Cramer's lightning round: Red Hat's Jim Whitehurst is 'changing the culture' at IBM

and then the lighting runners over are you ready skate guys over the light real cousin Larry and pajetta Larry booyah our Jim oh yeah I'm a longtime listener your thoughts on Numa go court we don't want new mob when when tag Nikko okay Nikko is better at faster growing better assets Leon and Louisiana Leon how you doing Jim I want ya big bully out everybody call me the Wall Street rap I love what she's going on here my question is about Dollar Tree with Dollar Tree with JPMorgan Chase and a lot of other analysts and we may have a downturn coming out sell-off I would like to know three things out if you still tree at last the other dollar tree that had to go just way out of my way Joe and New Jersey Joe hello Kramer Joe yeah some time ago you recommended Valley National Bank yeah still holds it here or did I let it go no valleys got a great footprints just the problem is defendant was was not going the right way but I think this thing at 11 with a 4% you Gary in Florida Gary hey booyah Jim booyah Gary I'm retired living in Florida Jim and my wife loves a good dividend and we're looking at a BD and wonder if they're still downside risk on this stock we know nobody likes the acquisition tell me what to do I don't like the acquisition in and I 6.3% you a lot of these stocks that are yielding six and plus our stocks and have no growth we're growth buyers I don't see the growth opportunity at be even with that acquisition I'm sorry I wish I believe let's go to market that's a million mark hey Jim Mark from pet Pittsburgh PA boo-yeah boo-yeah new investor what do you think si egg I like si X I like the yield it's got some decent growth it's making a comeback of a stall for a little bit I'm going to bring out yes the Terrible Towel to say yes to six ok let's go to John in Texas John thank you taking my call let's go my question for you today is ticker DX P D DX C does not have growth and that's what I'm looking for if you're gonna be in TX se just swell play I know what I'd swap out of that at this time in the gym waiters is changing the culture and that way Jim the lightning round is sponsored by TD Ameritrade don't miss a second of Mad Money follow at Jim Cramer on Twitter have a question tweet Cramer hashtag mad tweets send him an email to mad money at or give us a call at one eight hundred seven forty three CNBC miss something head to Mad Money dot you

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