Craziest Presidential Family Members Ever

Here are the most ridiculous family members
of past presidents! 8 – Billy Carter
Jimmy Carter didn’t have quite a greatly viewed presidency. High gas prices, the Iranian hostage crisis,
and meddling by the Reagan campaign basically guaranteed the 39th president to one term. While the general consensus is that Carter’s
four years in Washington were a borderline disaster, he’s maintained a reputation as
a kind gentlemen and dedicated public servant whose devout religious convictions have inspired
him to work tirelessly for the greater good. His brother, Billy, however, was very different. Billy often caused public spectacles. Billy, who owned and operated a gas station
in Plains, Georgia, ran for mayor in 1976, but lost. He would go on to appear in ads for Falls
City Brewing’s “Billy Beer” claiming “I think it’s the best beer I’ve ever
tasted, and I’ve tasted a lot.” Billy Carter famously cracked open a beer
when Jimmy tried to introduce him to astronaut turned politician, Senator John Glenn. I’m just wondering, was the movie Black
Sheep inspired by Billy Carter?! Perhaps the worst thing he did during Jimmy’s
presidency was work for the Libyan government as a foreign agent. Doing what exactly remains unclear, but this
spawned a congressional inquiry that ultimately found that his activities never influenced
Jimmy’s policies as president. While testifying before Congress, Billy displayed
a bit more intellect than he was given credit for. He certainly understood and knew of his reputation
by saying quote, “I refused to conform to an image that a lot of people thought a President’s
brother should adopt”. Even though his booze infused public outbursts
caused PR problems for his brother, the two maintained a close bond. Jimmy Carter’s advisers urged him to distance
himself from Billy, but the two remained close their whole lives. When asked later if Billy embarrassed him,
Jimmy Carter said quietly, ”I love him.” 7 – Alice Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt prided himself on being a maverick of sorts….a political renegade
who didn’t adhere to the convention. That seems to be a trait that his oldest daughter,
Alice adopted as well. She was 17 when her father took office in
1901, and immediately proved to be a rule breaker. She was known for smoking cigarettes in public,
placing bets with bookies, and staying out late to party. All these things don’t sound crazy for today,
but let’s remember the time period as these were things that were unthinkable for a woman
of her time. Like her father, she had an eccentric personality,
as she liked to keep a pet snake, and even once spontaneously jumping into a public pool
fully clothed! She also had a habit of bursting into the
Oval Office while President Roosevelt was working. The president once commented that “I can either
run the country or I can attend to Alice, but I cannot possibly do both.” After Roosevelt left office, she for some
reason buried a voodoo doll of incoming First Lady, Nellie Taft in the front yard. Mrs. Taft banned her from the white house
during her time there. She was banned again during the Woodrow years
when she campaigned against the U.S entry into the League of Nations. To be honest with you, this lady sounds like
she’d be great to drink a beer with! However, she remained a powerful figure in
American politics and was known as a skilled writer. Her autobiography Crowded Hours was both a
critical and commercial success. Her quick wit was either her most endearing
or most annoying quality, depending on who you asked. 6 – Sam Houston Johnson
If you’re at all familiar with Lyndon B. Johnson, then it’s hard to imagine that
a member of his own family could out crazy him. After all, this was a guy who once said that
Gerald Ford was so dumb that he couldn’t fart and chew gum at the same time. Ahhhh how awesome would it have been if social
media existed while LBJ was around! Anyways, his younger brother, Sam Houston
Johnson, was a pretty wild dude himself. Sam initially worked with his older brother’s
administration. However, his penchant for drinking turned
into a serious problem for the administration, as Sam would get drunk, and then get a bit
too chatty with the press. By some accounts, LBJ had to place Sam under
Secret Service surveillance to keep him from talking too much. After LBJ’s presidency, Sam wrote a book
called My Brother Lyndon. While the book did offer some praise for the
former President, he was often critical of LBJ, hinting that he was a giant bully and
very difficult to deal with. Sam kicked his drinking habit and became a
devout christian. He also defected to the GOP during the ‘76
election, endorsing Gerald Ford over Jimmy carter…you know, the guy who couldn’t
fart and chew gum at the same time? 5 – Ronald Reagan Jr Former President Ronald Reagan has had a big
impact on American politics. For the success he had in the 80’s, it’s
easy to understand why he’s become such an icon for conservatives. So you can imagine how weird it is that his
son, Ron, has become such an outspoken liberal. Unlike his father who was a devout Christian,
or at least he catered to the Evangelical right anyway, Ronald Reagan Jr, or Ron as
he goes by, became an atheist at age 12. That’s a stance he still holds today. As a kid, he was expelled from school. Ron claimed, the administration was just looking
for a reason to throw him out of school because he was a “bad influence” on the other
students. Ron later dropped out of Yale after only one
semester to pursue a career as a ballet dancer. He joined the Joffrey Ballet in pursuit of
his lifelong dream. His father once wrote in a diary that Ron’s
performance was reminiscent of Fred Astaire’s. Despite their political differences, Ron and
his father seemed to be on good terms. In fact, Ron refrained from speaking out during
his father’s presidency just to avoid the perception that they didn’t get along. Since his father’s passing in 2004, he has
often spoken highly of his father. 4 – Patti Davis Ronald Reagan also had a daughter named Patti
with his second wife, Nancy. Much like her brother, Ron, she was a drastically
different person than her parents. While she also had a proclivity for the performing
arts like her actor parents, her politics were much different. Patti was more of a free spirited liberal,
whose sympathies were more in line with hippies than Republicans. Even during her father’s Presidency, Patti
was often outspoken against Reagan’s policies. She even dropped last name to symbolize her
disgust with his policies. Her most controversial moment has to have
been back in 1994, when she posed for Playboy. This particular issue is considered to be
one of the magazine’s most controversial covers, probably because you know, it’s the first
President’s kid to do that ever. 3 – The Bush Twins
You know, if President George W. Bush didn’t get in as president, he for sure would have
made this countdown. We’ll instead have to settle for his twin
daughters Jenna and Barbara. As is tradition, the two kept a relatively
low profile while in the White House and the media more or less left them alone when they
were younger. But, like most young adults in college, they
did their fair share of partying. The twins would reportedly try anything and
everything to lose their Secret Service security detail behind, which I have to assume is a
tough thing to pull off. According to Ronald Kessler, a former secret
service agent, Jenna would purposely try to lose her protection by going through red lights
or by jumping in her car without telling agents where she was going. In 2001, they were students at the University
of Texas when they were both arrested twice within five weeks for underage drinking, and
Jenna ultimately pled no contest to a misdemeanor charge for using a fake ID. By no means were they the only college kids
to get busted for drinking, but when your father happens to be president, people obviously
find it more interesting. Of course these two have since grown out of
their partying habits and have become pretty productive members of society. They even penned a heartfelt open letter to
the Obama daughters offering advice and encouragement before their father took office. 2 – Malia Obama For the most part, the Obamas appeared to
be a model first family during their White House years. However, Malia, the oldest daughter of former
President Barack Obama, has had a few moments that have raised a few eyebrows given her
status. While visiting the Parlor, an exclusive 21
and over New York City club, Malia Obama approached conservative gossip pundit Lucian Wintrich. She appeared to have been drinking. She was only 18, so it would have been illegal
for her to be drinking at the club, but hey, I’m not going to hate on that. Lucian Wintrich said that he was at Parlor
in New York City with some friends and one of his friends said Malia Obama just pointed
at him and said, ‘I wanna punch that dude in the face,’. He apparently started laughing and turned
around to find Malia Obama staring him down. He then tried to snap a picture of her and
she came up to him and started yelling. He said that Malia said to him quote, “Do
you want to have a conversation? Let’s sit down and have a real conversation”. Wintrich said quote “OK, let’s sit down
and have a real conversation, why not?’. But unfortunately, her security wouldn’t
let her do that and told her to back off. In August of 2016 she was seen at Lollapalooza
dancing and smoking whatever it could be that she’s smoking. Hey, it’s lollapalooza after all… 1 – Joe Kennedy Ahhh, the patriarch of the great Kennedy family. You know all about JFK, RFK. You probably know about Jackie O and maybe
even Ted, the youngest brother. But Joe Kennedy, well his story is far less
flattering than that of his sons. Joe Kennedy wanted to be President one day. However, given his less than reputable image,
he instead used his money and influence to pave the way for his son, to be President. Joe Sr. was born to a family of liquor merchants. He would go on to become an investment banker,
later making a ton of money from investing in Hollywood studios. He was also known for his bootlegging during
Prohibition, having a huge stock of his family’s liquor. He made virtually no secret of his extramarital
affairs. Perhaps worst of all though, he allowed a
lobotomy to be performed on his daughter Rosemary. She had what many considered to be a learning
disability. It failed and she ended up worse off. The botched procedure left her with the mental
capacity of a two year old, and she spent the rest of her life in an institution. Here’s what’s next!

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