Couchsurfing at an Advanced Age | Interview with a Very Experienced Member

I think Couchsurfing is not a problem of age the mind is important If you like traveling and meeting other people from many countries, it’s the best way of travelling. Because if you stay in a hotel or hostel it’s often anonimous but with Couchsurfing you can know lots about life in other countries. I didn’t start at 65 years old, I started 30 years ago in my first bike trip. I used a German cycle organisation the name is Fahrraddachgeber and my experience with Couchsurfing and Warmshowers is of about 10 years. I meet people from all generations. From 18 to 75 years old. You’re also a host, right? In Dresden, your city. Yes, of course. So you have experiences from both sides. Yes. I think it is very important to have both experiences, because you understand what the traveller needs: for example a towel, a shower a city map and other important things for travelling. An dit is also very beautiful to get informations from locals about interesting places nice bike routes and how to transport the bicycle in the train or the bus. Do you think that some surfers or hosts who are younger don’t host you because of your age? Do you feel like you get less requests or offers? No. No, I have often very young people also young girls who live alone it’s never been a problem for me to stay with people of other generations. Because I have also six children from 20 to 40 years old so I know the life of the young people. So it’s like being hosted by your kids almost Yes! I have also the places of my kids to stay in Japan or in Spain there’s no problem. How do you usually get to be hosted by someone? What do you do, what are the techniques? Do you send the requet to particular people or you do a public trip? Normally I send individual couch requests because it’s more beautiful for the host to get a personal couch request, but in some small towns it’s difficult to find hosts and so it’s sometimes good to make a public couch request. And I think 10% are hosts from public couch requests and 90% from private requests. Ok. That sounds exactly what I usually advice to my viewers. Personal couch requests is the best way I think personal couch requests are more “erfolgreich” successful. You can write something about your trip and what you like to do When you host you wait for surfers to send you the request or you sometimes go to the page of your city you see who’s coming and you send an offer? I do both. Sometimes I get three couch requests in one week and sometimes three weeks with no couch request. Then I look to the public couch requests [public trips] and see in which time I can host somebody or who are interesting people I want to stay with them. Do you also use Couchsurfing for other kind of events like “Couchsurfing events” or Hangouts? Or, you know, sometimes maybe it can happen that you’ve already booked a hotel for that city, but then you still want to get in contact with some locals or maybe you just text them, or you do Hangouts? If they cannot host me sometimes I meet them in the city center to show me some nice places in the town Two times we also made public cooking with guests from Dresden Oh, so you organised events. And it was one time with food from containers and one time with vegan food. Oh yes cause your girlfriend is vegan, right? So you have knowledge about it. For Dresden I overall one or two times a month organise a public hiking route in our National Park Saxon Switzerland for five people, so it’s very beautiful to discovery the landscape and to talk about everything. This is a very great way to use Couchsurfing in my opinion you can yourself organise some events for example Johannes organises hiking groups. One time a girl from Vietnam came with the nightbus from Amsterdam to Dresden to take part to the hiking event and went back the next night to the Netherlands. She came only for this hike in Dresden. Sounds interesting also because some people want to go hiking but they are alone, they don’t have a partner or a friend who is interested in that so it’s good to have a group So you can always check out on Couchsurfing in the page of your city to see if there are events like that and if there aren’t try to organise them, why not Be the promoter of this kind of initiatives. I think it’s also very important to show people who don’t like people from other countries that is really… very important to meet people from other countries. We have a problem in Dresden with Pegida and AFD so I can tell everybody why do you have hate against refugees or people from other countries? They are the best people I’ve met in my life. And they helped me very often. I hosted a bike traveller from Great Britain he was 80 years old and he cycled 120 km in one day, from Leipzig to Dresden. You can see, everybody can travel his whole life.

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  2. During the 1800s life expectancy in europe was 34 years of age, 2015 average life expectancy in europe is 80 years old. Todays 60 years olds are yesterday's 40 years old, I have invited many couchsurfers in my house in theirs 50s and 60s. they are mature, reliable and always interesting to talk about their lives during their younger years which is very interesting to know life in 60s, 70s and 80s from the first hand so I think age is irrelevant, if you are healthy and great zest for life.

  3. One of the things I love about the Couchsurfing community is that there isn't really an age divide. It's wonderful to see the coming together of people of all ages through my experiences with it and how we're all really not so different from one another.

  4. This is great! He's doing now what I'm planning to do! I thought that no one else thought of it before. I'm having a bike altered so I can pack more weight. Also have a hammock in case I don't find a host. I'm planning on visiting my daughter and granddaughter in Cebu Philippines and plan to go camping with them, away from the internet. It will be our first meeting. I'm 68 by the way.

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