know I like
mill ends but there is that whole problem if I don’t know what it is it’s like I
can’t tell you what it is I can just tell you the company I bought it from it’s like I don’t know what it is okay so Tonie bought a skein of style craft
try and I bought some last year from I’m wanting to try a bit more okay yeah Deni absolutely all the links
for the group is in below or my for you gonna put a my you’re gonna put a
my group Oh Rosalie you have every color of style crafts oh ok Wanda thank you so
much for coming by I appreciate it Oh Rosalie every color though Wow and it
holds up good now stop now style craft where do you get it from Oh awesome Deni I’m excited I’m excited that you’re gonna post
something in the group I’d like to I’d like to get more people in there posting
and get people interacting I really really would I was hoping my friend
sissy would start posting her stuff from Alaska in there but I’d like to get more
people active in there I really truly would in posting pictures especially
with this as much as everything is uneven here not
uneven but I don’t know I don’t know this whole this whole BS here is the best way I can
explain it mare do you do Instagram yeah I think you do do Instagram I think
I follow you on Instagram yeah everything’s yep it’s all down below yep
Facebook group is the same as it’s my channel yep Instagram annoys you Rosalie I want to
say I do follow you on Instagram I’ll that’d be wonderful you know every you know if each platform
has its positives than negatives it really does each each each each one does
it has its positively than its negatives and it’s it’s just it’s kind of like you
know what you I know I need to be more more active on Instagram and post
pictures and I have no problem posting pictures you know my biggest biggest
thing I’m good with pictures I’m good with tags I have no clue what
to write can I just skip that portion if I just I’m good it’s like what the hell
am I supposed to write I don’t know what to write Oh perfect awesome Thank You
Deni I have no problem the hashtags are fine I’ve got to click at that it’s just
like Twitter forever in a day freaked me out and finally I just started doing it
and I’m actually having fun with it well Deni if you don’t put hashtags you’re
never gonna be found and if you’re trying to sell your products which I
have a stack of products over there I like so I mean that’s kind of why I have
a business and so oh that that’d be awesome
I mean I’d really like to oh there’s no over commenting I love
interacting it may take me a little bit I’m not gonna lie I’ve had some serious
and slugged me lately so if like I am super super hyperactive in the comments
and then I’m like ghost for 24 hours you can pretty much estimate that I’ve been
up for like 48 hours and then I just like crash
I’ve had some serious insomia lately oh yeah now I’m trying to sell my stuff
so because of them that I have no idea what to do with it cause lord knows I
don’t need five shawls and everything that I made you can write it and I’ll
tag it yeah I’ve got an Instagram deal and I’ve gotten like yeah I just think in a matter of fact my
another friend once they take over her her social media account in the wake I
have no problem with that but what am I supposed to tell it what am I supposed
to respond to them I don’t know your niche I kind of know your niche but I
don’t I can that’s the one thing when I got my phone I can do anything on my
phone I used to run a medical scheduling from my phone so I can do anything on my
phone I can edit I could edit videos like you do videos like you do social
media I can I can my phone operates of the computer so I can do everything on
my phone everything I can actually hook my phone up to a keyboard and a monitor
and do everything on it so I love I love my phone that’s why I did get my phone
it does everything on it so I absolutely love my phone and so it does everything
I can do absolutely everything so it does everything I can do you’re pretty
much do anything I needed to possibly on my phone so but I am going to let
everyone go because I do believe that we have miss Petra’s life to go to next I would put phone which phone do I have I
have a note 9 yes a note 9 I have a note 9 I do like the note series because
you can do all those on you can do all that on you can do all that stuff on so
I will two guys in this Petra’s room does
everybody want to go do a yes have a happy Thanksgiving everyone and thank
you for coming by let me know oh if you guys want I have
any questions for me for the next time we do this in two weeks let me know and
any other questions always remember you can drop an email at any time and you
can also hit me up in any social medias whichever one you prefer or email or
messenger which you don’t have to have a Facebook account to do messenger you
guys you can just do messenger awesome wonderful LeAnn thank you so much
oh hi Jeanne and we’re just oh we’re just gonna read the head out
we’re gonna get ready to go over to miss Petra’s she I think she should be online
shortly and I can feel my blood sugar kind of crashing so I need to get
something to eat but I’m not sure what time or anything
if I’m really gonna start trying to schedule these guys I need to get over
my anxiety and start scheduling these so I should be Tuesday sometime but I’ll
try and schedule these earlier which which phone did you get Deni but and if you guys do you join the
Facebook group I may actually consider doing lives over there too so there’s a
tidbit for you and I may consider doing an Instagram live whoa scary
oh okay she’s like all right guys see you next time till we see each other
again or in Petra’s room have a good day everybody and Deni I’ll see you in the
next room and we’ll you can answer my question of which phone you got don’t
forget the thumbs up of Petra Happy Thanksgiving there we go

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  1. Hey, my sweet! Gosh you are just one away from a level up! Woo hoo! Love ya lots! I have many questions about my channel, but will get up with you later on that. Hope you’ve had time to try out the hook?

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