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hi guys and today we're playing cops and robbers in our box bar so how this is gonna work is three of us are the cops representing the blue band which is dad tie and mom and three of us are robbers wearing the green band shirt and so down in the maze there is a jail set up the robbers are going to be putting that jail and locked in there their job is to be able to get unlocked and then be able to go through the maze we're gonna have strategically hidden for treasures that if they can find them and get them back to their base before they all get caught they will win the treasure and at the end to open the treasure and see what they actually get throughout the maze there are safe bases whether it on the floor on the wall whereas if a robber stands out or touches it a cop cannot get in so it makes it a little bit easier for the robbers to be able to navigate throughout the maze but if they're not touching or standing on that safe zone and they get touched they go back to jail so the robbers get your ride but the cops have to walk okay tie so what happens if you touch one of these robbers you have to go to jail okay robbers how do you get out of jail break them free yeah so they have to stay in jail until another rubber comes in freeze them after you've all xscape t' okay are you guys ready for this crazy game alright let's go play okay lock them in okay so we are going to go hide these fossils right ty yep okay I'll hide them okay so we've been told that in order to get out of this jail we have to find the secret tool in order to cut the zip ties so we get escaped and find all the items and I'm feeling I know where this random triangle bulging out of the wall here we go only good behavior in the yeah oh oh there's a cop okay what's the plan I think I just escaped so there sweetheart and there's three of us that means Trula that means one of us has to get to okay don't get as well seem like they're getting smaller and smaller this tunnels so tight let go back in the jail see okay there we go hide our tool nobody will ever know goodbye jail Thanks okay guys I'm on the safe spot and here's a guys I'm in the middle of the box sport maze on a safe spot I think should be a chased by a cop I'm just gonna stand here for a while look around don't want to get caught Jordan didn't see the safe sticker keeps guarding me so I can't move that's like three cops surrounding us right now yeah I don't even know where Jake would I can you snuck out at that place nothing suspicious going on around here I found anything yet hi Jake have you found any where are all the things what let's get the other robbers oh you're lucky there's a safe zone right bigger have you found anything yet I'm in jail I'm Jordan hanging out with Johnny yes are you sure oh that one has a trap oh no our cave got broken oh boy here we go nobody's at the safe zone Johnny's guarding it keep a watchful eye Johnny keep a watchful eye your tube rocks we can see well you ain't got them back I got zero I got zero too okay Jake had two of the gyms but I caught him so please you guys were in jail do you want to switch sides does anybody want switch sides you want to stay the robbers stay the rappers stay there okay so now it's round two and all the robbers wanted to stay robbers so the cops are staying cops let's see if the robbers can get all the jewels this time okay so that jail is pretty secure pretty tight I think it will take them a really long time to figure out how to bust out so I'm going to go check on the items and see where they're at and make sure that they haven't been moved anywhere let's break yeah let's go these tunnels are hard to move through quietly when you're a big person cuz you're always scraping the edges but my strategy is to stay as quiet as possible and then come around a corner and nab the suspects hey there's another fellow officer and Logan found his way to me he didn't puppy all right he's on the hunt he smells the criminals all right Logan where are they boy Logan's gonna lead the way he knows where they're at where the criminals are always at so we just have to stand the move and we'll get him he's on the move he sees them oh he's Audrey Audrey who else is he sniffing oh he's sniffing out door and she busted out of jail ah where's Jake Logan go find Jake which way Hey robbers go they busted out I found two of them escaped I can't find the third yeah let's go Logan's helping me let's go Logan no no time for toys come on let's go I thought about to go by the stairs Tezz around here somewhere I'm just worried he's dumping over here they're coming they're coming Jordan she's still on the run computer we've got to get her everybody split up all cops split up watch out Jordan oh no I hope we win this round we have a 1 yeah we need to win one round at least let's get her Oh what is going on with that cop that's my neighbor that's a cop boys the cop glitched whoa okay Logan let's keep patrolling it looks like that weird cop has her they found Jordan it sounds like she's on a safe base a weird cop has her hello okay so if we have to the people in prison my guess is that they don't have any of the jewels and time is running out they have to hurry and they're not going to get it did you make your thing back to base no I had to drop this time I've got me oh I made mine back to base all right we're going through the party room I think that one of the prisoners got the others out of jail so we need to search the premises and get them back in jail before they get our gems costs let's go let's go okay i freed everyone you guys I can't believe I managed I did I think everybody no oh man I can't believe I freed everybody I'm honest a spot I'm feeling they're always to back the maze but nobody's going to the back none of the robbers are going back there so I'm gonna go to the back what spits Coakley's come back to the game guys I didn't take a quick water break back at the king hey I thought you were in jail oh I'm just a citizen welcome to jail Hey look smoothly I had two gyms and I was this close to base before takeoff that's zero hey I see you see you can test it go don't listen there's cops patrolling the area let me Jake let's go guys another cop I'm on yeah I was on safe you said your odds see if I got you oh that's unsafe right okay cube good search Jake search can't go around this other way I'm stuck in jail whoa what in the world keep her going to the back in a Jewish my singles rubbers in this spot I haven't been everywhere but I can't find it still okay Oh Jake knows through the bite you let's go what you touch that's everything that's enticing me Jail the kids will chip away at them and see who collected the most jewels and who got the coolest tool all right let's go first glimpse of the gem you guys hopefully you can see that it's like Marvel II purple and white it looks so pretty I found the first one I rinse it I found a glimpse of one right there all right Jake's first gym is quartz they're like they're all the same color go listen color Tice trying to do this one-handed buddy okay so they finished finding as many rocks as they could they're trying to still fine-tune and chalk but I think they found them all Jordan what did you find amethyst look at that for and it's a semi-precious so it's supposed to be rare but I got four into one little rock so how rare it is the only semi-precious stone that was found so did she win did I get let's see okay Audrey what did you find I found a bunch of different ones there's no Petrified Wood this one the dutter rock meaning we couldn't find a classification for that one this one has a little sea creatures in it like that it just got really cool sandstone and this one's limestone no one has these cool little patterns so you found some really cool earthy type rocks thermode like them thermal would like Audrey's rocks okay Jake what did you find I got all quartz quartz so what are the ones and one people Jake found so far at the most rocks he found five and he found a rose quartz which is the most desirable of all court says says that rare sorry so in quartz world that would be your precious one yeah so did Jordan or Jake win huh Audrey okay what about time I got four obsidian let's see it's a tie found four obsidian tie why do you think you should win because I got the strongest rock I will these there you go okay so you guys go ahead and comment down below who found the best gems hey my not even a rock is what no I classification herd and animals and then settlements yes okay you guys want to go open up some mail yeah already mail time so this first letter is from Madison in New York she loves how many real life sardines and stack juice in a box forks and things about her is that she has three dogs and she just turned 12 so thank you so much for your learn medicine this is from kailani and indiana and pictures some basic pictures look at this wow that's cool here's Adri qui depicts the of her shirt surfing I think this is yeah this is Tyler haha EDA awesome to play button come on up is so much thank you yeah this is from justice from Nevada she's been watching us for about a year she dresses pretty little picture she is 10 almost 11 thank you so much for your letter okay and this one is from miracle in New Jersey miracle has as shitzu named kiss kiss so cute um and they want us to do more sardines they don't want us to get any more flus six or sickness because we all keep getting sick sure though and they love our channel and they drew as a picture nice okay and I believe miracle also has a channel called vvv book club channel and miracle is the one with black hair and wearing glasses we got box from Florida let's see who it is from picture some stuffed animals Wow no I think this is big at first it was peak it was got me my goodness okay this is from IRISA she's ten years old from Florida and it also looks like there's a letter here from Caylee or Kayla I'm not sure I'm sorry if I said that wrong but she drew a nice little picture of it our family awesome alright thanks you guys thank you alright we hope you guys enjoyed this video of cops and robbers in our box fort be sure to give a big thumbs up also subscribe you have already to ever find a great end it's the bell let's see y'all next time [Applause]

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