Cop Threatens AOC

>> Two police officers in Louisiana have been
fired following a Facebook post where one of the cops said that she needs to get shot. And then the other cop actually liked the
post. So let me give you the details on how this
all went down. The cop who shared the post, actually posted
a fake news article from a site called Taters Gonna Tate. Which alleged that AOC wants to pay members
of the military less money. And so in response to that fake news story,
which he obviously thought was a real news story, he wrote the following. This vile idiot needs a round, I don't mean
the kind she used to serve. Referring to her obviously her bartending
job. It must be hard living with the IQ of a Chicklet,
he also commented on the post. So Charlie Rispoli is the name of the officer. He was from the Gretna Police Department,
and he has been fired. And one of his colleagues was also fired because
he liked the post, Angelo Varisco is his name. The photo on the post is marked as satire,
by the way, and has been labeled false by the website, but it doesn't matter. He probably doesn't even know what satire
is. It doesn't stop him from judging the intelligence
of others, though. >> He's like satire, and I don't mean the
one that goes in your car. Okay, anyway, I love the guy criticizing her
IQ as he gets irate over a post labeled satire. Doesn't bother to check any of the facts,
as always, cuz in reality, it's the right wing who are monumentally stupid. >> No, Cenk, the satire thing. That's a good point, right? The site is Taters Gonna Tate. >> That's it. That's it. I mean, we're doomed as a country. We're doomed. >> Well, I like the name of the site I see. I don't know what they do on the site, probably
it's bad stuff. >> Who wouldn't know that that's not a real
news source? >> No, no, I know. Hold on, so I, of course, being the fat ass
that I am, I think of tater tots. And number two, I think taters are home runs,
right? So I'm like these. >> I love taters too. >> This is good. Yeah, but when I go to Taters Gonna Tate,
I'm not looking for a cerebral context, okay? I'm not like, I found my new source for information
about Taters. Anyway, I do actually want to comment on the
original fake news story because there's two ironies here. Number one, Trump calls everything fake news,
but in reality the right wing that did the fake news on behalf of Trump during the election,
in order to trick people, and they continue to do it, to this day. And then, number two, about that particular
article, actually the incoming soldiers and troops are paid, and I say this all the time,
I said it earlier today too, only about $19,000 a year. So our soldiers are very, very poorly paid. But Donald Trump goes around bragging about
how he got more money for the troops. No, he didn't, he got more money for defense
contractors, for Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, etc. Cuz he's corrupt, so the troops got almost
none of that. So this guy, instead of actually sticking
up for the troops and almost all the progressives, including AOC, actually want higher pay for
the troops, for the troops. He takes the reality, turns it on its head,
and then wants to murder her for it. Or at least joking about murdering her. Look, if you're joking about murdering someone,
don't, it's a really, really bad idea. But if you're a cop joking about killing people,
that's particularly troubling. And so we were going to do this story and
we were ready to be all outraged, etc. And news just broke that they were fired. What we look for is justice, and so in this
case, yes, there's some justice. So if the system works, great. You shouldn't have unhinged cops like that
who can't, first of all, who can't tell what reality is. You give them a badge and a gun and all that
power and send them into the streets? Now he's talking about kidding around, at
best kidding around, about murdering public officials. >> Right. >> Unacceptable, obviously. >> You're a cop and you're supposed to earn
the public's trust, you don't do that by posting about shooting up a member of Congress who
you happened to disagree with. I mean, it's just disgusting, it's gross. And by the way, I mean, this wasn't the only
example of the right wing behaving poorly on social media. Now this next example isn't as bad, but it
gives you a sense of where their head is at. So according to The Hill, the Illinois Republican
County Chairman's Association, shared and later apparently deleted a movie poster style
meme labeling four Democratic minority Congresswomen, the Jihad squad. Okay, and then the meme also appeared to be
created from the movie poster for the 2013 film Gangster Squad. Man, I am so out of the loop when it comes
to movies, I don't know what that is. But anyway, they also included a caption that
said political jihad is their game. If you don't agree with their socialist ideology,
you're racist. No, they don't refer to people as racist because
they disagree on political policy. They call people racist when they say racist
things like go back to your country. >> When your country is America, but you just
happen to be brown or black. Okay, on this, how many times are Republican
officials going to make this mistake? Well, why does it constantly happen in the
Republican Party? Because they're filled with racists and bigots. So they're like they're all part of a jihad. Okay, so first of all, saying it about Muslims
is in some ways more offensive, not less offensive, because it smears 1.6 billion Muslims with
the few radicals in that religion. We could easily do that for the right wing
in America. It's almost exclusively right wingers who
shoot up churches, synagogues and mosques all across the country. We could say, hey, listen, you're all Nazis. You're all murders, etc, now nobody does that
cuz you're white. And by the way, also because they shouldn't,
and we would never do that cuz it's not logical. But you, on the other hand, have no logic
and you're bigots. So that's why you call Muslims like Rashida
Tlaib and Ilhan Omar part of a jihad squad. But even by your own insane standards, why
is Ayanna Pressley and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez part of that? >> No, I mean, it's just a way of smearing
them and again, fear mongering about them, which invites even more threats toward them
and it's just gross. And by the way, they took the post down. And party officials in the state of Illinois
argued, no, this is not representative of who we are. But it is. >> No, of course it is. >> This is part of the Republican establishment
in the state of Illinois thinking that it was totally okay to post something like this
publicly on social media. >> What are you talking about? Your representative is Donald Trump. Over 90% of Republican voters like Donald
Trump. They approve of Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a well-known racist and bigot. He's the one who just said about Ilhan Omar
that she likes Al Qaeda. A 100% fabrication, hateful bigot that he
is. He's pathetic. Makes up stuff like that when, in fact, he
backs Al Qaeda by backing the Saudi government. But you turn around and do this smear anyway. Yeah, that's who the Republican Party is. You had 17 choices. You pick the guy who said we should ban all
Muslims from the country. You don't get to go around saying that Republicans
aren't bigots. You chose the bigot on purpose. You had 16 other choices. You're like no, no step aside, that guy said
he hated all Muslims. And was going to ban every one of them. That's my guy. That's who the Republican Party is. Own it.

40 thoughts on “Cop Threatens AOC

  1. I don't like AOC, but these cops are trash and should never be allowed to hold another police job again.

  2. Big disagree on one point. ALL Republican elected officials SHOULD be shot. They are traitors to this country.

  3. The United States Armed Forces, are the Largest (most expensive) in the History of the World! It is demonstrably the largest WELFARE PROGRAM as well.

  4. Oh, yeah. She has a real low i.q. That's why ur applying for jobs right now and she is laughing at ur cop ass. So funny. Yep.

  5. So ilhan Omar just did this same thing and threatened trump .. this was before her destroy white people rant on tv why does she get to keep her job ? Why doesn’t she lose it and get thrown in jail ? Where y’all at on that one ? Straight act like y’all ain’t seen or heard shit .. haha I know why.. you racist pieces of shit TYT and your racist victim agenda .. well she then if Omar dies guess that’s what she’s get for the challenge she brought on herself ? Right ?

  6. Come on dumb ass police officers who’s next who wants to get fired or put into prison fucken hypocrites grow up already y’all acting like little kids

  7. That cop could probably run for Mayor of his town and win. He may have Presidential aspirations. He’s just following the new blueprint.

  8. The Right wing always incite violence and childish discord, I would like to see just one them explain their position without name calling or threats of violence.

  9. Micah, it's only going to take one time of you getting kicked in the teeth by your wage labor ( perhaps disguised as a salary) slave masters and it will happen. It happens to us all. You are caught in a neo-liberal delusion overseen these days by neo-con nut jobs and just remember this when hard times come your way. Someone will say to you exactly what you just said to me.

  10. No doubt, the guy making the post should be fired. But does anybody think he is going to take a minute of his downtime for introspection about why he got fired? Of course not. He will dive even deeper into the depths of the far-right neurosis and blame the conspiracy even more.

  11. would be Grenta,la. small town outside new orleans that has the most arrest in the nation of black people. This is the same town that stopped New Orleans citzens from crossing over the bridge during Katrina. share the real news TYT..

  12. This is and has been the way Democrats operate forever. You disagree with anything political then you're a racist! It's a joke and it's destroying the Democratic party.

  13. Lol right wing stupid? No what's stupid is putting woman in Congress who openly say they literally hate America and are allies. Or a woman who married her brother to evade taxes and get citizenship.

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