Council Initiated Discussion

Rudy Pozzatti:
That’s it for the reports, and we’re onto the segment of council that we call council-initiated
discussion, and this is where we’re basically turning the floor over to you. As an example,
the presentation on the bioinformatics portfolio was a suggestion or request from the council.
So are there other topics you want to hear about, or are there other burning issues that
you want to inform us of? You look a little stunned. It’s been a long
day. You’re always surprised when we actually say open mic. [laughter] Eric Green:
You don’t have to use all 15 minutes. Okay, Bob. Robert Nussbaum:
I just say that I wanted to thank the program people, particularly for the effort on coding
and trying to think through the coding, and how much effort and time that takes. I mean,
it’s — I’m sure it’s a lot of hard work, and it requires a lot of expertise and judgment. Eric Green:
I would second that. I mean — and at the same time, it’s sort of frustrating because
the tools we’re using are completely nonexistent, essentially, so it’s very, very tedious. Rudy Pozzatti:
So, announcements, items of interest, there are a couple of — there are three reports.
Two come from the American College of Medical Genetics. One is their regular report of their
recent activities that they always provide to the council. The other is a policy statement
on informed consent for reporting incidental findings following genome sequencing or exome
sequencing. And we also have an update from the National Society of Genetic Counselors
for you to look at. And then we move on to the conflict of interest
chant, which I am required to read to you aloud. And this applies — this is the closing
of the open session, so this applies to the discussion of the application in closed session.
This will certify that in the review of applications conducted by the National Advisory Council
for Human Genome Research on September 9th and 10th 2013, I absented myself and did not
participate in the discussion of, nor vote on, any application in which I, or to my knowledge,
my spouse, minor child, or close professional associate, has a financial interest, nor on
any application from an organization or institution where I am employed, a consultant, officer,
director, or trustee, am negotiating for employment, or otherwise have a financial interest. That
is one long sentence. In council actions in which we voted on a block of applications
without discussing any individual one, the on-block action, my vote did not apply to
any application from any institution fulfilling the criteria in the preceding paragraph. Within your blue folders, there is a document
that we ask you to sign, and Comfort will collect them from you. So, at this point,
we’re closing the open session, and we’ll take a 10-minute recess to allow them to shut
down the cameras. We’ll come back. We have a little bit more business to do in the closed
session — the beginning of the second closed session. Eric Green:
Thank you, everyone.

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