– Babin’s pumped. He got some good
content for DailyVee. I was like sledding. Jesus! That turned into
like an awesome track. (“Monday To Monday” by Saba) – Saba, I’ve been telling you. (“Go F*uck Yourself”
by Two Feet) – [Paul] Hey Gary.
– [Gary] Yep. – [Paul] Hey, my name’s Paul. Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – [Paul] I know you’re pretty
(inaudible) with everybody but I was just wondering if
I could get a picture with you? – Sure, man.
– Okay, cool. – [Paul] Alright, sweet.
Have a good trip. – [Gary] Thanks, man.
Thanks for saying hello. – [Paul] If I reach
out Paul Royal but– – [Gary] Use the picture.
– Okay. – [Gary] Yeah, awesome.
Take care. – [Sid] Gary.
– [Gary] Yeah? – [Sid] Sid. I hit you up. I know you’re doing
the whole beanie thing. – [Gary] Yep. – I hit you up on
the #BizDevSunday thing. – [Gary] Awesome, man. About that? I’m having a
meeting on Tuesday with the things that have
been vetted through. – Okay.
– [Gary] Alright. – I’d love to talk–
– [Gary] You know what? Take this picture and send it
to me tonight and then I’ll use that to make sure that
you’re in the consideration set. – My man, I appreciate
you so much, bro. – [Gary] My pleasure, man. – Can I get real quick?
– [Gary] Yeah, sure. Yo! Video. – One quick thing, what’s
your positivity hack in life? – Gratitude. You know I’m just very grateful. I know what the world’s
about and so I’m grateful. – Yeah, I appreciate you, man. Thank you.
– Sure, sure. – I’ve been following
you for a year, man. I appreciate all you do.
– Thank you. – Keep it up.
– [Gary] Thank you. I’m gonna try, man. Really nice to meet you. How are you?
– Nice to meet you. Can I get a picture?
– Sure. – Awesome. – He was just listening to you.
– (laughs) I was. – Awesome, man. Real pleasure.
Nice to meet you. Take care.
Thank you. Hi, how are you?
– Welcome to Denver. – [Gary] Thank you. That’s ’cause that kind of
sequence hasn’t happened yet. Just landed in Denver. Going to two client meetings and
then an internal meeting with video production and creative. So that should be productive. Also just put out a pretty
good post about the podcast. A lot of feedback from people
that aren’t able to keep up with videos as a new job or new
kid or things of that nature. So, make sure you
get on the podcast train. Every format, not just iTunes. SoundCloud,
Spotify, iHeartRadio, Overcast, Stitcher. We’re doing it all so you
can listen if you can’t watch. Like yes, maybe I was the
lighter fluid on a lot of these guys who were already
putting in real business work. I mean there’s a lot of
people picked up “Crush It!” and the reason I always talk
about patience is I don’t know if you were born entrepreneur
or had been doing it for a long time. If you’re coming from I’ve
been a 17 year lawyer but I love candle making and I’m gonna
become the candle guy, right? You’re gonna be starting from a zero place
from entrepreneurship. It may take two and
a half, three years. You clip this audio part from
you recording right now and send it to my team ’cause I want to
use it in the pre-roll of the video for (censored)
so they can hear it when this got figured out. Cool, so yeah. So I’m gonna tell you something
that’s really scary to me. I’m not so sold that the only
thing I’m doing is actually giving people permission. I think through
my own confidence and my complete utter lack of being worried about what
other people think when I’m in my zone in the
business world, right, that my confidence and bravado
is creating a shield for a lot of people to take the
leap and all of a sudden, it’s literally, literally I feel
like I’m a swim coach and I’m just pushing people into a pool,
they start swimming and they’re like, “Oh, wait a minute.
I can can fucking swim.” Yeah, I think the lesson there
is like hey if some of you are actually doing well on the side
if you’ve got a great t-shirt business and it was about the
business and you liked t-shirts but now you’re 34 and actually
you’re like you know I really like gardening like why
not like it’s “Crush It!” on “Crush It!” right? Okay, it’s not being a lawyer
and then starting a t-shirt business on the side, it’s that
you actually did that but you just realized wait a
minute eight years later, I actually gardening. Why can’t you start the
gardening business on the side while you’re doing t-shirt
business and eventually becomes the gardening business? Good stuff, good stuff. I’m gonna go shower.
– [Jon] There’s some good steps. – [Gary] What I can tell you is
if I ran their company next year they would do $11 million
in revenue from one and they’re gonna do three. And that’s something
we have to think about. Going to a lunch
meeting with a client. Little Lulu’s BBQ. Living the dream. Sliding down driveways,
making business happen. (“Eleven:11” by Pell) How realistic is this? Like, is this really real? Can people really do this? It’s fucking very real. It’s like the
ambition of the majority, it’s the ambition of probably
20% of the youth of America to basically live
the “Crush It!” life. That’s a astonishing situation. It’s just become very real
because of the emergence of podcast, the
explosion of YouTube and the explosion of Instagram. The three current platforms
are, like those three current platforms and
Facebook too, by the way. Those I guess
it’s a tipping point. I think we’re in it now. You’re just so pumped with
the visuals you’re getting. – [Other Tyler] Oh yeah.
– Right? Hi. Matt. – [Steve] You were out in
New York a couple months ago and so we got together
and while we were talking, we started
talking about this idea. – [Gary] I like how you
showing it in the email. It just helps sell.
– [Man] I agree. – Just helps sell.
– [Man] Yeah. – Right?
– [Man] Yep. – [Steve] These guys are good.
– No shit. (group laughter) No, but you know what I mean. It just helps sell.
– [Man] Yeah. – That, the feeds.
– [Man] Yeah. – Mhmmm.
– [Man] Good, good. – We reverse engineered
that a little bit. Yes, there clearly was at some
point somebody who was the most famous first person to do it.
– [Man] Mhmmm. – [Gary] But that just
really was purely virality, it’s Facebook. It’s way more
replicable than people think. – [Man] Mhmmm. – The problem is
everybody tries to make it like, let’s eat the peanut butter. What people don’t realize is
when you have to replicate something that’s replicable
you have to walk away from it. In the way that we all thought
“Teen Spirit” you can’t do that because everything looks like
the Ice Bucket Challenge which means it’s not good.
– [Man] Yeah. – You have to take the seed
of what makes an Ice Bucket Challenge but you can’t
make it like a challenge. – [Man] Right.
– [Steve] Mhmmm. – You have to make it like let’s
all hold hands across America, right now, go.
And it just starts. – [Man] Yeah. – It’s got to have
the thematics of it– – [Man] Mhmmm.
– but not look like it. Yeah, see you later. Take care, talk to you soon. (crosstalk) Awesome. Bye-bye, guys. Just here in Boulder. Making shit happen.
Business development. Two client meetings. Productive. Trout, you’re
joining us for this meeting. Let’s do it. We just had a very senior
meeting with the head of our video production
and our creative, Jason and Steve. And I just love those leadership
meetings where we’re trying to do what’s right for the logo. It’s kind of like I’m the
head coach and they’re offensive and
defensive coordinator. So of course they care
about the football team, they can’t help but
caring about their squad, they’re players,
their part of it. And I have a lot of empathy
for that in my leadership team. I never ask them to do
what I’m supposed to do. I’m supposed to take
care of and care about and think about the whole team. They are supposed to take and
think about their teams but when I bring them to the table like I
did they need to think about the entire logo so it’s
very productive but we got a lot done. It’s key for leaders out there
that when they are having these meetings is what are
you doing before that meeting? What I kind of do as a leader,
as somebody who’s been able to build big businesses,
I’m having a lot of small little meetings and some exchanges with
these leaders and moving them down field before we get there
so we don’t spend two hours being very far apart,
we get here and then it’s really just
about that part. Right? Just, just take over
I don’t have any white space. I just got to take care of
one thing, give me one sec. – I just want to say thank you. Seriously, no questions
just want to say thank you. – [Gary] Thank you, brother. – You inspired me and my fiancé
we’re just doing really well. – [Gary] What’s your name? – Kenny.
– [Gary] Kenny. – My phone died
’cause it’s so cold. I wish I had a picture but–
– Come here. No, no. I got you. – Yeah, just thank you
so much. You’re inspiring. – What’s your email?
– [Kenny] Thank you. – Yep.
– [Kenny] Amazing. Thank you so much.
– You got it. – [Kenny] Appreciate it. – The key is if you’re
gonna have big meetings, restructure, strategies,
trying to get people aligned, you can’t allow those people to
start off here and then try to make that whole meeting
get all the way to here. You’ll never get there. So what I try to do is for days
and weeks and sometimes months, sometimes years I’m working on
this and then to close the gaps. So I’m very
happy with the meeting. It was very productive. Unfortunately, we don’t get to
share much with you because it effects hundreds and hundreds
of people in my organization but it is the, the one
hidden thing from DailyVee. (hip hop music) allowing you guys to
be a fly on the wall, these meetings you guys see. Some things, you
can’t show everything but I’ll figure it out eventually. Maybe one day,
maybe eventually we’ll just release
all the content. 10, 15 years. (laughs) Anyway, I appreciate you guys
being a part of this journey. It’s a grind, it’s a slog,
it’s an everyday thing. You just think eventually
people will understand it. It’s one thing for you
guys to have this figured out at episode 160, 170. It’s another thing for me to
have this thing figured out at episode 11,000. Even though I’m
showing it more than anybody,

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