Corset Tips: Can you wear the same clothes with or without a corset?

Hi, I’m Katie from What Katie Did, and welcome
back. Today I’m going to talk about your wardrobe and corsets. It’s a question that comes up
quite frequently on corset forums. And also I was chatting to Hannah, who works in our
Burbank boutique, a few months ago and she was quite surprised that I’d got none of my
clothes tailored to fit. I’ve been wearing corsets daily for over five years now and
I’ve got quite an extreme figure and basically I still buy everything off the peg and I fit
everything to my waist. I tend to go for full skirts, so it’s really only the top half is
fitted, but I buy everything off the peg and nothing is tailored at all. I know I read
everywhere that you can get things tailored, but if I’m going to pay to get something tailored,
I’m going to make it myself in the first place, which I do very rarely as well because I just
don’t have enough time. So if you are thinking about starting to wear
a corset on a daily basis and you’re worried about your clothes suddenly not fitting, that
isn’t the case and that’s not something you really need to worry about. I can remember
when I got pregnant, I was convinced that I’d wake up one morning, the next morning,
and suddenly none of my dresses would fit. And so I rushed out into town and bought three
monstrous maternity dresses that you wouldn’t believe. And I think I wore them a few times
right at the very, very end. It’s the same with corsets, 95% of the clothes you currently
wear, you’ll still be able to wear with a corset. And although I do have a couple of
skirts now that I can’t wear without a corset, that is just a couple of items out of my whole
wardrobe. So really it’s something you don’t have to worry about. Even today, when I buy clothes, I always make
sure that I can wear them both with and without a corset. And I’ve mentioned that I’ve got
a couple skirts where I can’t actually do the waistband up when I’m not wearing a corset.
But with those, if I get home and I just want to relax on the sofa, then I just take the
corset off and undo the zip, and that’s fine, no one else is going to see me. But the rest
of the time I do make sure that I can wear the dress with or without a corset because
I don’t want to be stuck in a situation where I feel uncomfortable with a corset. There’s
some days where it might be super hot or it might be the time of the month, or you just
might be fed up and you don’t want to be stuck thinking, “I can’t take the corset off.” So
I’d always now, even now, after many, many years, I still make sure that I can wear my
clothes without a corset as well as with a corset. And I’ll show you now how it looks
with and without a corset, that I can wear it. Hopefully you’ll be able to see the difference
when I’m wearing it and when I’m not wearing it. But I wear them with and without, and
they look great either way. When you look at fashion and the fabrics used
in fashion today, most of the fabrics have a little bit of give. I’m wearing this skirt
from the Pretty Dress Company. And although it’s supposedly a non-stretch fabric, there
is a give to the waistband, probably a good inch or so. And it’s quite easy to wear with
or without a corset. The only skirts that I’ve come across which have no stretch at
all, there’s cotton circle skirts by Vivien of Holloway. There’s the Jenny skirt by Pinup
Girl Clothing. There’s a few dresses and skirts by Trashy Diva. The dresses have adjustable
waistlines, but I have got a couple skirts by them, which are non-stretch waistbands.
But, on the whole, there is a lot more give to clothes than you think. If you’re worried about the waistbands being
too big when you’re wearing a corset to begin with, this isn’t such a problem at all. Because,
to start with, you won’t be having a great reduction and it’s quite disappointing really.
When I first put people in corsets, they always want to measure their waistband because they
look amazing. But when you actually measure outside the corset, the actual reduction is,
let’s say, disappointing because it’s not a huge reduction. It’s basically the whole
shape and the smoothing out of the lines, which really makes the visual difference. So if you start wearing a corset, your skirts
will fit probably the same as before. In fact, it might even be hard to do the zip up because
where as the human body squishes and it’s easy to do up because the body squishes, the
zip. When you are doing it over a corset, the corset there’s no give at all, so it can
be quite difficult. As you reduce more, then your accessory of
choice will be belts. And if a skirt waistband is slightly too big when you’re wearing a
corset like this one is, I simply wear it with a belt, wide belts, which you can pick
up at any vintage inspired brands, at their websites or their stores. They’re just a God
send. And I have to admit that I used to hate elastic belts. And now, I tend to wear one
nearly every day. I like them because they stretch with your body, so you can wear them
with or wear them without a corset, you can wear them, if you have to loosen the corset,
it doesn’t really matter, they’re totally adaptable. I’ve got several elastic belts. My favorite
one is by H&M, which is a high street store. They tend to go in and out of fashion, so
you can pick them up at high street stores on occasion. I haven’t seen any recently,
but a few years ago they were all over the place and I picked up some really nice ones.
If they all right of fashion then you need to go to your nearest vintage inspired boutique
or website. My favorite elastic belts are actually made
by Vivien of Holloway in the UK. And they are quite expensive, but they are definitely
worth money because the elastic she uses is a very high quality elastic. It’s got a lot
of stretch, there’s a lot of control to it. And also the metal work she uses for the clasps
is very, very strong. Having said that, if you’re going to buy these in three or four
colors, it does work out as quite expensive. So I’ve only got a couple of Vivien’s. You can also find cheaper elastic belts by
people like Hell Bunny. And you’ll find with them is they do the job perfectly well. The
elastic is stretchier, not so controlling, so you don’t get such a nice line to the waist.
And also I have had issues with the metalware isn’t quite as strong, so it can bend a little
bit. But, again, it does the job perfectly well. So really it depends on your budgets.
I pick up the cheaper ones for the colors I don’t wear so often, so if I’m just going
to wear something occasionally. So I’ve got a jade green one, which I’ve got a couple
jade green outfits, so I’ve just got a cheap one to wear with those two outfits. But if
I’m wearing red or black, something I wear all the time, then I’ve got my expensive Vivien
one. If you have any questions about how to dress
when you’re wearing a corset, then please get in touch. And in the meantime, take care
and I’ll catch up with you soon.

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