Creating An Enlightened Society

Humanity, has different groups of
people living together is “Humanity”. Human society is different kinds of groups existing. There are some groups where everybody is trying to sacrifice, for others. There are some groups where
kind of morality is maintained. If you give, we give. If you don’t give, we don’t give. There are some groups where
everybody swindling others. Everybody is trying to swallow others, in legal way. It means, pharmacist companies very legally produce medicines and circulate in the society which will constantly be
creating a side effect for which only their
company medicine will work. It is swallowing people, legally. There is one more group. They don’t care about law,
morality, order, anything. Just swallow; rakshasas, demons; anything you see, come on, grab, swallow. Different level of human beings living together
is human society. When you change your
attitude, way of life, when you become more sensitive to the higher level of existence, higher form of existence, you automatically enter into
that kind of society and live. That is why I tell you, every individual who transforms himself automatically attracts that
kind of group in his life or he will be attracted to
that kind of group in his life. He will become part
of that kind of group; that kind of evolution. And I tell you, even if few people, handful of people evolve to the level of sacrifice, enlightened society is possible. It is possible because even if the
handful of people evolve as enlightened beings, model trend is set, for the whole humanity
to look, learn, live.

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