Court Rules Trump Violated Law Using National Emergency For Border Wall Funds | NBC News Now

44 thoughts on “Court Rules Trump Violated Law Using National Emergency For Border Wall Funds | NBC News Now

  1. You Americans are so weak and petty you should’ve skinned and salted Donald Trump the day he was elected but you Americans are just too weak

  2. Now the same effort should be mounted to find out who stole all of our Social Security funds and prosecute them and return every penny before another red american cent is given to foreign aid. What about those thieves? Democrat or Republican, I don't care!

  3. I still don't understand why people hate the new border wall. There are other countries with wayyy much secure border walls.. Look at Israel for example. My sister hates Trump without a doubt and is totally against the wall saying "wE nEeD iMmIgRanTs tO Do jOBs pEoPle dOn'T dO". I'm just thinking.. those people that are illegally coming to America typically get paid off the books right? Meaning they're not even contributing to the country

  4. Here we go again. The Supreme court will again overturn the ruling because it should have been built 16 years ago and wasn't Dems were all for it during Pelosi's previous term as speaker and never did it. Why the change of heart if not political.

  5. Roaring Economy

    Unemployment lowest in 50 years (3.6%)

    American Embassy move to Jerusalem

    Criminal border jumping being addressed

    Hundreds of deep state regulations illuminated

    Unfair trade practices being corrected

    Troops coming home / Promises kept

    Trump 2020🇺🇸

  6. GOOD! This wall can be circumvented by airplanes, boats, smugglers, tunnels, ladders, ropes/grappling hooks and overstayed visas. Desperate people will always find a way. The border is 1,952 miles long and a lot of it is private land, some of which is owned by indigenous Americans. Why use eminent domain on something that will not work? We need more border agents, seismic indicators and cameras on the existing structures and drones. We need to offer incentives to visa holders so they keep it legal, such as utiliizing job counselors and cutting way back on the time it takes to attain citizenship. Without the massive costs associated with 1,952 miles of wall that won't work, we could do all of these things and help our homeless population get back on their feet.

  7. Pete Williams is an ahole. Look up Pete Williams "hot mic" meltdown incident. He was a big baby about not getting more time to talk on TV. He didn't get the attention he apparently thought he deserved. Typical of these men who just want to be on TV and feel entitled. Reminded me of the time Bill O'Reilly had his famous meltdown. I lost all respect for him after I heard him being a big baby on the hot mic. Totally unprofessional.

  8. The real crime is not voting to spend less than 1 percent of our annual military budget to secure our border. Over 800 billion a year on our military they cant spend less than 1 % to securr out border ?

  9. If you guys just put this effort into a real issue maybe we could fix problems. For now though you are in the domain of fake news.

  10. trump have been violating laws what kind of business hes making with the russians and arabs? they need to lock this old men before he destroy america.

  11. Eisenhower had one name JFK another, Trump calls it the deep state.Carlin told us its a big club and we ain't in it.If you can not see your idols rallying around the same people they opposed to make themselves idols your brainwashed. This nation has been lawless since the day i was born.The day i was born there were 200 draft indictments for cia fbi and politicians who subverted the will on congress to pursue illegal wars in South America.When i entered Kindergarten Clinton become president following George bush.George Bush ran the CIA who ran the guns and drugs that funded the illegal wars.Clinton ran the state that appears to have been the domestic drop site for the cocaine.Wars on drugs were fought millions imprisoned while the leaders perpetuated illegal wars and locked us up for their cocaine.This is just what was happening the day i was born do i need to tell you what was happening when i entered middle school?

  12. NBC used to have millions of hits and thousands of comments. I wonder why that's changed. Trash news nobody takes you seriously

  13. How is it unlawful to protect and save thousands of American lives? The cartel is bringing in tons of drugs every year, drugs like fentanyl which really nothing but poison. Democrats and you partisan Judges you have blood on your hands, you are just as bad as the Cartel, you are the catalyst that allows it to happen. Not only are you allowing it you are trying to force it and drugs are only part of the problem. I could sit here and write a book just on reasons why we need the wall. NBC News you and the MSM are corrupt, you are in bed with the DemocRats, you are activist and pump out fake news and propaganda and you cherry-pick news that only fits your narrative, you are evil!

  14. This means absolutely nothing if he's not going to be prosecuted for breaking the law……the FEDS will fracture this country permanently if he isn't held accountable for his crimes.

  15. Anytime Trump tries to accomplish something good a Socialist entity files against him in a progressive liberal court.  Usually California or New York.   Of course these judges disregards laws anyway they see fit.

  16. Appeal and then Supreme Court once again to overturn Democrat activist Judges, all at tax payer expense. We're already in a Constitutional Crisis and this just brings Democrats Political Coup one step closer into the sight of Americans.





  18. This is a nothing burger. This refers to a singe of the 35 locations under construction and the appeal's process allows for construction to still continue even there. Add to that…. the higher courts are more Constitutionally based so this will ultimately not do a thing and even if it did, it wouldn't be until long after completion. 🙂

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