manager manager what are you doing here I want to see change if I go in there come out on your stay here you will not believe what I'll do to you just wait I want the city I said I want ICT let me see what region you're still here you are still here I'm not gonna you won't like the cheese I like the sage if you want to sit back we are you there is a man at my kids strangle him and any chest Randy I am patrolling you perfect there are many I'll be back I'll be back if you find yourselves I am tuned can you just calm down sit down can you ask me to come down to sit down with my marriage is in trouble my money's about to be checked out like what assaulting me to sit down thank you if I'm told to non-skid reverse button but that will be double sin and hey girls I'm singing the same old singer sing [Applause] I usually shot him on the head madam we killed him we're professionals we shot him dead we'll kill them all do you want to confirm that yourself you get your ballast in the evening [Applause] he sent them to kill me you cannot kill me the day three of my forefathers is always with me Anna stop come into my house I will not until I get my children please tell chief the final week I said to you leave my car are we not get that Oaxaca or what my children there is no what those rates I want my children I want my children [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that man is it I costs for a spiritualist I personally shot him on his head and I saw him drop dead all of a sudden he resurfaced why we would love I don't understand you have to ask questions so no matter one strong or still what's yours one and maybe brightest people we le are complicit son mom much do you know about your father's business my father's business I know little about a textile company but I think I know a whole lot about a microfinance Bank why do you ask something surprising is about to happen my wants see I wanted to try as much as you can to lay your hands on the original document of the test and company because that is where the money is what is doing or normal is this something you're not telling me just do as I said but you stay in the same room with Dad you should know where the document is I have tried of such everywhere but I couldn't find it so I would like you to conduct a crucial search for it as a man okay but mom you haven't told me why I should search for a document when I know I will become the MD of the company when my dad is no more you cannot become an MD of a company you know nothing about use your head for once son eBay this is not a matter of being civilized or not that woman is dangerous Elya hello eBay hello Batman for coming here to my house threatening to cast a spell on my girlfriend if Lauren tries to sense of voice low loss sent some boys to kill him that is what he said he said was infrastructure but thanks to the shop have you spoken to EB about yes Lola cannot kill the man but Lola can kill Shifu do to remain his wife what now Mars in Bocca go and talk to chief about it she for Doku has told me not apartments and I said do you want him dead is that what you want I have to forgive you okay and I cannot forgive you let's go why do you pull off your shoes out there to show you that whatever I will tell you is the truth even the ground will be on your witness have your seat chief i-i-i i am not worthy to sit your house I said have your feet wide on I'll protect you like a woman huh this will you have your seat have a seat this is actually route I have no time for any rubbish just sit and let oh stop exactly okay for some times I have not set my eyes on safes you must use foreign so she was so what has been happy chief I've been trying to hunt from my scenes but it's not possible but my sisters have give me a little time to make an end and as I have come to ask for forgiveness so what forgiveness are you accessing talk to me that's something I want to tell you which I don't think you believe me what is it chief we are not IRIAF I don't have yet to reach into what what another sentiment what are you talking about I never said she sometimes in the past I committed I don't with your wife that is what she told me wake up so I helped impossible impossible got my tools and the nudes but they look like this regardless that Mac or mr. D'Silva Bruce to keep these just two days visit me they pay salary Hey notice what the Apple the co-pays is a La Nina hey Saladin I be the only two we think of maybe your problem now I think that's all with your mind now alive Oh beware my work it would be mm hey hey Monday do for the life knowledge is where you walk they prepare you [Applause] [Applause] though studies you find that what's happened well you need some rest honey honey what happened why are you not saying anything what happened me that's it what's that wound what do you mean that's you don't know what happened and who was with him when he fainted nothing is hidden with Apollonia even Adak approaching no sir she'd a house mushy pea house girl vanish I belong lady every departments they call her for answers even though she don't talk even everypony what happened is there anything you have to tell me about our children I don't understand I asked you a very simple question and I believe you understand it clearly mmm this there's nothing about the children just like they are curious about the wheel it's just it's just about the wheel go out there set yourself it might reconcile with your memory why would you lie to me I'd like to remind what did that man tell chief I don't know I don't know anything I can so my job because we which is a miserable life I don't know what you're for I was here and what business do you have with you he has been acting me out but I did not take him seriously because I heard that he has the loss of memory of recent touch a swatch did he touch you did you pawn with him did he fight you I heard I fights on the streets these days listen I want to be left to do [Applause] what is this what is this a protection put what protection ma I cannot hear this my ear again because everybody using my face to practice slapping so I said to protect my face against the slab since this Julie you have left need my sight hmm I say leave my sight shit meows now for answers even though she talk talk even a lady Adobe Apple of the law Apollonia Apollonia nothing is hidden with Apollonia evil nordic approaching no sir she'd a house mushiya be house Clare vanish I belong lady every departments they call her for answers even though she know what did he tell you don't deny you don't know what he told me honestly I don't know what he told you what did he tell me woman please get out of this room what I said get out of this room I will call you thank you right if I go in there and click back on get out it will I am worried I am so scared I know that he's angry with me because of what Carlo might have told him I don't want to lose my husband you see what are we saying you see what I'm saying he said listen to me when I told you to kill him all those things would have been a fucking story I'm not story but you doesn't want to mention anything about is real or what is real what are you talking about forget the will at this place now your life and that will of a children is more important what will right now the will is not initial only your jaw in my dog my mommy fear we're hungry careful [Applause] [Applause] are you dead I put a Hawaii what it's from I know right oh she does our expert what right I see ischemia people knowledge in the session a house I should be asking but I she belong nearly every departments they call hunger outside even though she even yes give me some vegetable salad go sis with it but not anything that has to do with your mother do you have anybody like people that I share decisions sure what with I'm worried that your wife might try to take your life and do you think what the man said is right I directed a favor from you what I want you to be careful take a very much sharper work yes I am playing I am fine just knock off data it's okay I want to be very sure of my children's paternity yes very fearless about it in that case you have to test [Applause] so where's that how is he oh he's fine okay Saddam you know that we the children are here doctor please tell us what is his problem shortage what yes doc are you sure this is what his problem is doctor please you can take my blood then taste my I do anything to happen to that take him to the guest room sir that do you need anything you'd be fine okay there's an ayat' ellos apatite is in your block something let me talk so brother thing how did it go don't see them not safe you're not safe yes what does it mean that you're not safe sure how did he go any good news doctor said I'm also not a freedom if you don't shoot some garbage your father and I just wasted my blood for this for this test really take you very much doctor are you're complete thank you very much thank you for thanking me but can I trust you yes of course it will most trusted me so what else can I do for you please do not disclose my head status to anyone oh come on chief I cannot do that it's only your job so what do we do now well I have to go to the blood bank and get some blood then there's no point waiting when I take you to the hospital with you mm-hmm see fast food before hospital you might even get worse won't get there in that case let me take you there Oh relax I can with my car we're wasting a lot of time doc you need to start going now no I'll be back before you know it there's something fishy about this oh please time on we're not yet to talk about that really hope is to dispose first we talk about something fishy he took a blood sample for the test and he said non mashed which that's one so he has gone to the blood bank to get some for that reason it should be better for more yes I think that and doctors are up to something funny whatever you see that they help to I am ready for it that did we need to talk to talk about your mother's ban ban is that what you call it that he stopped her from entering your matrimonial room she doesn't even know what her crime is that she's hot was her crime let's have a hot I am too upset to talk about your mother I mean what's it's wrong to be led this sensor came back I'm not sure that was professional what did you do I do not have to say it I know you do not English in a motion did you or services but she wanted me to write DNA testing is to try to get rock samples have been green exactly so – what did you tell them I'm active in that I wanted to check was working my teas for transfusion dy body we put your life and professional in danger you know his wife has a record of blood diamonds in the past anyway I know what exactly where to mm-hmm mmm big trouble she's from astern to be obese news and you're thinking of telling if the quizzes no thanks what immediate roast the hottest one to delivery we did not create as anything Jesus thank you Jesus thank you Jesus chief I'm afraid you might not like results of the DNA test but I want to hear it yes anyway I know everything about 2d test take it easy actually come down now that your blood pressure is very high okay tell me where have I gone wrong easy cheap easy now do you mind if I place you under intensive care miles I will be lazy well if you say so um ah Carlos check on you tonight okay I'll be nice thank you very much farewell thing please this has to be considered chief fullness be on this together okay I'll definitely keep it secret okay you have nothing to worry about chief good idea that we need to talk come on boys just a nice easy uncle Asha I need to talk to you can we talk when I come back in the night I know my husband must have told you something about us [Applause] good evening yeah tell me exactly what is going on what do you want to do I have faith in every thing she told me that she refused coming to an inspector because he has erection oh please spare me that I'm not a kid tell me something I should hear how much do you want I can pay you in cash or in-kind what did chip tell you about my Cheever and I what is Sully did he tell you what exactly do you want to hear I know where your mind is gonna stop this model do you want to talk or should I tell my husband the way you molested me the very day at empty office for a checkup oh is that what they call it blackmail make me the guest from only your jaw it was me imani adore me fear we can how about Lafayette my Oh Oh what I know today is pretty so he could have gone it's a collective Oh kill sheets to dissolve okay you tell me what has been not as this you tell me oops hallo hallo why not go inside and get your dinner and go to bed no you need to have some rest under damage tell Helen to call me you cuts watching my lights huh she knows her ride Chico doctors is that your eyes yes okay just take this one inside this one aha and just calm down okay calm down just don't worry okay you come back who definitely come back all right I know I know just come down come down civilized tax my own now then say I'm overreacting qualify tell us happy movies tell me what's possible – now we'll be outside also this time no tell me like a duty became I don't care what whatever I didn't say I know I know just cut down it's okay find out I'll talk to you inside with it but also tricky Melania given and approaching no sir she they house but she happy Oscar wanna she belong nearly I believe it to be easier for you to be truthful to me I feel disgusted stop sounding like a weakling I tell me what I need you here whatsoever I'll be your face tomorrow I really don't know anymore how's even that will to get it out yes I did what is my house done caught us ha she'll be really careful I need to clean this mess before it gets to my husband before this whole thing becomes s Deena which you are not it's only this yes good seriously I went to see you see if you don't tell me where you're coming from we will mostly twice telling start talking the better actually that chief is a condition that we to do is wash on me or s you and I and I said when you submit to me that yes but for few minutes should've Atrisco to tell me where in there then I was very worried when I called on the language no connection sure next time before you inject into him can I have my key sure check this you take your drugs now oh here so you want to come and bring this family when you read mine you touch a plan chief chief with Dell is evil she's evil let her go back 24 people very well I'm sure by today the center will watch me use this house I will make sure ten I'm never busy they are


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