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hi everyone welcome back and Happy New Year I wanted to take some time today to show you how to create a contact group within your Jean your new gmail account here at mentor public schools we thought it would be a good idea to show everyone how to create their own personal contact groups whether you're creating a contact group for your professional learning communities up here at the high school or your grade level teams at the Middle School's in the elementary schools or you just wanted to create a email list for your students as reminders rather than using the the old version of you know adding each people individually to specific people if you only need to send it to like five or six people and not your entire department instead of using your department code for example the MHS underscore science department or whatever that might be for you at your elementary or middle school or throughout the district so I'm going to show you how to create the contact groups show you where to locate those contact groups to either delete or edit those contact groups and then also show you how you can then go into your Google Documents for example specifically for people that are working collaboratively as departments and sharing documents with one another it'll make it one easy type of the group name and all those people will receive that instead of having type each individual person's name into that document so first we want to make sure that we're logged in to our mentor school's account and we are in Gmail so on my screen you'll see that I have the mentor public schools logo and it says I'm in my mail so I'm going to click on the word compose and when I click on the word compose a new window opens up over here to the right our next step is to click on the button over here that says – and I'm going to create a contact group for my ninth grade physical science PLC so that way I can share documents with them with one click of typing in their contact group so as I do I just check the people that I want to be with in my contact group so mr. ballon off is in my contact so I check his name and then his name appears down here that it's been added to the group now I simply can I can go it's in alphabetical order or it can simply go to the search bar up here I'll type in everybody that's in that PLC and as I type them in I check them off you'll notice that mr. ballon off is still down here even though I left the screen with him on it so I'm going to put all the other remaining people in my PLC into this group and then I'm going to save this contact group for future references for myself and as you notice as I'm working they keep adding down to the bottom so don't get worried when you search up here and every Bumba four disappear they haven't disappeared they've already been put into your group okay those are the people that are in my PLC group now that I have all the people that I want to put in within my contact group I have to go down here where it says save group I click on the little arrow to the right and a little window pops up for me to create my PLC group name so I'm going to title this physical science PLC then I'm going to click Save and then you'll notice I get a message up top that says group saved and I can go ahead and hit dismiss now I can exit out of that and then close my message well actually if I look into my message now if I type physical science group you'll notice that it's going to pop up I hit it and then I can simply send an email to everybody in my department I can add attachments I can drop files from my Google Drive images links whatever I want to do down here even change my font and my color on the toolbar down at the bottom but I'm not going to send an email for them I'm going to go ahead and delete that so now to make sure that your contact group was that you can access it and edit it if you're still in mail and you go over above where it says compose is going to say mail and then right next to it you're going to have a little drop down by our arrow we click on that arrow we can go down and click on contacts and now underneath you're going to have a button that says my contacts and then the group that you created should be here I've practiced doing multiple groups so I'm going to have probably more groups than most of you you'll probably have the starred and that will be it so if you go down you can click on the group that you created I can then add more people from here I can delete the contact I can rename the group I can delete my group I can do any of these options that come here for me so now you know it's in your contacts again if you go to compose a new email message and you want to send it to that group you just simply type in that group name hit enter and all those individuals within that group will come up also another great thing for you to do or use with this new contact group is specifically for your professional learning communities and your grade level teams it might be a great thing to open a new document that you wanted to share with your colleagues and I'm going to title the document practice contact group I'm just doing this for all intensive purposes so that you guys are aware of how to do this you probably already have documents created you can open any document and when you click share all I have to do now in this window is type physical science and it's going to send or share that document with all of those colleagues that are within that folder or contact group that I created so there you have it very simple way for you to create a contact group within your gmail account here at mentor public schools I am also in the process of creating a hard copy document of step-by-step instructions that I can create in Google Docs and put a live link out there so that everybody throughout the district can have access to that and see it or print it out and have it next to you so it may be easier for you to rather than listen to me is go step by step using the paper and create your contact group if if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to email me it's just Edwards at mentor Schools org you could also follow me on twitter which is my is at Edwards MHS feel free to direct message me or send me an email if you get stuck or you're running into problem good luck in the new year hope everybody finishes strong this school year and has a great rest of the year

8 thoughts on “Creating Contact Groups in Gmail

  1. Hi,thank you for video,I need help.I have new contacts that not in my gmail,there are new contact that I need to make in a group,I have few hundred contact,could you tell me how to make it in the group?Can I just copy and paste all contacts in the new group Thank you

  2. I don't understand why my group works on my gmail in Chrome, but not on my gmail app in my Iphone. Also, I can add a form from sheets as a pdf. from my iphone, but I cannot attach the sheets form from my Chrome. sigh. I ended up adding my attachment from Sheets on my iphone gmail, but had to input each address since it wouldn't recognize my Gmail group.

  3. can you hide the other email address when sending to the group? So it appears as if you sent the email to each person individually? Thanks

  4. This was a great video.  Thanks so much.  A lot of the other videos on YouTube I think were done prior to some of the changes and updates to GMail.  It isn't the most obvious process and this helped tremendously.

  5. i am trying to star a comic book project as a school project and I need suggestions, ideas, start up opinions on such project and even materials and network if possible!! i am an English teacher from Morocco!! my email is [email protected]

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