Contentment in Singleness + Online Dating + Unequally Yoked Relationships + How to break a SOUL TIE

all right what's going on there but his coach Josh want to welcome you guys out to another dating prep podcast a podcast done to help you date yourself and I love your life forever and today based upon my day I'm gonna offer you guys a live Q&A where you can ask me any question about life god relationships soul ties all that good jazz so if you watch me live do me a big favor and shut his broadcast out to as many people as possible I'm excited about these live broadcasts because I feel like I get a chance to answer you guys specific questions I was able I wasn't able to have a soul ties message ready for you all today my school had a exclusive cool meeting we're getting a new school for the school that I work at and so I was a part of that I want to make sure I gave my input and and be involved involved with the community there and so that's why I wasn't able to have it prepared but if you're watching live want to welcome you guys out for watching why could welcome you guys out to the podcast so I'm gonna give you guys some time to come on in so that we can get right into the question so I'm gonna let you guys come on in but for those who's watching or listening later whether on Google Play Apple podcast SoundCloud when I say thank you guys so much for listening on those streams um but imma let you guys get a chance to come on in so then get right into the question the Q&A for today hey it was going on how you doing how you doing it coming in they're coming in hope y'all are doing exceptional for the last few weeks we've been going through my book the purpose of freedom talking about how to untie soul ties and uh true strongholds and so for the next few weeks actually to the end of the year if not beginning of the year we're gonna be going through that book so if you want to be a part of that podcast and book club that we're doing here make sure you go to type in Josh where you'll be able to find the book the purpose of freedom and you'll be able to join us though in those book in that book are exclusive activities for you all to navigate through let me give you guys a chance to ask whatever question out there Aires was going on MRSA des what's going on Rosh Hashanah what's going on I hope y'all doing exceptionally well who's got the first question finally caught you live welcome Paris Brad to have you live glad that you are here with us on this evil sub Dave so which I got I got about 30 minutes and I want to make sure I want to do answer as many questions as possible on this beautiful Thursday afternoon Thursday evening what's going to AGL what's going on good evening good evening slim wrap in the bill that's me now and be expecting a good guys podcast tomorrow me and BT got something good for you what are we talking about tomorrow we're talking about um I guess you have to wait till tomorrow can friends and friends being a soul time good question can friends and friends being a Soto or in other words can friends be so tied together with sup Nikki Nike Nikki my keep sorry Marcie dad's was going on I'm gonna get to our question let's get right to it um can friends be so tired to each other of course so many people do not live outside of their friends advice they they love their friends so much and I was coaching a young lady today I was yesterday in regards today I was coaching young lady in regards to um being an only child and the effects that it caused in our lives I know when I grew up as only child anytime I was around somebody I wanted to consume them I wanted them to be a part of my life I wanted them to consume my life because I grew up is on the child and grew up with a lot of friends I didn't grow up with a lot of I didn't have any siblings at the time and so any time I spent the night with someone spittin over my house I didn't want them to leave and I talked to her about how being an only child leads into other areas in our life those type of old only child tendencies meaning that if if I have a void in my life I'm looking for friends I'm looking for people to fill that void and many times when friends are the beginning stages of a friend becoming or building a soul to each other is when there are voids when you have a void there and you look to this person to fill that void a soul type can be present as well so to answer your question yes soul ties can develop within friends the best way to make sure that a friendship is even out imbalance is to make sure that your ultimate friend is God and then you will be able to navigate all the other friendships hope to help next question do you believe God can reveal who your future spouse is in a dream I don't believe God has any limits but but when it comes to dreams you just have to be very leery I will just keep that to yourself if anything is revealed to you in any kind of form whether it's through dream through vision through prophecy through anything outside of meeting that person face to face I will really keep that to yourself write it down in a journal put it on the shelf keep that to yourself because we don't know what we don't let God bring the confirmation into your life to prove that dream is valid any time you dream any time you have a vision any time you sense anything from the spiritual world put that on a shelf right now in the journal because what's good about that right the date the time the the vividness of a dream the details of the dream and let it rest there and then when the confirmation comes into your life right the day the time that the confirmation came in so that you can have a track record of confirmation that will bring validity to that dream if it's of God God will confirm it so can God reveal your spouse in the dream he sure can he definitely can but what should you do after you hear anything or feel anything from a dream from the spiritual world write it down put it in a journal exclusively tuck it away and let God bring the confirmation never act off the first revelation of a thing act unless unless is God giving you a warning let's die you know God's voice but when you receive something you're not quite sure if it's God or not let God do his part and confirming it to you and he will hope their help i watch the good guys pocket oh thank y'all thank you and I'm glad to podcast exceptional man that's what we do I didn't know I was you know me and BD we've been doing that since we were in high school we used to remix songs making them made them Christian we we used to we would do but we've been doing we was doing this since high school and we was actually vlogging back in 2003 2004 but there was no mediums to put on B's to carry a camera around and we used to blog so we was ahead of the curve and so it's cool to be able to share that with a good friend like him and be able to have an avenue for you all to to get some laughter but also get some truth there so thank you for watching all right next question let's see let's see let's see arrey says there is a big debate on pedophiles molesters etc being more hated in the eyes of God can you please address this um sin is sin I think any time the Bible says if you hurt if you do anything against the least of these it's better for you to put a millstone millstone around your neck and be dropped into the sea and so I do believe that God really app whores there are certain abominations and I think anytime you do anything against the least of these or against the people that that that can't defend for themselves I think there's a special place in hell for those people if they're not repentant if that makes sense so when it comes to those individuals I really do believe God has a has a has a special place in his heart against those individuals but his grace is so why he was he wish it was all above all they everyone be safe but when it comes to pedophiles and molesters I just think that those individuals just really are sick and I think they needing need need a special place away from women and children exception so let's keep going um what's up Detroit was going on is it possible to receive confirmation from God through dreams either from your own or your close family like I always say Agenor God can confirm in any cut way I'll just write those confirmations down I was just write them down in your journal or somewhere like that and and and track the confirmation so that you can have the confidence that you need to go forward so it's a possible receive confirmation from God through dreams yes either from your own or from close family yes but I just think in order to ensure that it is God I would not act all for something in dream form until God has given you confirmation in reality so you're saying anything you receive in dreams make sure God wait for God to bring confirmation in reality so that you're able to operate in confidence so that you won't be duped demonically through your dreams if that helps finally cut thank you for watching the final glad you was able to cut a catch-up Q&A hope you posted a post question I suggest tips for being content while single even when you have no one expressing interest good question Jessica tips for being content while single even when you have no one expressing interest contentment is a state of mind it is a place in the mental renewal process of God that positions our individual to understand where they are who they are who they're with and where they're going contentment as bit as being at ease being at peace with where you are a contentment and comfort and being comfortable or to total different things or contentment and complacency or to tour different things complacency is the state of mind instead of actually where you just don't desire to grow contentment says even though I may not like where I am I'm gonna make the most of where I am until it's time for me to make a transition so speaking to a single person the best way to be content where you are is to reach as – as it is to see or ask God to reveal to you the purpose of your singleness singleness is is is a blessing is just as a blesses just as much as a blessing as marriage without singleness there's no preparation for purpose many people look at singleness as the only is the prerequisite only to marriage no simulus is the prerequisite to life singleness is where you able to position yourself for the next promotions in life whether it's in business whether it's in ministry whether it's in marriage wherever you go in life singleness seasons of isolation season of being hidden by God are very key in order for you to manage the next phase of your life and the best way to to become content with your season of singleness is to ensure or ask yourself am i content with God the reason why we're Restless in whatever season are we in is because we don't feel at rest with God when a person's at rest and in content and its content with God and as in his innocence is productive listen the best way to keep you from becoming entangle with the ideas of marriage or getting entangled with the the need of marriage is to be productive in your singleness it wasn't until Adam was finished naming his animal he was aware that he was alone and it was by purpose there's gonna come a season where you're gonna come into an awareness of it is no longer good for me to be alone anymore and God will already beat you to that punch before you even filled that punch in your soul and so what I mean by that is is that there are certain things that you have to get done before marriage it has a certain type of person you have to become before marriage and when you begin to focus on bettering you and adding value to you then you won't be able to be in position to add value to someone else so who needs give me the best way for a single person to add I'm the best way for a single person to to feel contempt is to is to gain clarity mentally on why you are where you are and look at singleness as a gift you have to change the way you single signals because it is good the fact that you have no interest as it mean that you're not attractive it doesn't mean that you're not valuable it just means guy has hitting you because he knows good and well if I have all these suitors coming your way then you're going to want to tailor your life to them but God is saying the reason why there's no interest coming your way because I want you to be I want to have your undivided attention to a specific purpose for you to maximize for the next phase I am so glad I maximize my singleness in my singleness I was able to write six books create two card games start a YouTube channel with 1400 videos at the time I was able to add value listen if until you maximize your singleness you won't be able to manage your merry life single people have to understand it in order for me to manage the next level I have to maximize this level when you maximize your singleness then you will be mature enough to manage marriage so to make it plain here are some tips number one find the purpose for your singleness number two ask yourself the tough questions questions like why am I not content in a singleness what's my relationship with God a scale to 1 to 10 how can I invest the relationship that's course you have to ask is what do I need to be productive in now next question I asked as what person do I need to be in order to be a wife or husband thank that would be valuable to another person that is very key and the next step after that is be productive don't even think about marriage don't even think about being with somebody think about bettering you the reason why people are stuck at certain levels is because they don't add value to themselves that's great you have the opportunity to add value and for every single person to me right now it's always room to grow it's you your greatest project you have the opportunity to shape yourself because you have and understand this you have to be a wife before your wife you have to be a husband for your husband I do doesn't make you a husband I do doesn't make your wife you have to be it in order to be it you have to be it to be it and the best time to do that is when you don't have no distractions hope to help you Jessica how do you remain calm in a work environment that is busy and full of chaos that could impact you mentally and spiritually basically working under the wrong leadership perfect question good question I truly believe that I that my environment could be a product of me or that I'm responsible in protecting my internal environment it doesn't matter where you find yourself at the moment blossom where you are utilize your work environment to make you better what I do in every work environment I'm at a school now I'm at a school now all the jobs I've been the last three jobs that I was at to with the YMCA and now I want to see a mess it doesn't matter what the conditions are doesn't matter who the leadership is I know for a fact that I working to the Lord and I'm going to continue to Lulu utilize my work environments to to breed excellence in my life so what I will advise you to do is to understand that calmness begins before you leave the home joy begins before you leave the home never leave your home without entering into God's joy enter into a place of gratitude saying that I'm grateful that I have a job even though it's poor leadership even honest chaos at my job God you have a purpose for me there because I know father promotion as a come from East or West from you and since promotion comes from you I'm a blossom wherever I am I'm still gonna work in X's wherever I am and when it's your time for me not to be here you will position me out of it because every environment that God has you in he wants to teach you something so right now he has you at that job to learn something even the mister chaos that is something for you to learn even the midst of chaos this clarity it even in a messed up in the midst of chaos there's an opportunity to grow and to learn because one day you may be an ownership one day you may be in leadership and you would be able to utilize those moments there to grow so what I would advise you to do is to start at home when you see when your home is a blessed environment when your home is a joyful environment and you enter into God's a new data he's made for you of gladness it was rejoicing when you began to adopt that type of mindset then you will flood into a chaotic work environment and you will be the peace to the storm that's there that workplace will become a product of you instead of you becoming a product of it never allow a working environment to call you to cause you to become worried are weary and rest on the inside you determine where wherever your footsteps you have authority so it doesn't matter what's going that work environment you know for a fact that God has you there for purpose learn there grow there and if anybody else want to come in against you or your place of peace don't allow them to invade you mentally and you worked into your time is up do you you are responsible is your choice not to make those things impact you you just say you know what God I'm a work here I'm gonna be grateful that I have a job I'm gonna I'm gonna honor that person so i'ma just I'll just be you in this workplace I'm gonna be loving i'ma be kind I mad working excellence I'm working to you because I'm a utilizes chaotic working environment to develop my character to develop me so that when I get to a better environment I will be even more effective and efficient there because if you are able to survive there and grow there then you can make it anywhere is what I'm trying to say so calmness begins at home practically what you do is is when you wake up everything that your eyes leão everything your eyes looks at you be grateful for Lord I'm grateful for this sillim grateful for these walls I'm grateful plays and great for a roof of man I'm grateful for my wife I'm grateful for the build of the wall I'm grateful for the ability to smell here we are then you fine tuning your your whole personhood enter into a mode of God I'm hyper aware of what you want me to do today even in a chaotic environment and I'm a grow while I'm here because I work for you hope the help parent says what are some things that I can do to go deeper in my relationship with God I feel like I can Beast I can do so much more I'm working on the video right now I don't know when I'm gonna do it it's give me don't know what I'm gonna do it but I'm gonna talk about how to deepen your relation with God but what I the premise of my points within that talk is gonna be the difference between servant servant um mine's the difference when the servant mindset and a friend mine said the Bible says you said I no longer call you servants I'll call you friends because a servant doesn't know what the master is doing but a friend does so what deep is my relationship with God practically it's changing my mindset from a service mindset to a friend's mindset that I'm a friend of God and when you really got a well you got a really got a good friend you care about them you you are concerned about them good friend good friendships our friendships there are selfless bad friendships isn't one-sided friendship but when you got a friendship with God and you're really concerned about his feelings you're really concerned about what he desires and needs and wants to do through you then you know you begin to form it afresh as mindset where you are concerned that you are engaging that you that you have basic conversations with that all then my talks with God doesn't always begin with heavily father sometimes it comes with Gio sometime I say God sometime I say pops I said I'll say yo you know I said once I've talked to him because he's my friend it doesn't mean that there there's a lack of reverence there but there's deep reverence but I know that I'm a friend and what deep is my friend show of guard parents if I could be honest with you is my purpose every day I have to meet with God every day after talk with God because I do videos every day I rhyme writing just about every I'm creating every day and I know that in my past every time that I spend time with God I receive gold I receive deeper wisdom I see receive revelation so what are some practical things that you can do to DPLA shoes God is to be honest on Israel one be honest with why you act where you are on a scale of one to ten what relation with God and he got ourselves wise that that number the deep the deep the depths of God is predicated how deep we go and God is on us hey I'm saying so now you have to look at it not from a service mindset where I'm reading my Bible and I'm praying just to appease God and maybe God will bless him because of my spiritual discipline oh I'm spiritually disciplined because I'm a friend of God I'm disciplined because I want to be a better friend to God I'm disciplined because I want to become a better used to God and with the way I do that is through fellowship his based as simple as you would your own friend sometimes we make guy into some mystical character that we forget that he is a person that he's he's humorous that that he's witty that he's funny that he's that he's wise that that he cares that he's loving that's why I will tell you look up the attributes of God because that's what helped me in the beginning stages deep in my relationship because I began to get to know him go to google and type in the attributes of God ain't navigate through some links that give scriptural references to his attributes so that you can get to know him and then watch your prayers and your interactions begin to change because because you became more aware of who he is it's hard to go deep with a person that you don't know and it's hard to go deep with the person that you only care about for your own selfish needs so debate the basis is I know you can do so much more but don't worry about how much you can do can't be concerned about the quality of how you do it God cares about quality over quantity we feel like we have to do more things to get more favor with God know you can do what you can do we do the best at what you can but make sure it's quality make sure it's genuine make sure it's pure make sure there's no self seeking or selfish in your heart and then you'll begin to see what God does with a little young boy brought two fish and five loaves or five loaves and two fish no I'm saying he brought what he had but God turned that quantity into quality so don't don't be so concerned about I have to read five more chapters or the depths of God is at his foundation is relationship and how do you build a relationship every day is talking with him every day I don't pray one hour in one location I pray five hours in many locations bout time I don't finish communing with God all day has been about five or six hours you ever been on the phone with a friend for three or four hours if you ever spent six hours in a day with the close friend it's same as with God is that I'm in his presence therefore I'm talking to God what God what do you think about this book idea and the next thing you know I've been in a two-and-a-half-hour creative brainstorming session with God and I don't received about 10 extra card games because of it I tell people man God reveals revelation to his friends everything else is in the Bible for the rest of y'all a rest of other people you know I'm saying God says man if you really want the real stuff man building a show of me and listen I didn't write these six books I don't create these videos just out of thin air like it's from my relationship so the depth circulation of God is based upon the quality of time that you want to engage with it number two you treat him like he's a person get to know who he is as a person and engage as such and number three look at your time and look at areas where you can contribute God I talked to a person I was coaching and if you want one-on-one coaching hit me up on my website I am unplug calm but I told that person is that that yeah there are times here we go if some of y'all who's been in my coaching sessions heard me say this before I talked about how like with me and my wife we don't go on dates every day but we talk all day every day maybe not all day but we talk every day we have good quality time of talking every day but then once a week there's a date night you see I'm saying so what I did what I told people I said think about this always have quality conversation with God every day but try to have a devotion night or a devotion day with him once a week that devotion day is when you set us two and a half hours or four hours a week exclusive uninterrupted time with God for cleansing repentance you repent every day you engage with God you renew your mind every day but we talked about deep cleansing deep set apartness deep fellowship where you worship in and you praying and it's intimate is thriving that's a date with God but throughout your day still have quality time with God creative sessions with God me and my wife we have brainstorming sessions but there is a time in a week where I'm able to set aside a time of deep prayer deep a fellowship with God that contributes to the quality of conversation if I don't date my wife then the conversation throughout the days are not as potent but asked but when I as often as I date her and devote my time to her you said I'm saying then I'm able to see the fruit of it in the days of conversation so I hope they helped you is that it's not as deep as we think it is but it's all about treating him like a friend treating him like our best friend treating him like someone that we genuinely truly deeply care about God knows I love him and I love him so much that I enjoy his time and then watch as you develop the relationship from our intellectual and emotional standpoint and you began to build that friendship with God you'll begin to see growth happening there and you'll find stuff going deeper into Revelation and like me I'm addicted my time with God because I know he's going to show me something that he ain't show nobody and that's that's how I go deeper with Dave's is how do you feel how do you feel about playful relationship partners for example your partner playfully touches their friends like poke and etc how do you feel about playful relationship partners for example your partner playfully touches their friends um I would just have a conversation where am I why are you poking why are you poking in you want to be with them like it's nothing wrong with communicating with your significant other things that are that are that there should be insignificant in relationship or things that shouldn't be evident in your relationship and if it bothers you communicate why I bothers you that person if y'all not married but that person just seemingly continues after you have communicated with them and they still want to do whatever and be playful with other friends and you have to say you know what why am I even as racial you want to be with them be with them you say I'm saying there's nothing wrong with communicating your your-your-your boundaries when it comes to the opposite sex and if that individual is not willing to stop poking them and stop engaging and stop being playful listen if she planned with both of y'all then she don't know what she wants if he's playing with both the odd I don't know debut Dave so she's playing with both y'all then tell her to be with him you know after the day your love for yourself should be solid before you fought before you grow in love with someone else you'll love for yourself and your love for God needs to be solid before you fall in not not fall in love but before you grow into love with someone else because if your love is based upon how loved you are by the individual you're gonna lose your love in yourself causing you to be affected by her playfulness with someone else so if she wants to play with them tell her to go go on the swings with him tell her to go tell it going with the monkey bars with him you know I'm saying yeah I want to go poke and stuff y'all go poke but I ain't gonna poke you you want to play you can't play with the both of us so that's what I would do you don't got time to be with someone that's unsure about you and it's flirtation somebody else listen if your partner is ferocious if you're sitting for the other we're not talking my people that's married that's we can talk about that some other time with the marriage but if you in a dating relationship with someone and they're over there too playful and too all up on his own somebody else they're not happy with you that shouldn't change that should dictate your joy and God if they're not happy with you you move on with your life define 50 say best advice for a person who thinks the whole world is against them give me I always get nervous around people I don't know I always think they are judging me social anxiety all right let me help you with this blues is what I do I care so much about Who I am and who I need to be I don't have time to care about nobody else the whole world is not against you greater is He that's in you than he or anyone out there in the world there has to come a time of your life when you become mentally renewed about the fact that God is in you that he has a great purpose for you and that you need to be tunnel vision see what happens to me I doesn't matter who comes in my life leaves my life says anything about me it doesn't affect me because I have a greater cause and a greater purpose if you walk into an environment you feel like everyone's judging then you have to look deeper and go down get an elevator of your life go down all the way down to the basement floor and ask yourself why do I feel this way listen any area that you not secure in Christ in will always be used against you you have to ask yourself what areas in my life am i insecure what areas in my life do I not like about myself is there self hate in my life do I love myself because self-love leads to self care and the self care leads to self care I don't give a care you know I'm saying will you self care yogi were you in the self love of youth and you got self care now you got self care less I didn't care less I love myself so much that I care less about what other people think because I Know Who I am in Christ and only got one life to live on God time to worry about who's judging me there's a lot of people don't like me there's a lot of people lied on me but you know what I'm mr. consistent I'll live it on got time to worry about the thumbs-down ones are worried about the negative comments or worry about the haters I don't got time and you should have time either because you got a purpose to fulfill so to encourage you my sister you have to understand hate that I got it first what you gotta say why am i full of anxiety when I'm in these environments and whatever area that you feel insecure about you go to God openly say god man I'm struggling with the way I look I'm struggling the way I feel God I need you because you need to be loved by God so that you got the self-love you need it take care of yourself and walk in confidence anywhere you are that confidence must come from Christ listen I wasn't always comfortable this big forehead I wasn't always confident cuz I always got big-headed jokes these to call being a ninja turtle but turtle who couldn't get his head in the shell you know I'm saying I got all kind of jokes but those people strive suck right now so it is what it is become saying so you got to love yourself enough so that you can take care of yourself enough to walk confident wherever you are you got to love you and the whole world's not against you you walk in an environment confident because you have a purpose the reason why people may not walk confidently in certain rooms they feel inadequate they feel like whatever listen it doesn't matter what room I walk in my shoulders never snuff people feel my presence when I walk in I don't care how many men in the room got more money than me don't matter I got more God becomes anything like you gotta be confident knowing that no matter what room I walk in my light will shine in this room the favor of God surrounds him like a shield I have the mind of Christ unwise as serpent gentle as a dove I become all things to all men that I might win some he said that comes with building a relationship in guard like I taught what the other lady answered her question diving deeper into him so his is his light with shine through you and you'll care less about what other people feel about you my wife be picking on me sometimes I like I care about what I wear but sometimes I listen I Know Who I am I make anything I wear look good even if it just sweats of a t-shirt because I'm confident I'm getting better with it you know Sam like the shirt I got on now but what I'm saying is you got to be able to say you know what god I'm bout here let's get practical all right heavily every room before you walk in gets it before you get out your car Heavenly Father I need your confidence now Holy Spirit gives me a supernatural confidence maybe get you a sheet of paper of affirmations get you a little a little notebook of affirmations a little notebook of of scriptures at any time you feel anxiety you can pull out of your purse and read remind yourself I have a book that you can download right now with scriptures in the back of that book they go to my website right now I am unplugged com4 slash worksheets there's a free book there for you on the back of that book well as you got a scroll down to PDF at the end as a bunch of scriptures you can utilize those scriptures to memorize and to grow in and and and any time before you even walk into a place get out your car Holy Spirit I need you that's what I do every time I preach before I press record I'll be nervous all the time I press what before I press go Holy Spirit speak to him I need you you know I'm sayin before I want to especially when I traveling Achadjian speak and i don't know nobody hold the spirit I need you and all of a sudden listen these videos I'll be like Holy Spirit I'm tired I'm nervous I don't even know if all this gonna make sense and the next thing you know the choppa goes to words come out that's the only spirit when you are depending on him you trust in him man you'll speak comfortably wherever you are in life Alina I'm sorry I prepare to pronounce your names wrong oh do you want say do you think evil obsessive intrusive thoughts are symptoms of demonic possession of oppressed such as OCD let me ask you a question I'm at I'm answer like this there's two types of people a believer cannot be possessed by the devil but a believer can be oppressed by the devil you we are sealed by the Spirit of God no demon can possess us like possess us in that manner but they can deeply oppress us so to answer your questions anything that's not pure holy just of good report honorable just from above anything like that is demonic and so what you have to do is you have to kid learn how to cast down in vain imaginations the best way to know how to cast down vain imaginations it's an older difference we was vain it was valid the best way to know the difference we was vain and valid it's in no scriptures and no the Word of God to know how you are to live and then being able to have scriptures that you can look up that will go against what you feel so if you have a negative thought about something I will go to Google say scriptures on Envy scriptures on suicidal thoughts scriptures on depression and then look at and meditate on those scriptures and utilize them over time that to the point to where when those thoughts come in in the future you able to knock things out because you got scriptures hidden inside of your heart that's that's going at those curses that are demonic so yes do I think the evil obsessive intrusive thoughts or symptoms of demonic possession if you're a non-believer it could be a deep impression or possible possession but if you're a believer it's just oppression so what you have to do is you have to renew your mind and things of God and you have to write down those thoughts write them down and right down the screech that combats them and say those scriptures out loud and believe them and watch you become supernaturally free from all those different things mm-hmm next question if your spouse if your spouse wants you to do things you're uncomfortable with in in a marriage as far as the intimacy can that be a green light for divorce um divorce is a strong word especially when you marry you know the Bible says that he never intended for divorce that the only reason why he allowed divorce is because the hardness of man's hearts and that the Bible talks about that that the only grounds that is conducive for divorce as sexual as a adultery right but I believe that if there's anything else I would give God the opportunity to renew the man of your part of your husband and to renew the marriage or to redeem the marriage you got to give God an opportunity and so now if that person does not want to what I would do is this this is what I will do I would I will go to God and say God here's a concern of mine here's a concern of mine about my husband Heavenly Father I need wisdom what I need for you and I know that God you are able I know God you were able to you were able to speak to my husband you were able to talk to him so father I pray that you go before me and tore his heart to prepare him for a conversation I really want to have Holy Spirit leading guide me into the right moment where I can have this conversation with my husband and really for me to pour my heart to him where he's able to fill my heart about the matter and possible have a deeper connection with him where he's understanding and then watch God murex to do that I would give God a chance through that route and after you give that to God are you pray to him then you continue to serve Him you continue to be kind to him you continue to be loving to him because that's what you call a dude but when it comes to that I would definitely ask the Holy Spirit to go before you set up a moment set up a time where you can have that conversation with your husband where you're now able to see God supernaturally bring y'all together issue is we begin to wrestle with that person and then we never give God the opportunity to change that person because now we're wrestling with them so what you have to understand is this go privately about what you want to see differently publicly with your husband and give God the opportunity to do what he does best without you do have an attitude or without you being closed off but you're actually still being kind in the process and watch the Holy Spirit do the rest if that makes sense please pray for me I'm lost what's going on tropical jewel I'll pray for you there's no there's no problem no big deal lo a Heavenly Father I thank you for my brother sister right now who asked for prayer I thank you Father God that you are that you are the God that will leave the 99 to go find that one I believe father God is the goodness that your goodness would draw her back to the sweet pastures of you would draw her to repentance that will let her know that her purpose is in you God I think I did it you're a rapper with the loving arms that you have and make her feel even at this moment or him at this moment this or this person at this moment that you care and that you love them Lord lead them to the truth Lord let them know that you the well that if you'd a drink from you you they'll never thirst again so I thank you right now father God for peace right now to the authority has given to me I come against every demonic purse a person every demonic spirit that's coming against its individual luring them into a place of lostness right now through my authority in Christ I command you to loose your grip off of their life they will be free in Jesus name and they will experience the peace of God right now in Jesus name and the goodness of God will draw them back to the fold in Jesus name Heavenly Father with that being said I turned my attention back to you I thank you for bringing her into a place of purpose of destiny and a deep drive ratio of you only you can do that God so I did my part in God I know you already done yours but at this moment I pray your peace will surpass all understanding helping her know that you never lost Laos you never lost sight of her or him and she's never do pray amen next question if my ex still wears a ring I bought her can I keep the sol-type going I've tried to break it many times but I feel like I can't stop thinking about her I understand man understand never get caught in a little things because first off if if if y'all not together you have to you have to become an individual yeah you see I'm saying you have to be honest with yourself and say why am I so tired to her and sometimes we've been looking for clues to see if that person is gonna come back into our lives we look for clues to see if that person still cares listen if y'all not together you got to work on you and that's how you kind of do that number one you gotta say okay what needs my attention right now what needs my attention right now number two how much attention like giving that person analyze and Blair Lily you know how your phone lets you know the screen time how often you've been on the phone how long you've been on Instagram etc really be honest ourselves i man I spend too much time worrying about her I spend too much time thinking about her you thinking about her so much did you able to add see where if she's wearing a ring you got to really just say you know what this weekend god I must sit down and really be honest with myself and sometimes you have to be so real with yourself where you begin to say is this an insecurity it is because we had intimacy in intimate sessions like sex or whatever were you honest about those different things now you will be able to know what sins to confess you'll begin to know what to vent to God you'll begin to know what adjustments you need to make that will help you overcome that soul time you know I'm saying and yes they can keep a soul tired going because the enemy's gonna have the enemy's gonna always play with you if he knows that all I can all I have to do is utilize a ring on her finger to get you tied to her you'll keep playing games with you like that next thing you know she'll text you next thing you know she's calling you but her heart is not with you she's been demonically lured into communicating with so in moments that's why I never get caught up in that stuff because people will try to come back in your life and they they really feel deep down they feel like oh I like him a lot like her but they were all they only feel those feeling the demons want and still use them to keep you tied to them and then all of a sudden you get close again and then that person do the same thing to you again and then you hurt even deeper now so you say you've tried to break him many times but I feel like I can't stop thinking about it now you have to say okay what am I thinking about her and and what kind of thoughts am I having about are there pressuring thoughts are there are overly consuming thoughts now you have to unpack your soul and say okay are these thoughts valid what was the point of the breakup why did y'all break up is she good or no good for you if she's gods one for you or not what is the fruit that she's been you have to or you have to arrest your mind you have to systematically cooperate with the Holy Spirit in renewing your mind meaning write down these thoughts write down these feelings go to God's Word to to kind of build yourself up you know be honest with God's right so a good sound accountability you know I'm saying work out better yourself of figure out your purpose and grow and that's what I did I had to do that many times when it threw its season of abandonment that's why I was able to create these things utilize this pain to gain utilizes pain to grow gain something from this pain most of these books came from very painful situations unplugged came from a painful situation not going back to school World War me came from a painful experience in my life these books two of them at least came from very painful experiences at least I got some out of it at least I'm making money over that painful experience you said Sam so if you keep saying I can't stop thinking about you and go stop thinking about it but you got to ask yourself why do i why do I think about her and why what why not waste my time thinking about someone is not in my life only you know the details of your breakup only you know the information about what's going on and if you're a person that lost a good girl then you gotta count his loss learn from the lesson and keep it moving he said and done I know but if she broke up with you and she did you dirty man cut your losses man I talked to young man the other day glad coach and he was like man this girl broke up with him he's like I don't know to do I said man you got plenty to do and she he was talking about how she was trying to come by said man listen you don't got time for no comeback she should have stayed you should have stayed you got it you gotta you gotta take it as a blessing and sometimes people God cause people out of your life because that person's gonna lead you to death hope their help it's looking for a person to get tattoos and piercing I don't think is that wise you know I don't just up sign I mean I scientifically I think yeah biologically I mean that's inking your skin stuff in your body you know I'm Sam I just think everything a person does I will say listen why are you doing it why are you getting the tattoos why are you getting the earrings why are you getting all these different things you see I'm saying if your answer is is legit do you do what you do but in my opinion own own own agree with all that stuff man I don't think it's wise only you think it's healthy you know I'm saying now for those already got tattoos earrings I ain't condemning it we talked about my earrings everywhere I just think anywhere there's a there's excess there's an issue wherever there's excess that's evil so if you got thousands of tattoos there you have the question why do I have all these tattoos if you have a bunch of peers together we got answer why you got all these piercings if you got a bunch of weight on your body at answer why I got our excess weight on my butt light wherever there's excess there's evil and then that then you have to go from now I just know that there are some type of markings that demons utilize his territorial markings ways to oppress you and that's why you got to be very careful we get all these skulls and these crosses and these different emblems on your body because things come with curses things come with with all these different things she's got to be wise I just don't think you should do it this is my honest opinion I just don't think is I mean I don't got nothing against people have them I mean no no no not gonna I just think if you're a clean slate it I just think you just got to be careful where there's excess because once you get one I hear people said all time once I got one I won the whole sleeve and I got one thing when I hold another sleeve so I'm not I'm not against you have tattoos I'm not saying I'm just talking about he's not think that thing through what happens with this ink alright people talk about that they got ink on their body and people doctor saying they're lift knows got ink in them because that stuff is only your body yeah you got to understand your body's a vessel take care of it so my thoughts on it between you and God honestly but I just think just think it's just not wise to do your body like that or I'll let me just put it this way I don't want even one to give my opinion what I'm gonna do is I must say this I always ask yourself the reason why why are you doing it it's that simple why are you doing it and for a lot of people are doing it for vain reasons that's all some people have good reasons but some people think all right next question I only had a dream of me in the military and I haven't told my family about my pursuit of the military so hence the reason I wanna say Jenna I was just tuck it away I put it in a journal and wait and write down journal the confirmations Journal the confirmations that goes along with those dreams about you being in the military and you continue to go forward towards it until until God stops you did God say it was okay to kill animals to eat always got confused on that Bible verse eyes know Jesus ate fish you know I'm sayin oh jesus ate fish I know the Bible says take care of the animals I think that I'm very careful on the animals products that I eat I like free-range foods I like I don't like those those foods where they just brutally killed the animals because the tensity they say whenever you tense your muscles there's toxins that's released and so when you're cruel to an animal and you put your animal like mad crazy oh you know I'm saying then those muscles tense up and the toxins get into muscles then you are what you eat that's why I like to go to animals there was a food organic and free-range products because I know those animals who knows what really goes with the animals but at least in good faith they're especially from Whole Foods or whatever but those animals taken care of but if I'm gonna cook y'all yeah I got a good hot dog you know I'm saying I'm gonna do pork like that no I'm saying I'm gonna get it in but um but uh but to be but to be I'm serious about your question uh I've read the Bible enough to know that specifically like I read about a lot but I can't think of first in scripture I'm on that matter I just know Jesus ate fish I'll know if he ate lamb did what the whip I don't know what they aid in their customs I know he had fish but I don't know I don't know chapter a verse in regards to dodging of the Bible says take care of your animals I'm and I think in taking care of them it helps you if you eat them you know man tell my dogs or cats I'm say I'm talking about like you animals like shitty hotel I knew this one would be good needed to hear that I'm so glad whatever I said I'm glad I was was a blessing to you is if a man presents himself as a Christian he tries to tempt you but you refuse he will say he still need to mature and leaves the relationship do you think that's a lack of maturity or they're not with God listen hmm let him mature you don't need that in your life if a man possess himself as a Christian he tries to tempt you but she refused he says he still needs to mature and leaves the relationship do you think that's a lack of maturity it's both anytime a man leaves you because he wants to grow mature let him go whatever his reasons for let him go you know I'm saying what God has you can't let you go anything anyone that God has for you can't let you go and if that person is tempted to do things that you know you shouldn't do let that person go and mature let that person grow and if that person utilizing his excuse to break up with you to get what he was trying to tempt you for let that man go you don't want that as a husband I don't care what your past was Alma taught them talk to ladies right now and the man listen it doesn't matter what Joe pass was it doesn't matter if you a lot of people I get a lot of questions about people saying well I think God's gonna give me an ugly husband or other wife because I Doug Lee pass no gods they're gonna give you the best that he has for you no matter how bad your pass was because God ain't guardin Center saying well they were virgins and they were holy so i'mma give them my best in the rest of the y'all go give me no no God said listen you my son you my daughter when the prodigal son came back he didn't say go slay the crippled calf he's they explained that big fatted calf in a back because my son who was once lost is now found see I'm saying so what you have to understand is it doesn't matter what your past was doesn't matter how much of a hole you was it doesn't matter how many partners you have if you check out no customers from that and and you're free from that and you've been changed and you growing God's gonna give you his best despite in spite of despite what you went through so if a person leaves you because they because you refused and you're questioning like should I keep him or I miss him because maybe maybe a baby a baby in Christ would do I guess since I was reckless in my past or because I'm insecure I guess I guess it's all minute God I just know there's a lot of good men out there that ain't gonna tempt you there's a lot of good men out there that's gonna honor God listen you want a man that honors God cause if he dishonored God he'll dishonor you if he's audible to God your honor you so if he leaves you and wants to mature let a mature you don't got time for that and most people do you'll see them by their fruit don't even worry about the Instagram you'll find out you'll find out or a little dove a little rave little Bergland come to you let you know don't even worry about it don't worry about what he's doing let him leave you mature you continue to grow and be thankful that you has standards most women for the sake of comparing she would have been like well I'll do whatever you need to keep you let that man go let him go let's keep going mm I have accurate dreams often predictions about others and always spot-on I haven't told anyone except my mom cuz I know she knows I'm not crazy and believes me I feel you I feel you there are some people out there that you can tell your dreams to and they won't look at you crazy that's why I don't tell everybody everything because not everybody's on my level to understand what God be revealing to me angel says how do you see God in a spiritual battle how can you hear him into chaos good question what I would say is this enough that can keep you from God's peace I don't care how chaotic Allah is you'd make a choice you make a choice say you know what I don't care what's going on I'm gonna go to my car go to the bathroom and I'm going on now I'm gonna cut on my 5 go to worship songs I'm an entering to us in this course was praise and with Thanksgiving I'm gonna I'm gonna engage with him I'm gonna find his peace in his chaos no matter what so what you do is you say listen I'll never win dis a good story with David David was a he had a bunch of men please forgive me he had a bunch of men right and when they came back from battle daily he lost a me he came back they was coming down the hill man David there was rejoicing David and was excited man they they took over they took some man and kill some Joker's they had victory when it was approaching their their village it was approaching their their place of dwelling him and the man found out that his their wives and children's was kidnapped David was so distraught because the man was destroy and they was mad at David like David yo while women not here I was not here our children out here and they thought about killing David David said bring me to II thought bring me bring me my worship and he beginning going to God's presence said despite how chaotic it is out here the sprite was going through let me get this symbol of praise let me give this symbol of of talking with God and I don't care what is going what is taken what's going on I got to go talk to my father and you step into God's president his daughter as his son and you say look god I'm here in the midst of the storm I trust you and he said who told guy he said yo man yo man my wives are gone man our children are going he says man should I pursue them see David was a man of worship and a man of war he said should I go pursue him and God said yo son I want you to go pursue them and not only will you pursue them do I want you're gonna recover all I don't care how can you go to gods that guard I know you still wit me in this storm and you seek Him it's a choice nothing can stop us to seek Him you find you a stall you find yourself a parking lot you find yourself a closet you find yourself a corner run and you talk to him and the Bible says he'll give you peace that surpasses all understanding as a buddy your heart in mind do cryo by Christ Jesus mmm you so welcome divine 15 I'm telling you angel listen I don't care how chaotic it is you go fight God and you go find God and build yourself up in him through worship and when you walk out of that closet walk out that bathroom stall you walk out of wherever you walk out you call that double yo listen in the name of Jesus I command the council I kill Co plots and schemes in Jesus name I kill so every curse every every every spell every hacks every voodoo everything that's been placed on me I council it I command and storm the end now in Jesus name but you got to go into a place where you stir your faith me you build your faith and you tell that devil where you gotta go and then from that point you become proactive in your warfare not reactive reactive is you getting hit everywhere proactive is I counseled the devil's plus every day everywhere I go that's where I got that my spiritual warfare in my life and I counted them Jokers I got on gave God Thanksgiving and praise go get my book right now on my website angel and I am unplug com4 slash worksheets up underworld war me you will be able to download that book for free and I'll teach you about spiritual warfare and I have a bunch of scriptures over 200 or so scripts in the back so you know memorize and build yourself up hope that blessed you helped you what do you think about a dating website I've had friends who met their husbands online it's not about who you meet is about who you keep not about who you meet and how you meet them is about can you keep them I just think that we cannot judge our next steps by everybody else's first step you know I'm saying and so what I mean by that is just because a person goes onto a dating website doesn't mean that you should and my honest opinion dating website when people get on dating websites I think they're thirsty and I think they're desperate not everyone I'm I just think they don't trust God you don't need a dating website to mean nobody you don't need a friend to me nobody you only no Club to me nobody God will bring that person to you I don't think Christians should be on dating website but that just means that you put it in your own hands relationship husband and wife that is only forgot if people met their husband wife on dating websites less see what every relationship is in is in in five years we'll see just because something starts well doesn't mean it will finish and continue so should Christians be on dating websites no and people will be upset about that but I just think that's just desperation I think that we as believers should be trusting God in things and in areas where he can only control you're not able none of us are able to pick a spouse we are not good enough smart enough mature enough to choose a spouse we're not that's why I let God do it let God let God dududu the matchmaking he is good at picking people you don't need to create no profile on on dating websites you'll need a date online the world does that the world looks for a sign the world does all that stuff not believers and so to encourage you it doesn't matter who met their husband online you meet them offline you don't got to meet them online you meet them offline because if you don't take care of who you are offline then if you'll make sure God if you don't take care of the in line you won't be silent offline and you'll be trying to seek for stuff online what's the in line how are you on the inside does God does God have inline track into you to where your offline life is dope and God will bring that person to you do not need no Christian mingle you do not need no online dating websites if you have a page online you have to question your heart God does not need your help God does not need your dating website profile any relationship is not designed for you to put it in your own hands useful like best day in God's hands and keep it moving so Tiffany to encourage you what do I think about dating website think there are waste of time I think they're just I'm putting this in my own hands God is very good at matchmaking he got you it doesn't matter who got married on dating websites it don't matter we got it legally don't matter who got married is about who stayed married hotel what if you're so well suited to someone but the only thing that's different is faith can it can interfaith relationship work how can two walk together less they agree a double minded man is unstable in all their ways a double minded relationship is unstable in all of his ways don't be unequally yoked I don't think it can work I mean don't get me wrong God is for the relationships that's already started and you married in his different face God can redeem that God can work that out but I don't think it's wise to start a relationship and get into relationship you know I'm saying and you guys don't believe in the same thing if your husband believes one way you believe another way we all pull you're praying too you know there's only one guy that can heal there's only one guy that can set free so if you praying for God but yo leader the leader of the home is praying to a god that doesn't exist and what's going to happen to the cohesiveness or the relationship what's gonna happen to your children what's gonna happen to to you walking along the lines of Scripture what's the backlash you just got to think about all those different things it doesn't matter how well Souter you are for that person let them come to faith before y'all interlock y'all faith together if that person for you God will work out their faith and build their faith in the in him who was the real God and then y'all will be able to go forward together anything can work for a period of time but is about Kenny can he work over a long period of time and no it's just not wise in my opinion what do you think about a guy that believes in God but doesn't have a truly show him should I keep praying over him and keep him opening up to God nope yep don't even don't even waste your prayers or your time on a man it's not your husband don't pray for a person is not your husband or your wife do not pray for them they're not yours you see I'm saying I'm doing this from a genuine loving place I know I'm gay I get kind of passionate because these are areas where I really want to bring clarity insight to and so if he doesn't believe in God and there's actually a shoot with God that's the way steal time praying for that person's waste of time what you do is one thing you do you pray one time form Lord I prayed that he comes to salvation with you leave the rest don't even put don't even waste your breath on that individual because now you try now you give him wife benefits wives are the ones wives are the only ones it's supposed to go into war for their husband not no girlfriends not no girl on the outside I know girl who was interested in the man no no man should be praying for the woman and his wife you don't got the only guy you got to worry about you be sure I'm saying don't keep praying over him and don't open him up to God say one prayer film he gets one prayer from you father I pray he comes to salvation of you and you keep it moving don't even think about don't observe his salvation because most people the issue is they they they they want somebody to a such a degree that they start giving them wife and a husband treatment wife and husband benefits and that person ain't even meaning the requirements adding met the demands to receive do not meet demands do not give a person something but they haven't met the requirements of that that right there that prayer is for you to pray for your husband husband like your husband husband or your wife wife you see I'm saying do not pray for a person that's not your husband is not your wife in in that manner you sometime in that manner of relationship or I like him or I like her nah don't pray for him don't even pray for him he's not safe he doesn't believe in God he doesn't relationship with God why you praying for him if that's not your husband so don't even pray of him your husband doesn't need those prayers you say I'm saying you know your wife wife needs those prayers not somebody who ain't even trying to follow God you gotta be focused on following God and sometimes many people they sit on the sidelines hoping that someone gets saved so they can make become whole in that relationship when they should be focusing on developing the relationship of God and becoming a better version themselves you're so welcome Parris you so welcome it's because I was bouquet okay gotcha gotcha let's keep going full up one hour already okay did he answer the question about dating website I don't believe in them but would love to hear with Josh yeah I just I just did actually yep I think they are a waste of time oh let's keep going I hear here's a question that's hidden I don't think y'all can see let me scroll up why I got a lot of questions Wow yes Lindsey you can either develop a soul type through that for sure let's keep going brother Josh I'm dating a non-believer how should our relationship progress it shouldn't you shouldn't it shouldn't it's only gonna how can two walk together us they agree it shouldn't it shouldn't continue I know that's difficult but you can't save them you could be hindering their salvation because of that saviors complex a lot of people have so if you're dating a nun believe you have the really question why you doing a non-believer why you with that individual there's nothing wrong with that I'm telling what I mean by that person it may be a great person but we talking about marriage we're not talking about French we're not talking about co-workers we're not talking about that we're talking about relationships it shouldn't progress my brother my system it shouldn't progress because that person is believing that I mean if a person doesn't fear your God they're not gonna have wisdom in the areas any wisdom if that person does not fear your God does not serve yo guard then y'all gonna be of a disservice to God and won't and you will be going to church in that person won't you will be praying that person one and what if that person brings things into the home that's demonic well if that person does things that's devilish well if that person wants to watch these shows and now you gotta walk into this home and you try listen to your sermons you're trying to listen to the Bible and that person playing stuff that's that's beating up against you all day like you got to think it all the way through what are the possibilities of being with the non-believer what are all the possibilities of being unequally yoked with somebody what are all the possibilities are walking to walk in two separate directions when y'all should be walking in when there's a lot of things what they listen to what they watch what they communicate who they pray to who they welcome in what they bring into the house what they put on you what they bring on you like this is deeper than just who just be a good dude good girls deeper than that it's deeper than that like it's a spiritual thing and if that person doesn't fear the true God then that person is gonna is gonna affect your relationship with him all that good stuff let's keep going Oh y'all talking to each other now talking to each other that's good that's good it's guy and she's the same person yep there there now break this down simply they're three they're three unique persons and they called the Godhead right so they're three unique persons that affected time differently that affected us differently in eternity he is one but show and revealed themselves uniquely and completely three ways through time that's the best way I can put it deliverance is a process and deliverance should be done often or as much Nene oh y'all talkin to y'all helping each other how do you break a soul towel oh good question I've done a ton of videos when I got a book on so ties but to answer your question specifically how do you break them number one you find out the reason why they need to be broken you find out the reason wanting to be broke and meaning what is this thing keeping me from but when you really got something to do it you like you when you when you fed up are you tired and you really got purpose in your life you don't got time to hold on nobody you something so you break a soul table by finding out why need to break it and number two you gotta find out is it breaking me how is it breaking me like the only way the only way I want to be broken is in the hands of God I don't want to be broken over and over again in imagination I did a post other day that's going those did pretty well it talked about how I hold about from about two years ago I said oh it's crazy how many of us suffer not more in our imaginations than we do and in reality that we suffer more and in um in our minds and we do in our lives and enemy knows that he knows that you can't forget significant moments he knows you can't forget significant people and he knows the gray weapon that he has against you or your memories but big do the holy spirit God can change the way you remember he can change the way you feel about what you've been through and utilize that as now as a reference point to be able to reach people and the best way to break away from a soul time is to go to the one that can break it all for you be honest about why this thing is in your life be honest about yourself and really go deep down to the basement floor of your life and say do I have insecurities and idolatries why I must have connect to this person was there sexual intimacy was there things that we did then the Holy Spirit would bring insight that you would then begin to confess those sins before God break your allegiances to them and then God will set you free most of these things are symptoms to a deeper source root issue meaning me the reason why we're so tied to this person is to listen self-hate there's some insecurity in our heart there's some depression there there's some idolatry there and when you allow the Holy Spirit to bring revelation to those different things then you will begin to confess those sins – the devil knows I still have legal right to this person because of what they continue to allow to permeate through their minds and out of their mouths and in within their environment so since I still have a legal right when you go with your voice with your faith break those allegiances the devil didn't has to let you go and then the mental renewal process will begin and you will begin to look at the situation differently and then over time you'll look back and realize I'm not as connect to that person like as I used to be so you got to say why is this why am i allowing this thing to continue to break me why do I need to break away from this and what could I have deep-rooted in my heart that's allowing this soul to our symptom that still be in my life you got understanding that your soul is multiple facets and and your mind will and emotions and those things must be anchored in God what God begins to renew your mind because when your mind is renewed bro when your mind because renew your emotions become at ease because now you have the right perspective about that person always easy for me to untie – so talk to this person has been renewed to the fact that his purse was no good for me this person was a distraction to me when your mind because renewed net area then your heart tours there will be a tease because you know for a fact there's not even even worth my energy Deni worth my time because I'm focused on my purpose I know that guy has a significant other for me and I can break that soul time and be freed from it hope to help but I have a ton of videos just type in Joshua se and soul ties and a ton of videos a pop up well yeah all y'all got the same questions this is real y'all y'all some dreamers on here King God show you your futures in the dream God told me that my husband is coming in twice I dreamed of a man but I can't see his face I'm glad you couldn't see his face if you saw his face you will find try to find his face God can show you things in many different ways there guys not in a box guys i limited God can show you any kind of way like I told the great people above they asked a question before but above you write those dreams down tuck it away in a book and let God do don't dwell on don't be looking for it don't be caught up looking at your watch don't even worry about it God told you he got you God told you was gonna be soon God told you all that trust him on that and still work on you still work on your life still continue to grouse to keep going for you some saying don't worry about when that person coming tuck that dream away in the journaling in a book on a shelf and keep going about developing yourself hope the help let's keep going I need prayer in a dating in a dating drought D Thomas God got you that drought for a reason because you don't want you to be refreshed in that area listen the reason why you're probably in a drought way you're not with nobody right now cuz God wants you to himself you know I'm saying like they're like dating is a waste of time when it's not with the right person dating is a waste of time I talked about the other day date the make that God has given you don't date to find a mate date to make that was given don't try to date the mate don't try to date for a mate you see I'm saying so what I mean but at that whole dating relationship stuff leave that in God's hands trust me God is very good at matchmaking God is very good at putting y'all together his right timing trust him wait on him and keep moving direction of your life and be thankful that you have a drought in an area because now you can focus on you we waste so much time in relation how many years have we wasted in relationships and got nothing from them how many X's have we had how many years have we wasted and we got nothing from it but a bunch of some of us some diseases some of us anger some of us so tasks some of us deep-rooted issues we got nothing from them when that time could have been used towards you writing your books developing your businesses get your ministry off the ground that stuff could have been towards that I'm so glad and waste a lot of my time and that stuff and I was able to produce but a lot of people are wasting too much time trying to find the one when they should have found that when they should allowed the one to find them and trust God and bringing them the right one daddy angel says to add to my question soon as I started praying for a husband he came along could I plan to see to open him up to God or as is counterfeit I feel so Clinton got acts of why connect to him it could be infatuation it could be sexual calls it could be idolatry there's a lot of reason why can't him and sometimes we think that God reveals something to us many times it was nothing but just us thinking that with us giving God uh giving stamping guard on something he never did it's like when a lot of companies put organic stickers on food that wasn't organic you see I'm saying it's just putting a stamp hoping that somebody will buy and so if a person comes along and they're not with God yet I wouldn't marry them especially if he's a man that man is not maturing the things of God he's not gonna lead you right you know I'm saying if you had addicts of why am I so connected him do you have insecurities do you feel like he's the only man is he is he is he got fresh oils in his beer does he look good smell good what's the reason why he feels withdrawn him is it aesthetics is it insecurity is it is it he's just he just looks good and you live in a rural town and you think it's the only one that God has for you come on God said man I got 5,000 other men named bow down the bail you know Sam ain't bowed down to this world system God it ain't no drought when it comes to a husband and why ain't no drought with God this I told her lady today that was life coaching I said listen I thought I said uh I said when it comes to men she was talking about you know is there any good minute I said or something like that and I told her I said have you interviewed all the men in the world she's like I live in a small town I don't know God go and bring our little is and God knows how to get them to you listen if they're are not connected to God they are counterfeit to you if they're not if they're not guards fit for you they're counterfeit talk the hell I keep going to beware of counterfeits daddy God will not approve of a union as unequally oh that's real facts the gods closed those don't God close those doors for a reason sometimes it's hard to see I know bro I know bro but you good God's God she found God's got a special woman for you but you got to be made into that special man for her and he doesn't want you wasting your time trying to find someone that you find yourself miles and miles away from where you need to be how can we now oh how can we now I'm sorry Manuel Jackson how can we now our God giving purpose try to try to ask it again fam so I can help you how do you deal with the hurt after you had to cut someone off because God said to allow God to healing will happen healing hurts if I sprained my ankle my ankle Amelie goes into healing and healing hers cry o tears ventral fillings don't leave God don't abandon God go deeper in God it's okay to cry it's okay to vent it's okay to say God I really miss him or I really miss her I was hot as his heart you know if I if I if I cut my wrist and I'm original sound so if I cut my arm if I cut my finger it hurts but it's gonna get it's gonna get better over time so how do you deal with it you deal with it you deal with it by reminding yourself the reasons why needs to be cut off that's what I'll do what I will do is I'll write a sheet of paper down why why did they need why did God cut them out of my life Wow why'd they needed to be cut off write you a list write down every reason why to cut off so when you find yourself in those weak moment you can grab that list and say that's right that's right that's right that's right that's right that's the reason why we broke up that's the reason why we're not together that's the reason that's what you do and don't get mad at God because those are the natural feelings when we can when God does something makes us do something start getting mad at him we start we start because the withdrawal period starts beginning to happen and all that kind of stuff good questions y'all talking to each other brother Josh please is it wrong to date a non-believer oh I'll tell ya I did get that okay scrolling scrolling scrolling to each other that's good that's good oh yeah I know none of us are good at picking the right one that's why I let God pick mines and he picked the good one it's out I've been out here messed up picked out to pick someone off for all for stupid reasons just keep going I know people that met online and they are married they put God first well that's cool that's cool you know time will always tell can God use anything God use anything I just think every person has to ask themselves to reason why they're oneis dating website are they trusting God or a day trusting themselves turbo says shoot so should I break up I really pray about everyday I just think um some things you don't really need confirmation on because of the fruit I would just give it to God I would say God you know what I don't have the courage I don't have the peace right now to break up with this person but I pray law you will set up the right situation for your will to be done in his relationship and then watch God make app and that person may come up to you the right setting may occur where y'all just break up break up mutually and peacefully god is dope at that God doesn't want that and hurt God as and when she hurt so give it over to God continue to be nice to her or him I don't I don't know if you're man or woman continue to be nice and then give it over to God and then let God break it up peacefully and mutually but every but if you ask me I would've went on I can't say that that's I'm a nice dude I don't know I would need guy's help to back in a day you know I'm salad need God's help too y'all holding courage didn't want to know that's good as powerful oh here we go here we go all right let's see let me see let me see let me see let me see the Machinima see I I'm sorry I lost my place show I had a block somebody was talking rebels all right here we go uh I'm sorry I lost my place y'all give me one second I'm coming now got a lot of questions that's good though I hear we got some a spot famous pot found my spot okay I here we go excuse me you're so welcome addy no problem I had to set up a dating site one day and delete it within the same day I know it was not right I know I know I here we go I'm sorry I'm trying to get to least two more questions and then I'm out your way cuz I've been going almost an hour and 30 was brought up Methodist my sister is now into the reformed Presbyterian she acts one way with them and same old jokes too with me she thinks me and the fam i doing because we are met this you know i people get puffed up in doctrinal beliefs and get puffed up there's two types of extremists when it comes to church that I've noticed in my life there's the overly intellectual as the overly emotional the overly emotional the organ the worship the audit the false teaching is leading over the over intellectual the doctrines are so true the exegesis of the tax matters exegesis the the the five points of this the five marks it is and some people get puffed up in a knowledge I go by the believer that's balanced and who's humbled by the work of Christ and in life and who's proactive in their purpose if that sister thinks she doom she's going through an intellectual idolatrous moment where she's puffed up in the head and she's just after you all because she got this new doctrine his new faith and I've been in the midst of that there's been a lot of people that know doctrines better than me and they think they can do whatever but I say you know what that's your Idol knowledge is your Idol and knowledge puffs up and so just pray for her loving her and uh and she she will come around it's the love love of God that's gonna help I here we go all right let's see cuz y'all do a lot of talking with each other so I'm trying to find the questions I'm glad I'm glad I loved that community here online new beginners then I ask your questions new beginners let me scroll up make sure I got new beginners question I don't think I skip new beginners did I I think I got your question already I hope I did hope y'all doing exceptional thank you guys and gals for rocking with me ma'am thank y'all for sharing think out for all the support thank you all for all that good stuff I'm dating a Christian that I think may be my husband but we clash at times in the midst of that I found out who my dad is so I should focus on my dad right now we don't got to confirm yeah I was waiting on God for confirmation wait on God for confirmation and relationships y'all going to get at each other you know me and my wife we have some heated battles back in a day right now we great with our communication we don't even get deep arguments but yeah you're gonna you know y'all gonna clash because there's two people is two imperfect people trying to share something of high standard so I always turn the way for confirmation with God and uh just just just be led by him wait wait he wants you do with your father etc brother Josh how do we make sure we don't miss the one guy has appointed and chosen to be our mate when we are divinely connected God God you can't mess up God's purpose you can't mess it up God is God I'm telling y'all God doesn't need our help with a lot of things he does it he doesn't need our help with with marriage and relationships it doesn't matter help all you got to do is go in his flow trust his timing and it's gonna my my wife and I supernaturally got together and it was moments where we we we was we was mad at each other those moments where we didn't think was gonna work we know I'm saying just because as humans but deep down inside we always knew that supposed to be and it was nothing we can do that can mess it up and we're married to this thing you don't have to make sure he's already made it short he's already miss already done you just gotta go with his flow don't worry about it God who God has for you y'all will find each other at the perfect timing but you have to in the meantime get rid of all our dollars we get out get get rid of all anxiety all care all worry and trust God you don't gotta make you long y'all he'll need your help I promise you you don't need your help he's once your help with your purpose let him let him handle the relationship and you handle your purpose hope the help let's keep going does it believe we receive the Holy Spirit before after baptism is it a Salvation issue oh man y'all gettin doctrine a good question though um-hmm I believe you receive the whole is the Holy Spirit as silly as the Holy Spirit does the work and bring you together so I think you're receiving right as salvation I don't think God waits to you in some water for you to receive this Holy Spirit I just think you have them in the beginning that he said he promised you his spirit not after baptism so I do believe that at the moment of salvation you receive his spirit and you know and baptism is just the outward expression of what already happened internally he sums am you so welcome how does a person find out what they're calling slash purpose is it's deep down inside of your kid or this is named so I want to buy the same I call them kid the way you find is finding with God find it in God and inside of you what I mean by that is that you know exactly what you're supposed to do you know what you good at you know what you have a passion for you know what you have a burden for and that's the area of your calling or purpose the rest of it becomes clear as you engage the only spirit so what I will tell you to do is look down on inside yourself and ask some of these questions what do I have a passion for who or what people who do have a burden for what am I very very good at and I could do it without effort and what vehicles could I use to reach the people that are burning and then over that time you will be able to find the clarity of the time the place the location the city etc and where to execute your purpose ah man and went back to the bottom again I think i'ma go I got about three more minutes I'm now oh we at the bottom okay I picked at the bottom if you and Ashley how can you balance balance persuade minish at the same time Oh pursue if you are earthly how can you balance and pursue ministry at the same time the question Joshua um make F make make your aesthetic show ministry ministry and what you do are not separate I work at a school therefore I do ministry at the school and what I mean by minister to school doesn't mean I say Jesus I don't say Jesus all I just be him so what I would say is is utilized utilize your vehicle of athletics to do ministry so you pursue ministry by simply easily because you pursue ministry every day by ministering to God the more you minister to God he'll minister to you and from that overflow you minister to others that's the order I everyday Minister the guard got how may I serve you which you need a fellowship with him I engage my brainstorm with them and in that ministry to him he ministers to me from the word from this spirit he ministered to me and the older flow of that ministry between him and I I now give y'all videos I give y'all books I give y'all quotes I'm ministered to my wife I've ministered to my family because it came from us ministering to each other so God will then as you began to minister to him and engage him build a show him then you will begin to find ways to do ministry every day and then over time after you have minister within your athletics as an athlete to your brothers just by being a light by being available by showing love by being kind by being Jesus wherever you are then God will show you your public ministry whether it's through YouTube podcasting preaching pastoring etc in the meantime minister where you are and pursue ministry where you are and then when God leads you to do ministry outside he'll lead you to that as well or he may just have you do little things of ministry while you do the bulk of your ministry with Daniel athletics and you may do some other ministry by well maybe you do a youtube video every week or you do a blog every week etc etc and utilize a platform that you build over here why still doing athletics but start small don't overdo yourself but let everything come out of your ministry to God that's what a question I can answer today I love y'all so much y'all know I do I prayed this podcast was a blessing I may do another Q&A this weekend I love these Q&A is because I think it just adds great content and great value to you all if you want one-on-one coaching with me if you like yo coach I didn't get a chance to get my question answer I need more understanding with my issue contact me and my website I am unplug calm I had three at least three people in the chat now but I've already life coach and they can tell you their experience but if whatever your budget is submit it whatever you can do I'll customize a coaching session and I'll get on the phone with you this week not this week is mom's Friday but next week and I'm gonna be coaching all the way through August 31st so I made more time so going forward as I start working again at my school I'll be coaching every other Saturday or two Saturdays a month so if you want to get you got to get in now because a lot of people aren't coaching I'm gonna be adding them to those Saturdays because we've already built the relationship so if you want to get in this river now and get into the end of July and August bookings contact me now whatever you do whatever you can do I'll do what I can you know I'm saying and I'll get on the phone with you and I'll coach you through that situation answer all your questions you'll be on the phone with coach all my books are online go to my website I am unplug calm let me write that down for you all because I know sometimes I can get I could talk fast I am unplugged dot-com and that's my website there and there you will be able to UM all that all that good stuff books courses videos subscribe hit the bell if you want to support what I do you can give as well if you want to take care of our help me help us with my wife and I with our mentoring program you want to learn more about that go to we propel that education to go to our Instagram page propel CLT and you'll begin to see all the work that God is doing through us and we need your support cuz we got two schools coming up we're doing are we doing the elementary school and in middle school and those kids are already begging for us to serve them so love you all y'all be blessed I see you guys this weekend Lord willing um look out for the good guys podcast tomorrow uh all that good stuff love y'all y'all be blessed peace

9 thoughts on “Contentment in Singleness + Online Dating + Unequally Yoked Relationships + How to break a SOUL TIE

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    ​Do you think evil obsessive intrusive thoughts are a symptom of demonic possession or oppression…such as ocd 33:52
    ​If your spouse wants you to do things you’re uncomfortable with in a marriage as far as intimacy can that be a green light for divorce ? 35:44
    ​if my ex still wears a ring i bought her can that keep the soul-tie going ? I've tried to break it many times but i feel like i can’t stop thinking about her 40:00
    Is okay for a person to get tattoos and piercings? 44:33
    ​Did god say it was okay to kill animals to eat?I always got confused on that bible verse? 47:30

    If a man presents himself as Christian and he tries to tempt you but you refuse. He say he still need to mature and leaves the relationship. Do you think that a lack of maturity or their not with god? 49:33
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    What do you think about a dating website? I've had friends who met there husband online 56:53
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    How do you deal with the hurt after you had to cut someone off because God said to ? 1:16:54

  2. Coach, I was worried that if you got married that your content would become less passionate, but my word, your content continually seems to be on another level. It's like you see with new eyes. Continue to allow God to direct your path.

  3. I’m 37 I’m no longer content about being single . It was cool before 32 now it’s like wtw ! Is there something wrong with me ? Please pray for me

  4. Thank you to the person that asked about the work environment. As I write, this right now I had only just been dealing and battling with this and Coach. Thank you, for the words of encouragement. God is good!

  5. Thank You for making this because someone kept refusing to believe in being unequally yoked. I felt like I wasted my breath but thanks for showing light to me and the others💕💕💕💕💕

  6. Coach Josh, great video man. May you put the subtitles on please and thank you. May you put the timestamps? please and thank you. Also, may you please do that video mention at 19:45–22:15

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