CRAZIEST HONDA CIVIC TYPE R FK8 HAND MADE AERO KIT! -Custom Full rear diffuser pt.2-

what's up everybody and welcome back to another episode of who panting rush so we are on part two of the full rear diffuser build on the fk8 Civic type-r let's continue where we were and hop right into it since that design it's kind of being a pain I'm gonna have to you possibly shorten this by an inch and a half so I won't shoot as much but then I can hopefully do something because the design is clashing what I'm trying to go for is you'll see we'll see how it turns out so far really having a mental block here I wanted to have this done by tomorrow for my customer but it's definitely we're gonna have to push this an extra day boy it's been a struggle but that is it for today see you guys eventually what's up everybody it is the next day actually it is two days later I saved you guys the pain and watching me remake the entire thing yesterday I took a lot of time because I had to zone out and do my thing because I need to get this done by tomorrow and unfortunately I messed up and knocked that out for like the first four hours after work now it is seven o'clock finally in the garage duplicating the rest of the rear diffuser so yesterday I was able to finalize my design for the center pretty much get the sides but all that's left is duplicating it make sure everything mounts up right and it doesn't look funky so we aren't almost done guys I'm super stoked looking at this design though I'm gonna turn you guys to your sides as you see it all day only be changing is the center fins I'm gonna be lowering it just a little bit so I'm gonna remake those and extend them about 3/16 of an inch it looks super good and the center alone looks really good if you guys are interested in this we're building a complete template so I can remake these over and over again forever as interested because this is by far one of my favorite designs so if you guys are interested I sell these rear diffusers so you let me know let's get back to finishing this rear diffuser thank you guys for sticking with this whole series let's go knock this out so I'm currently finishing up duplicating all these fins then I'm gonna fit it up to the car if everything's good we're just gonna go ahead up everything add the extra fence and we'll be good to go this is by far been the longest build up every time it's definitely harder than I thought always every challenge outside Finn's made yeah these outside fridges made there is one more thing let's see if this goes on from here it's gonna be dark here soon so I'll be working in the garage tonight get this stuff done all I gotta do is clean up all the edges get rid of all the silver duplicate a few more pieces and we'll be done handy down the jack I think we're good right look I mean right there the edge exactly I wanted to be that looks pretty good now I'm gonna go put on the other side and make sure everything fits up right and if it's exactly the same we are good to go and I'm gonna go finish up this project real quick two hours late ale so what you guys didn't see you just finished up these fins finalized all the panels I don't have right here all I need to do is make two more fins tomorrow and I'll be done with the rear diffuser but it's already 9:00 it's almost 10 o'clock and I can't be doing any more loud stuff so I'm gonna close it out for today see you guys tomorrow ooh what's up everybody it is the final day for this rear diffuser build and we are going to go ham today as for the rest of the car we're gonna be adding on the front splitter support rods so that will close out the entire car oh my goodness guys the rear diffuser is finally complete oh my goodness this thing took me so long to make it was my longest and hardest diffuser yet but boy I went up for the challenge and I'm so happy with the turnout exactly what I wanted this car is almost complete especially from the front you guys so good that's what I'm talking about all I got to do is Mount the front rods which should be pretty quick and after that we are done so I'm gonna go do those front rods and call it a day 20 minutes lay down all right so we are finally complete with the Civic type-r we got the front rods on and the full rear diffuser complete so now the customer is on his way to come pick up the car I'm gonna go ahead and clean it up before he gets here so it looks presentable because it's just been sitting outside and it's kind of dirty so out of breath let's go get this car nice and clean and we'll close it out with a little quick clip let's get it all right guys we're gonna hop to when the owner finally comes and gets his car and we'll see what he thinks about this Oh baby well guys he is here to pick up the car oh boy Oh tell me what you think tell me what you think you guys I spent about 20 hours to make this full rear diffuser I don't know what I was thinking even drawing up this design for this dude but I did it and he told me he wanted it so we did it and boy that turnout is insane oh yeah like that yeah I just put that on there right now I was like hopefully he's cool with that spot if not but I still got a slap on the front one that okay staying a little bit longer than normal so I'm gonna throw on this so quick official that's it oh yeah guys thanks for watching if you guys watch the whole entire series really appreciate it you see the support don't forget to tell me what you guys think about the whole entire kit because I'd like to know what you guys think we're not 100% done with what we got planned so stay tuned for all that thanks for watching see you guys next time don't forget to Like comment and subscribe yeah [Applause]

8 thoughts on “CRAZIEST HONDA CIVIC TYPE R FK8 HAND MADE AERO KIT! -Custom Full rear diffuser pt.2-

  1. Would be decent if you actually showed off the full diffuser when you’ve made it so we can actually have a good look !

  2. You helped me fix my stupid door lol. I must be loyal and like everything from here on out. 😂🙌🏽.

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