[CONTACT INTERVIEW★] WINNER Members Playing Mission Games Over Late-night Snacks 20170423

Did you eat anything yet (Winner Members) Not yet… (Host) Winner! Night-time snack! They have to succeed in all the missions to eat the night time snacks! (Seungyoon) Really really, switching the member’s parts! The vocals have to switch with the rappers They have to sing the song perfectly to succeed! They are starting the mission! Will they succeed in this mission? Jinwoo was caught cheating on Seunghoon’s part. How could you? (Host) Thank you for the hard work. (Host) Out of the three types of foods, you need to take out one of them. (Mino) We have to take one out? (Host) Which food? (Members)Donuts! Talking with your body relay! (Jinwoo)Breaking an egg? (Seungyoon) Hitting an egg with a rock! Seungyoon’s describing with his body passionately When the city gate catches on fire, fish in the moat also suffer Seunghoon: I give my liver and gall to you Grass on the wall top bends with the wind Ok! Well done! You guys succeeded! Their performance was good! They succeeded in the 2nd round as well Dony and Cony never missed once If they can succeed in the killing part which Dony and Cony never failed once, but everyone finds it difficult… All 4 of you have to succeed How is it possible for 4 of us? 2 of us? We can expect from Winner’s rapper Mino right? Oh you missed it! What a pity…sorry~ Everyone…our society is cold like this I’ll give you one more chance Can they succeed this time? They succeeded in the Winner’s Nigh Snacks corner! They’re really winner! You’d give us the food at the end..why did you do this to us? You planned to give us the food at the end! You played Winner in your hands! Our Seungyoon will choke…Please eat slowly! This is the first time we really enjoyed an interview We had a fun time We thought it’d be serious If we talked like this from the start it’d have been a very relaxing interview from the start

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