Coulee Region Humane Society takes in dogs from Texas

A local organization is helping with recovery efforts in Texas by stepping up for some fuzzy friends. TAKE VO The Coulee Region Humane Society worked with shelters in Texas to take in some of the dogs impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The Humane Society took in six dogs this morning. and will accept another three this weekend. The dog transfer was thanks to a year- long partnership between shelters. The Coulee Region Humane Society says these kinds of transfers would not be possible without the community’s love for animals. TAKE SOT OUTQ:…all the way across the country. TAKE SOT COMMUNITY OUTREACH COORD., COULEE REGION HUMANE SOCIETY I think it’s really beautiful our community, who loves dogs and loves animals, are compassionate about animal wellfare and want to swoop in and help and that we’re able to find wonderful families to help these dogs from all the way across the country. Only animals already in shelters when Hurricane Harvey hit were taken. to make room for family pets displaced by the storm.

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