this is a very difficult situation you have to go back to your people considered very obvious that my wife and my kids do not like you chief Sir I'm an orphan my mother was an orphan I have so far as a street girl Lisa please we now need your forgiveness nod you're here if is enough what he aware and be talking Miss young wage in debate the war the war why Suki Wow oh wow where are you ever it is we try someday do you know ever be we go suddenly after rain sunshine we'll call GG Reggie give miss Yahweh for a busy now be talking over me really busy now below the vision of Genevieve is either for each enemy Ricky you busy now we've been our money in your cookie miss nodule here give is enough what he aware and be buggy miss young wage in debate you are the Wow why zukie Wow oh wow where are you every tears we try someday do you know ever be we go suddenly after rain sunshine will call tghe give me away for [Applause] me now below No remember the visit if we get more media people will get what idiot who knew a laptop you can watch back but you talk too much you will go to wherever I want you to go maybe so lost thank you thank you mom thank you we do this again thank you yeah take I know now is love right now I do not have any family to come back to and if I go back to the streets I would die and if I die I'm going to hell fire streets so take your puck Oh Paquito you're busy now [Applause] limousine a buffalo yes i'm kiza you forgot you've moved its inside oh yes it is true doctor I have not taken my breakfast but nice okay after detection after take my breakfast first day I'm fine why did you do that you cannot trust a new Massa I explained to you Lita and it's when his goal was run to my brother eBay I mean chief he be telling the truth that he needs to know nothing wrong sir nothing happened to you but I think you can still make it twist twist yes I hope your bank a lot with large enough time do this for me [Applause] I keep the creamy move his left hand on that leg I notice the movie did you caii me excuse how to check something his ancestry technically yeah me Danny can move you can move any part of his booty what that don't wanna call yep this is not what we agreed finish it up you're sorry sorry for what what how come you know I think it's best to fly that approach before this whole thing gets out of hand I'm screwed no we cannot afford to waste money we will treat him here you know it's actually good so we take a very good little pain are you saying excuse me can I have it this is a did my profession got I have it now okay let's do it this way I'll come to the house and church if that has a little problem in the DNA test like I bought it myself you think I'm a fool I can't bond it myself nice doing business with you you can't go down I said get down every day one day Napoleon if you live a life without special stands to reap the fruit bone your jaw it will be your job they sent me tell you talk about your wheel this is the right time for me dad mommy's making a point can we stop talking about this will an odd start why we're here yeah that's true there why are we here just wait a little longer okay there looks like I have spare time today so pull over all through me to have nothing I've been here I thought this was supposed to be a family meeting am I not part of this family and so it should have realize that Khan is part of the family too we do don't be too fast okay let's wait for dr. around my beats bastard daughter is alright why I'm here doctor can you remember the G and in text you took on my children what what did you just say DNA what Dean it is what was that that was a week ago when I had Shh oh he's cat what no since her odd noises he's dipping he has been a family doctor for years what is it doctor speak doctor you are what is really going on yay dad doctor yes do you know that this can cost you your medical license listen to me I won't till resort right now now seriously what what is going on now what what is going on in this house what's up around is DNA bullshit all of a sudden doctor can I sleep with you outside hey I just have to enjoy what's really happening this thank you let's give your shuttle blood and know it you're coming up with genetics father there's a saying that mati peak from tooth cops myself a simmer are you trying to say I'm up to something stupid nemesis so I'm only trying to our value for further histories excuse me [Applause] okay come on is it starts working [Applause] not him if both of them you are playing with me and I am not happy about it at all resort object this is not a resort you approach to me in level it's if not don't much there is not efforts to my room results I have many photocopies of this habit what is interval visionary thoughts your signature and a few stamp of your spirituality what is this so once you believe this rubbish tell me this is not true but this is the same job so you told us he's the best in town what is going on your uncle Yitzhak's he hates us so much we're to believe this rubbish Josh you are a teacher do something to it you are a disgrace to medical tradition doctor now get out get out before I call the commissioner of health get out you are a terrible gun yes you said you did take my wife for six years in the past yes chief and this children are the result of our face what what did you say now I saw what we often see what was this man what is he talking about father please not much away from this house but I am talking to you what is the meaning of this let him go let him go you get back up here get back to here get that from there get out mother you mean even better position to explain this to us what is happening can you talk to me who are you I am your father you lie cannot be my father in your DS this is my father he is my father I love you didn't hear me please this man all this knocking one mom talked again why I said you should talk to dad thank you very much thank you but where did you get the original copy Lord is result veneer your mid project to me Apple ooh yes two days after believe me iris meet a nice house ago I want you to have this actually give me this no this is my important you need this admitting where you from I'm from moocher Oh oh she did yes when I got home I knew there was my audio Monty do you know that girl has been very helpful to me several times my wife tried to poison me words but she came to my rescue I couldn't hear why didn't you tell me all this why but I am just telling you until this is the right time I got near this it's not bad I will sent over back into our people no not time not yet we had seen her back to our people no not yet time do you wanted to kill before you do that Organa she cannot kill me I have a lot to fix before sending her party there's only a way to settle this we have to call mr. Calo and prove him wrong let's look for a way and fix our lives before it gets out of hand what are you trying to say to teachers mom trust what trust are you talking about you still trust mom after seeing the whole embarrassing drama that happened at the sitting room come on diamonds we all know that kids please take trust away from the discussion mr. Kalou can never be my father ha I cannot thank you enough I owe you my life you owe me nothing chief I could have done the same to my father I just switch this whole thing is a dream it's be so disheartening to lose you as a factor do you believe that yes I do I see myself in him Helen I like our food Oh Genevieve is either for each enemy Riggi I know you're telling the truth but it hurts it's hot so much that all of a sudden we all will be living in man we've known as our Father all our lives for for a wretched man no for reality I am sorry this is happening your mother pushed me into this one moment this is not right is an abomination please let me pay the consequences help me please okay okay just once please to save my marriage please [Applause] and it's happened again again and again that's how all of you were born maybe now money if y'all could give miss nodule here if easy not what he aware and be buggy miss young wage in debate you are the wall why Suki Wow oh wow where are you every tears we try someday do you know ever be we do something after rain [Applause] eating of me luzina below Xena Genevieve is either each enemy rig a busy night doc Toto just dr. Phil I always have to give you this letter from the Minister of Health I'm sorry doctors oh there is nothing I can do about it you asked to drop your official car behind miss Kaew if anyone told me that this life would be gone if anyone took me my laughed I would go if everyone told me that no boss Wonder Girl if any wart on me like a my my Oh Oh Oh by more every day Nefertiti's one day not funny or not if you live a life without question who stands to reap the fruit on your jaw it was me laughing combat is real it has come to me if you try to keep this to yourself I will clear a bad wife and pretend as if nothing is happening chief wrote a patient I guess me to the commissioner of health ok all right um part with the children's DNA results you did what no I knew Mouse one very well there's no mouse one would do anything like that honey you're joking right I was on that pressure all the pressur like so long pointed it going on your head hey it's a long story I am NOT screwing anywhere today and I'm ready to listen to the long story oh yeah I love you what did you do I'm sorry you're sorry how did it happen it was as if it was as if I was strong and I found my seven away Lachie no sir she they house but she asked them but I shan't be long there D to think that you folding the night is very disrespectful it will never happen again I recruited the vassals I did only please forgive me I should forgive you I forgive you you said but at the Apollo we cared for his house in Organia go back so I'm not moving Mia forever we get a fluke Vanya you are here enjoy quiet type of fungal yeah in fact I'm taking you home now Nicola so you kidnapped escape facto bring our quinoa get in the tickety's and let's go woman sorry who are you stop pretending as if you don't know me my name is Elizabeth watches cousin oh whoa this is a bitch and there's a budget a nurse you can take up for me I don't know which hey Phoebe you notice why Piper and love the citizen Nikolaas said imagine so badly that she died with your name on a lease I looked for that woman I searched for her but or to no avail III heard she was pregnant and unless ahead of power that she she died in an accident no she died like if he pets so where is this change you want to take away from you as I have so far to bring that off I am here to take away I put as much as what I'm about there tell ya this is Miss Georgia oh please Matt Ritter high settings hard I know she's like hot water the newest my tutor a policeman Oh y-yeah now why do you hate my mother so much why if you raise your voice at me again I will ask my boys to be too blue-black if I send you back to your father we'll get last night get out that is like a life out so funny a problem what is wrong with you oh but that you are liking your lemon you love it if you claim that you're right some painters didn't know you have been mocking a little how do you know you have nothing anything mama no please we need to fuck I beg you in the name of God please hello what was the mean of stats how could we be talking to mom in that manner have you lasted can you just calm down mother doesn't want to say the truth what should she develop to apologize to dad on a dress for what yo Lots Dimond I had everything I know everything now mr. Kyle told me everything if he was lying how then did he know all the bets Mac of mummys nipple how so clay honey someone might want to set us up you know so might want to break the cycle Emily no I don't think so diamond start warming up to leave this house they don't belong gay it is not allowed did you how did I lie to them you tell me that my mother abandoned me in front of your house and all the building I lied to you so which lie will I believe never seen anything God brought you to the space not for DC will be on bitch let me say something a mad man once told me that in due time you will find your roots and then I will become very rich and mad man also told me that in your dream you find out your real sauce what do you want it is good you are home but you have to start recite a lab assignment you have to save your son from this common danger I don't have a child oh yes you do your son [Applause] you know a Navajo morning I will come back if I need maman you what was the meaning of that I don't understand what is it you do not understand how could you cry with ELISA to tell lies to your own dear brother a lot cloudy desire for 30 years have not said my eyes impaired and how will I believe that night you see the features for murder in Apollonia the first time I set my eyes on apollonia a mission you mean our money if y'all could give miss god you're here if is enough what Ian were and be talking miss young witch in a bit you are the wall why Sookie Wow oh wow Ferrari you ever it is we try someday do you know ever be we do someday I would have done something [Applause] Xena it's it's early Helen and once she coming by this time of the lights a bit she needs my attention he needs the attention Jesus wipe the outer coil only I was supposed to take tips but religious fanatics then that is wife call you besides that you have the mission at home you are not stepping after the suspect what's wrong with you you think I don't know that I'm deputy governors but us that the fact is tonight tell me each enemy Rigi you busy now we now need your forgiveness nod you're here if is enough what Ian were and be talking miss young age in debate you are the Wow why Sookie Wow oh wow Ferrari you ever it is we try someday do you know ever be we go suddenly after rain sunshine will call TG Reggie give miss Yahweh for one day for a busy now Oh [Applause] each other you know below No you look for me for me for me and also Google don't you ever call this number no no you only seems to me listen to me I don't go with you I am go with this thing you call marriage and I am never coming back to the house and don't you ever call this number yes [Applause] sister what I doing here I will go and get lost and I'm sure they'll be okay for everybody what actually happened I am tired of my marriage I am tired of living with that dog I came back home I'm back told me to go back there but you know what instead of going back to the house he's like how soft he says going back to that Zoo I will go and get lost since nobody cares about my penis no problem okay follow me let's go and talk to Papa huh yes follow me let's go and talk to him I should follow you no talking I see if you don't know your father please don't go and leave me let me go stay here go all right all right all right all right okay we with your limo gone totally okay one more shot you use I tell you that might even get mono try actually not to go you know listen don't worry I've shot myself [Applause] she's gone what do you mean back on God's Way – rubbish I am consul good I hope she doesn't do anything stupid to herself huzzah hello you if please please this is my marriage allow me to underneath my way please if don't tell me to come if they don't tell me to calm down this is my marriage let me do it my own way please yes Colombia to do it thank you this would like because I would like you do I do and attention and I don't know so you want to die


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