Conspiracy | What History Teaches Us

well hi my name is Bliss Tew I’m from Utah
glad to be here in Wisconsin today a beautiful spring day I’ve been a member
of the John Birch Society for 28 years I’ve been a chapter leader a sectional
leader and I joined the field staff 21 years ago as a coordinator I’m now
regional field director for 19 western states I love what I do during the 2016
presidential election there were some terms that we heard a lot of the first
one was the deep state we heard the swamp we heard fake news
all the time about news that’s not true but it’s intended to propagandize you
these these terms became a common theme during that election cycle and some
people wonder just exactly what they meant by the deep state the deep state
is really understood to be a for mean a combination of power elites who
manipulate and try to shape what government policies are and they do that
to fit their agenda they don’t do that to help the United States of America or
to protect the US Constitution or to be obedient to proper congressional laws or
to go along with the president’s public policies that then should maybe go along
with at times they have their own agenda part of that agenda for the power elites
that we’re going to talk about is to build a world government and we can see
that reflected in the United Nations this is the UN Charter but anyway when
we talk about this combination another word you might use to destroy it
describe such a combination is conspiracy and you’ll hear media outlet
pundits make fun of people and ridicule people as conspiracy theorists if they
talk about conspiracies or conspiracy but what does history teach us about
conspiracy so that’s part of the question I want to get into today and
I’ve named the topic of my talk none dare call it
conspiracy because of a book that I read long ago this was an international
bestseller the John Birch Society moved over 5 million copies this was an
international bestseller I’ve met people from other countries that were
profoundly affected by this book in their language so this is a very
important book and one that changed my worldview it was a book that put a
historical puzzle together for me it focused a lot on an organization called
the Council on Foreign Relations out of New York City and we’ll get back to that
later John McManus president emeritus of the
John Birch Society often uses humor to make his points in his talks and he is a
humorous guy and I’ve learned a lot of jokes from him and one of my favorites
is one I like to tell and I’m going to tell you today because it makes a couple
of profound points so here’s the joke I expect everyone to laugh there was a US
Navy captain in a big battleship and he was coming into an eastern seaboard port
and it was evening and it was foggy deeply foggy he couldn’t see very well
ahead but dimly far to his mouth was a light he could just see a little bit of
light coming through the fog so he said to his radio man go in to go in there
and call that ship up ahead and tell him to turn five degrees to port to avoid a
collision so the radio man complied and came back out and he said sir he told me
to tell you to turn your ship five degrees to starboard well this kind of
incensed the captain who had a lot of background and experience and degrees
and rank and he said you get back in there and tell him I’m a captain of a
u.s. battleship and he’s to turn five degrees to port and the man complied and
he came back he said captain the man told me to tell you that he’s a seaman
first class with the US Coast Guard and you better turn five degrees to
starboard hard right now because he’s got a lighthouse under so of course he’s not going to turn that
is he now what are the lessons you can learn from this little bit of humor
there’s two that really stand out to me why I love this joke the first is that
it’s not your rank but the ground that you stand on that matters the seaman
first class up here in this tower knew as an assurity the truth that he was
standing on ground that was the ground he was grounded on he knew he couldn’t
turn he knew that battleship had to turn he
was there to warn battleships right and the captain with all his education and
experience and the ranks he’d client didn’t know that okay so the second
lesson is sometimes reality is deemed dimly seen through the fog of deceptions
and so we have to make a paradigm shift when we start to get reality and truth
we have to try and move in the direction of truth that’s hard for some people so
people will not do it they want to do what’s politically correct even if it’s
not true and that’s part of what my story is to you is about to you today so
the topic of this talk talks somewhat about political conspiracy over time and
as I said the media outlet moguls and talking heads oftentimes call someone
like me a conspiracy theorist or a nut or a kook or an extremist because of
what I’m saying but conspiracy is a fact of history a
fact of political history a fact of everyday life and I hope I can help you
understand that what is conspiracy conspiracy is to when two or more people
meet to plan to do something unlawful harmful such as treason or murder
combining in secret in a plot is a conspiracy the group that’s taking part
in the plot could itself be called a conspiracy and I’m going to repeat that
definition a little bit throughout this presentation so that anyone watching
this either here or or on a recording can know what a
conspiracy is without a doubt it’s pretty simple thing we see it in
everyday life two men get together in secret and plot to rob a bank they’re a
conspiracy you know Larry and I get together to plan a birthday party for
Kathy and we do it in secret but it’s not something arguably evil that’s not a
conspiracy that’s a network different things isn’t it
all right so I was working in northern Idaho with one of our coordinators years
ago and she stopped us at a big building she wanted us to have lunch with someone
make a little presentation and so she gave me a warning she said bliss this is
a local University history professor and I don’t want you to bring up the topic
of conspiracy he’s not prepared for that I haven’t developed his understanding
enough and it’s probable that he’ll call you a nut or a kook or make fun of you
or deride you or ridicule you in some way I said okay Leah I will not bring
that up unless he brings it up I’m not going to shy away from that if he brings
it up so we sat down and she introduced the professor to me and and then she
introduced me to him she said this is bliss to regional field director over
over the western United States and he said oh so you’re the head conspiracy
theorist for the West huh with a snare on his face and a smirk and I I looked
at him and said no I I try to be a conspiracy factus and he says hello
brothers just name a conspiracy of any significance in politics so we were off
and running and Leah kicked me in the shin under the table just very lightly
anyway I said well what is a conspiracy it’s when two or more people meet in
secret to plot to do something that’s arguably evil would you agree with that
professor he said sure I said all right well have you ever heard of Jesus Christ
he said of course I’ve heard in Jesus Christ everyone’s heard of Jesus Christ
so in this slide this is what I began to talk with him about I said professor if
a conspiracy is a couple of people meeting in private or more to plot to do
something that’s evil when the apostle Judas Iscariot met with the chief priest
Joseph Caiaphas in secret in Jerusalem and plotted with him for the unrighteous
arrest of the most innocent of men Jesus Christ and took in payment thirty pieces
of silver wouldn’t you call that a conspiracy he says yeah I suppose so oh
and I said well what have the false witnesses that were brought before
Caiaphas that nighttime kangaroo court as they came and witnessed false things
do you think that was by accident or do you think they had conspired together to
bring these false witnesses against this most innocent man
he said well of course that was planned and I said or applauded so I went on
without talk to him about Christ before Herod and then when he was brought back
to Caiaphas again and then finally Jesus was brought before Pontius Pilate the
fifth Roman prefect or procurator or governor of Rome under emperor Tiberius
and he was the governor of Judea Pontius Pilate questioned Jesus Christ and he
could find no guilt in the man and he didn’t want to find him guilty of
anything but they was pressured by the crowd of priests and scribes and
Pharisees and Sadducees that were gathered there together that were
combined together against Jesus and so he finally sent him off to be scourged
with a whip and they pressed a terrible crown of thorns to make fun of him as
the king of the Jews upon his head and they brought him back before Pontius
Pilate and Pilate said you know there I punished a man no I’m I’m paraphrasing
I’m not a good scriptorium but I’ve punished a man now listen you know at
that time this was Passover week and they had a custom the Rome
to release some prisoner to the people of Jerusalem and so Pontius Pilate
offered the crowd two men one was Barabbas a rebel who’d become a murderer
had been convicted and was to be killed and the other was Jesus Christ which one
do you want and the crowd again in unison called out Barabbas Barabbas
that’s who they wanted they wanted this murderer that was certainly something
they’d agreed upon in advance or else Sullivan would have been shouting Jesus
well okay so Pontius Pilate gave up Barabbas to the crowd and he pointed to
Jesus and he said what shall I do with this man and again in unison the members
of the crowd shouted crucify him crucify him the most terrible of punishments a
horrible way to die to be nailed to a cross a Roman method and so he
acquiesced to doubt and here we see him washing his hands he’s washing his hands
of the blood of an innocent man and the crowds telling him his blood be upon us
they know what they’ve done is wrong but they’re willing to take responsibility
for it and then Christ was led away by Roman soldiers and nailed to the cross
this is fact known throughout history isn’t it professor I said don’t you know
that that was a conspiracy from start to finish he says well yes but you have to
go about 20 centuries to find me a conspiracy that’s significant and I said
well let’s stay back there in fact let’s go back to this century just before
Christ let me ask you this have you ever heard of a man do you remember a man by
the name of Julius Caesar oh of course he said of course I do I I know about
Julius Caesar so I said to him professor do you think that when all of these
combined Roman senators came together at the base of the statue of Pompey with
their swords and their knives and they slew Julius Caesar they
assassinated Julius Caesar do you think that was accidental do you think it was
a coincidence that all of these men showed up with knives and at the same
place and at the same time or do you think that this group of men had
conspired in secret in advance and determined that they were going to kill
Julius Caesar and his murder a crime and therefore is
that a criminal conspiracy and was this done for political purpose and therefore
was that a political conspiracy and he conceded that it was he says ok but
we’re still 21 centuries ago and I says well let’s go 20 years earlier have you
ever heard of senator Lucius Sir Sergius Catlin I don’t speak Latin Catlin I’m
just going to call him senator cat line and his conspiracy against the Roman
Republic he conspired with several vassal kings in the Roman Republic and
also with others within Rome to murder many of the Roman senators to overthrow
the Roman Republic and make himself the emperor of Rome and Senator count line
was discovered his conspiracy was uncovered because some of the folks he
conspired with fell to guilty conscience and they went to another senator senator
Cicero a great orator what Catlin himself was also a great orator and he
went before this Senate and he told them of the conspiracy that count line had
put together to murder many of them and in this depiction you can see that
senator cat line is alone because senators have moved away from him as
they found that he was plotting to murder them he’s not popular among them
any longer well of course kaoliang denied it got up ran out of the room he
left this city and he went to his vassal kings and others and he tried to pull
together this vast army that he was going to bring together and a lot of
them now that they knew the jig was up were a little less excited about coming
into this fight with him so we only got about half the men he wanted
and the Roman armies came out against him meanwhile Cicero was able to get
some of the internal conspirators captured and tried and convicted and
they were executed for their trees and for being part of the treasonous
conspiracy cat line and his soldiers finally got surrounded and at the Battle
of beasts oh yeah I’m not sure I’m saying that right in 62 BC they were
utterly defeated on the field of battle and they were all dead there were 10,000
men dead at the end of the day including senator Catelyn so conspiracy sometimes
is discovered if someone’s brave enough to tell about it and bring that out it
makes a big difference all of a sudden the Republic was saved from this
conspirator in his conspirators all right well so he accepted that that was
you know a conspiracy but it was a long long time ago and I said well let’s come
forward in time I said professor have you ever heard of
Kali ma Kali ma is a Hindu goddess you’ll notice she has multiple arms here
she’s standing on the body of Shiva that she’s murdered sometimes she’s depicted
holding him sometimes she’s in black sometimes she’s in blue
she carries weapons including a silk scarf a big scarf so long that as a
strangulation scarf and we’ll talk about that but she was worshipped by her
followers for centuries and initially her followers actually sacrificed human
beings to her and that was done until the 1800s when the British Army put a
stop to to human sacrifice you can read about this in a great book called The
Stranglers written by a British author anyway is I talk to him about that I was
telling him that the Muslim and Hindu followers of the cult of Kali kept alive
a widespread transgenerational political and criminal murder and theft conspiracy
for profit for at least six centuries until a certain man came to India from
England lieutenant Williams Sleeman and he read an article by another British
officer who claimed that there was this cult of Kali that he suspected were
murdering people on the highways and rivers of India
so William Sleeman who had studied Hindustani for three years before
leaving began to question people when there was a caravan that went missing
and he was able to get someone to confess that he had participated in the
murders and take him to where the bodies were buried and this began the
uncovering of the cult of Kali now these members of the cult of Kali
called themselves by several names one of them was fags tha GS that’s a word
that means deceivers in other words that’s kind of an offshoot of that is
thuggees or for short thug that’s kind of a British take on it that’s where we
get the word thug from this from these thug E’s
so William Sleeman uncovered this conspiracy by getting some thugs to
witness against other thugs and over the years of his service there in India they
arrested tried and convicted and hung many of the thugs about 30,000 of them
and really undermined this major longtime conspiracy something I want you
to get out of this is that this lasted for centuries it was transgenerational
it was passed down father to son and it was kept secret at least among the
members it was estimated in the book that something like 40,000 people on
average a year were murdered on the rivers and highways of India during
those centuries so figure that up with your calculator pretty significant there
were princes involved there were merchants involved so there was
government help to cover up and we could get into that a lot they they became
famous the thugs for their ritualistic assassinations by strangulation with
their you’ll this little this little silk
handkerchief they tie a coin in it when they come up behind you to strangle they
can thrilled that the coin did bring it around your net and then grab it and two
other guys put you in the dirt strangle you they enjoyed that by the way they
loved doing that because their deception had finally brought you to a place of
trust where they could murder you and they thought that are pretty pretty
smart clever fellows but anyway the problem was not solved by India
bypassing silk control laws okay that wasn’t funny to any of you no gun
control silk control anyway let’s go back in time just a little bit again so
I’m not just totally chronological here but we’ll go back to the 18th century
and let’s talk about the founder of the order of the Illuminati Adam wise hopped
he formed it on May the 1st and I want you to keep that as a significant date
May Day because May the 1st is also celebrated by international communists
as a holiday in the mid 18th century the intellectual base for a revolutionary
movement was laid by such men as Voltaire Rousseau Diderot and other
members of the Paris Academy they sought the destruction of Christianity they
called themselves the philosophical philosophic strucked admire mysterious
occultist named colmer a Danish occultist Adam wise hopped a professor
of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University in Bavaria Germany established a secret
combination in organized structure to direct a global attack on religion and
monarchies a structure from which he hoped to rule the world you can read
about this professor in a book by another professor called proofs of a
conspiracy published in 1798 George Washington read it it was a pretty
popular book when it came out because it exposed this transcontinental conspiracy
to overthrow governments he as I said he called the order of the
order of Illuminati it was through an order disciple by the
name of count Gabriel Mirabeau that the order came to
France inside like an infection inside Freemason lodges and the order was at
the root of creating the Jacobin clubs there in France that brought on the
bloody French Revolution you’ve heard of that conspiracy haven’t you professor
and he said well yeah I’ve heard of it I I didn’t really don’t think of it as a
conspiracy that kind of thing now I’m going to tell you about another
conspiracy right now that was aimed at the murder of General George Washington
this took place in 1775 the year before Adam Weishaupt founded the order of the
Illuminati there were a lot of Tories down our English seaboard that wanted to
side with King George and stay British citizens and so when the armies of
America the militias fought at the Battle of Lexington and the Battle of
Concord and the Battle of Bunker Hill and breeds Hill near Boston and defeated
the British Army there the British pulled out they took ship and another
army was coming from England aboard ship and they sailed to New York City that’s
where they intended to put their foothold in the colonies to defeat these
upstart rebels well the interesting thing was is that the there was a book
published last year called the first conspiracy by Josh Mintz and I had never
heard of this conspiracy till I read that book so I recommend it – its kind
of fun book but anyway the point that I wanted to make here is in 1775 john jay
who was one of our founding fathers created a committee it went by a couple
of different names its final name was the committee for detecting and
defeating conspiracies and it was his committee that was able to find men to
testify about the conspiracy that they had learned of to assassinate general
washington they uncovered it they were able to bring men to trial they were
able to convict a number of them and one of them who was
one of George Washington’s personal bodyguards was executed in front of the
entire Continental Army for his treason so this was a conspiracy that’s another
fact of history that’s not when I was able to tell the professor about because
at that time I didn’t know about it but I did talk with the professor about
this when I said you know who Karl Marx is right and Frederick Frederick Engels
so we returned to Europe to the 19th century from the roots of the order of
the Illuminati had preceded and descended many secretive utopian
socialist conspiracies such as anarchism syndicalism the Paris Commune
Fabian socialism up in England the Leninist Bolshevism that we saw take
over Russia to the parent of international communism where did
communism come from out of the League of Outlaws or the League of just men or
sometimes called the Communist League Karl Marx and his associate Frederick
Engels were quote commissioned to draw up and complete theoretical and
practical party platform the communist manifesto of 1848 now this is very
interesting to me this is what I just quoted to you is Frederick Engels in the
introduction to the Communist Manifesto telling that it was the Communist League
that hired them this little booklet I first read when I was a teenager because
my uncle and economists challenged me to read it I’d read the ten planks of the
manifesto in another book by dr. Cleon scales and the naked communists so I
read this manifest when I was shocked this was meant to overthrow religion /
thrilled the family overthrow of governments create a new world order
world government since 1848 no other document has had a more profoundly
negative effect upon mankind in my opinion communist government guided by
Karl Marx’s manifesto Festo and the conspiratorial international communist
leadership of the deaths of over a hundred million
people in peacetime that criminal political conspiracy continues today in
China Vietnam North Korea and even in with tentacles inside the United States
now at that time there was a book called the black book of communism it’s about
800 pages and I can suggest that as a book to read if you want to learn about
these hundred and ten million people killed by a communist Leninism Stalinism
maoism conspiratorial advances have conquered and murdered a hundred million
people in the 20th century some before that but this conspiracy continues today
and is aligned with other deeper conspiracies for world government so I
bring that up because who can deny that this 19th 20th and 21st century
communist movement operated initially and in many countries as a secret
society or a secret combination with secret conspiratorial terrorist organs
and revolutionary movements husba has inflicted horrific results on mankind
you can’t deny that if you know history so next I asked a professor I said
professor as a history teacher certainly you’ve read of the secret 1942 Wannsee
conference haven’t you looked puzzled and said no I said well you ought to
check out a movie on it there was actually a great movie if made in Europe
and one in America I like the European one with english subtitles better I
think it’s more accurate I said but you know there was a beautiful mansion in
the suburbs of Berlin and the Wannsee suburbs and that mansion was confiscated
from the wealthy Jewish family by the National Socialists Workers Party
government dominated by who Adolf Hitler the National Socialists Nazis had
ministers top-level people from the government meet in 1942 at a secret
conference this conference really was a conspiratorial meeting to plants
something very evil that was carried out by the government of the Nazis there was
a plot to design what was to be called the final solution the mass murder of
all the Jews in Europe and they carried it out didn’t they we all know that they
murdered somewhere between six and seven million Jews the whole outcome in their
concentration camps and death camps has been estimated by dr. Ramel in his book
he’s a Hawaiian history professor as 25 million people murdered in those
concentration and death camps so that was the higher total you’ve heard of
that haven’t you professor he said well yeah I’ve heard of the final solution of
course I know about that so he had to admit that so I took him forward further
and I said what about Joseph Valachi what do you know about Joseph Valachi
now here’s a photograph of Joe Valachi testifying before a Senate Subcommittee
on organized crime in 1962 you see in his hands right here he’s holding a
crumpled up piece of paper what he’s telling the committee is the night that
I became a member of this conspiracy they crumpled up a piece of paper in my
hands and they set it on fire and they told me if I ever told when I
was with when I was having revealed to me that night that they would burn me
like that piece of paper and then they took my finger and they cut it with a
switchblade and they said if you reveal to anybody what we’re telling you
tonight will cut your throat like we’ve got your finger so in other words he
knew that he had just taken a blood oath and you all know the name of that blood
oath it was called the America of the oath of America right I don’t speak
Italian either so I might not have said that correctly but in front of this
committee Joseph Valachi who was testifying about organized crime
revealed to this committee that the five crime families in New York were not
disconnected they weren’t they weren’t separate organizations or gangs that
they were linked together in fact he said it’s it’s an international
conspiracy it’s in Europe it’s in Sicily it’s in Italy it’s in France it’s in the
United it’s transgenerational it’s
transcontinental and it’s secret because I’m going to tell you the name that they
call themselves that no one outside has ever heard before right now and he told
him that name and the name was the Cosa Nostra it means this thing of ours we
call it the Mafia a lot but since 1962 when Joe Valachi published his book from
prison the valachi papers’ we’ve known they
called themselves La Cosa Nostra and you know a lot of his information was
rejected people didn’t believe that there could be such a conspiracy as he
was describing but it was real and we all know that and many of these folks
have been arrested and convicted and so we can see that his organizational
charts were real and the and I said something else another feature here
let’s talk about this conspiracy corrupted a number of judges it
corrupted some senators so it had a long arm in two governments as well where it
created corruptions and bribery’s and so on so again it had a political aspect to
it so let’s don’t ignore that professor so he admitted that was true by the way
there was a movie out in the 1970s called the valachi papers’ at Starr’s
Charles Bronson if you want a quick version Hollywood did a really good job
on it well the next thing I brought up I stayed in the twentieth century although
this conspiracy I’m going to talk about next actually began in the nineteenth
century after the Civil War most of you have heard of the Ku Klux Klan KKK and
there was a man by the name of Delmar Dennis who had a book written about him
in 1975 this is the book clandestine isn’t that cute I like that plan world
words that says the untold story of Delmar Dennis and his role in the FBI’s
war against the Ku Klux Klan mr. Dennis or I should say Reverend Dennis was the
principal FBI Underground operative in the Klu Klux Klan he was a he was a
Methodist minister and later I’m proud to say became
member of the John Birch Society as well and he was very tormented over what he’d
done here in that he was persecuted by people in his hometown in Meridian
Mississippi he infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan he got
to know that KKK Grand Wizard Sam H bowers jr. and Delmar Dennis had been a
longtime staunch opponent of communism so he could recognize in the Klan that
same alien disgusting hatred that didn’t belong in the United States it was
hatred it was cowardice and he could recognize that he after he got to know
the Grand Wizard and one day he was at his home and they were talking about the
murder that was on everybody’s minds in 1960 for the murder of some Mississippi
or in Mississippi of some civil rights workers that had come to Mississippi
they were Michael Schwerner Andrew Goodman and James Chaney and they
disappeared nobody knew where they went well that’s when they found out it you
know talking to the ground whoever wizzard you know where those civil
rights workers are they’re over in that earthen dam over there on my property
that’s where they were buried so that was revealed to the FBI who got a search
warrant and came out and dug up the bodies and proved that they’d been
murdered there the testimony was there but you know the funny thing was that
they couldn’t bring charges of murder this was the federal government murders
not a federal crime civil rights violations was a federal crime but the
murder charge didn’t happen because there were so many corrupt officials in
the courts there that it even brought Delmar Dennis before him to try anavar
me that they couldn’t get a murder conviction against these men because
they were involved with the Klan the Ku Klux Klan so I bring that up because
Dennis helped solve what’s called the Mississippi Burning murders of these
civil rights workers and the KKK conspiracy was shown to have corrupt
government officials involved that they had committed murdered that they covered
up murders that they were widespread in America
and it was another modern example of conspiracy professor I didn’t have to go
back 20 centuries for this they’re around us even today now I have to say
that after the discussion the professor still remained reluctant to admit that
conspiracy plays a major role in mankind’s present past and future and as
Lee and I walked out of the building and I says what did you learn in there and
she said I learned that I’m done working with him I don’t think he’s going to
change his politically correct viewpoints that is those those popular
viewpoints that are approved by who the deep state the swamp the members of this
cabal that we’ve talked about they approve certain things and other things
is not really approved the point is that conspiracies have existed throughout
history some of dared some people that are not in the conspiracy of dared to
point to conspiracy when confronted by it there’s a myriad of books and reports
about the evidence that’s abundantly clear that history includes the
influence of conspiracies but how does this affect us today is there an
overarching conspiracy seeking ultimate control now I’m going to go through a
kind of a long quote here by Abraham Lincoln in 1858 but I love this because
the thing you look for when you’re trying to uncover conspiracies in any
good police officer or detective will notice as you look for patterns the
uncovered patterns so let me read this to you but when we see a lot of framed
timbers different portions of which we know have been gotten out at different
times and places by different workmen Stephen Franklin Roger and James for
instance and when we see these Timbers joined together and see they exactly
make the frame of a house or a mill all the tendons and mortises exactly fitting
and all the lengths and proportions of the different pieces exactly adapted to
their respective places and not a piece too many or too few not omitting even
the scaffolding or if a single piece be lacking we can see the place in the
frame exactly fitted and prepared to yet bring in such a piece in such a
case we find it impossible not to believe that Stephen and Franklin and
Roger and James all understood one another from the beginning and all
worked upon a common plan or draft drawn up before the first lick was struck so
we look for patterns when we want to uncover conspiracy don’t we and when we
concede that things fit together and it’s obvious by the evidence that
there’s a conspiracy then we have to conclude that there’s a conspiracy let’s
step forward into the 20th century President Woodrow Wilson in 1913 said
this some of the biggest men in the u.s. in the field of Commerce and
manufacturing are afraid of somebody are afraid of something they know that there
is a power somewhere so organized so subtle so watchful so interlocked and so
complete so pervasive that they better not speak above their breath when they
speak in condemnation of it now that’s 1913 folks the conspiracy I’m talking
about has old roots let’s skip forward to 1922 we’ll go back to New York City
Mayor John F Hyland said the real menace of our republic is this invisible
government which like an octopus and giant octopus sprawls its slimy lengths
over city state and nation like the octopus of real life it operates under
cover of a self-created screen at the head of the octopus are the Rockefeller
Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally
referred to as international bankers some of us call them banksters bankers
the little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the
United States government for their own selfish purposes they practically
control both political parties let that sink in for a minute these international
bankers and their allies this coterie he calls them which is another name for
cabal or conspiracy this little hidden group they’ve run the US government
isn’t that what we call the deep state today
Azen doubt the swamp that president Trump’s talked about let’s step forward
remember he talked to belt in this earlier slide he talks about the
Rockefeller Standard Oil interests that were later broken up a little bit and
who’s the head of those interests will the Rockefeller family right so let’s
see what David Rockefeller said in his book memoirs in 2002 this is written in
his book as an admission he said some even believe we are part of a secret
cabal working against the interests of the United States characterizing my
family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the
world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure one
world if you will if that’s the charge I stand guilty and
I am proud of it now to me ladies and gentlemen
conspiring with others around the world in a conspiracy against the best
interests of the United States of which he’s a citizen is treason it’s not
something to be proud of but he was proud of it and even published it and
felt like the deep state and the swamp could protect him in putting this in
words and writing that all Americans could see that no consequence would come
and guess what he’s died and have little consequence other than that the John
Birch Society has revealed a lot about that cabal that conspiracy the creature
from Jekyll Island here is a over six hundred page book written by G Edward
Griffin that has some timeless information in it and let’s say this
about the books I’ve read at least seventy of the books that the John Birch
Society is either published or distributed and I find them books with
timeless information whatever year they’re written they are apropos still
to our time in our place this one will tell you the story of those bankers it
says the creature from Jekyll Island a second look at the Federal Reserve
Jekyll Island is where the conspirators met
was it off the coast of Georgia I think they met there to plan out and discuss
how they were going to create this thing they were going to call the Federal
Reserve System which was neither federal nor a Reserve System but was a central
banking institution modeled after the central banks of Europe and this was how
they were going to get control of our money supply so I recommend that book to
you now there was another book that I’ve really enjoyed that how to deep impact
on me and this is written by James Perloff he published this widely popular
book and he tells the history of the Council on Foreign Relations established
in 1921 as a front for the powerful JP Morgan and company interests in England
there was a counterpoint or counterpart organization established the Royal
Institute for International Affairs some call it Chatham House it goes by that
name as well they were established after World War one and the CFR since before
World War Two has acquired unrivaled influence on American foreign policy
hundreds of US government administrators and diplomats and senators and even some
presidents have belonged to the Council on Foreign Relations regardless of which
political party has occupied the White House these folks have dominated what’s
now today called the deep State but what does the Council on Foreign Relations
stand for why do the major media outlets that are dominated by them avoid
discussing the truth about the CFR what has been the impact on America’s past
and what is it planning for America’s future these questions and many more are
answered by the book the shadows of power and by another book I’m going to
talk about in a minute in the shadows of the deep state but before we talk about
that book I want to go to this book to understand the 20th and 21st centuries
it’s really important maybe even imperative to understand the 18th and
19th centuries the 1700s and the 1800s and in America one of the most amazing
books on that topic is this one to the victor go the myths
monuments the history of the first hundred years of the war against God and
the Constitution 1776 – 1876 and it’s modern impact this was written by John
Birch Society chief executive officer Arthur Thompson and he put about 45
years of research into this book it’s not an easy book to read if you read it
do what I do have a highlighter pen you’re going to be learning about so
many European conspiracies that came to America like the Carbonari and different
things you know and how they affected our history and helped to bring about
the civil war that you’re going to want to highlight things and then go back
through and reread your highlights to start bringing this into because a lot
of this wasn’t taught to you in public education tremendous book now the next
book I want to bring up to you is this one in the shadows of the deep state a
century of Council on Foreign Relations scheming for world government this was
also written by jbs CEO art Thompson love this book seems like every time I
get through about two or three pages of it I want to post something to Facebook
say don’t people you got to know this this is a fact you need to know but I
could and I did it yesterday on page 300 I thought you know I got to tell people
a little bit about something about our education system and then the National
Education Association and and how its mobbed up so you know look at my
facebook page well anyway I recommend this book highly to you maybe if I was
to pick one of these books for you to read I asked you to read this one first
so there’s something else if you don’t have time to read that book right now
you might start with some of our special reports the John Birch Society magazine
is the new American this special report came out in 2018 deep state pulling
strings from behind the scenes this is an excellent dissertation on what the
deep state is real detail you’ll be amazed what’s
uncovered in this magazine this one deep state inaction is another
special report that followed up on that one tremendous you put these two
magazines together you’ve probably got a book of information that would have
taken you books and books of reading to condense it into these two special
reports there’s our Thompson’s book alex newman has put out this DVD I recommend
exposing the deep state tremendous quick dissertation he talks very quickly maybe
quicker than me and but you know you can read these two magazines and and this
one most of the articles in it were written by Alex Newman so you’ll get
that this book of course killing the deep state by jerome corsi is another
one that’s available from shop JB org okay so I wanted to bring these things
up I want to go back on just for a moment what is the deep state it is a
shadow government that manipulates and shapes policies of the visible
government without regard for the best interests of the country the
Constitution the laws enacted by Congress and the public policies of
presidents it is operating for its own agenda and as I mentioned one of its
agenda items is to submerge the United States and other countries under a
global government I appreciate that you’ve sat with me for this long and I’m
gonna summer I’m gonna bring a conclusion now to this presentation
because now the question is what can be done to thwart this conspiracy and
really you know this was not a part I went over with that Professor we didn’t
get to this place but I want this to be the most important part of this
presentation for you though unfortunately it’s sort first of all
learn the truth these books I’ve recommended to you read them read the
two special reports watch Alex and Newman’s of DVD learn the truth there is
a conspiracy to create a world government to rule over you and me and
all of mankind and all of earth that is not a pleasant
conspiracy if you Jesus Christ said if you know the truth the truth will make
you free well then the converse of that is important to understand if you do not
know the truth they will deceive you into bondage those who seek to deceive
you have a purpose for deception they have an agenda for deceiving you
they would move you into bondage the next thing is know your constitution
it’s really not that big no the Constitution learn it read it understand
it the John Birch Society offers a series of DVDs six DVDs called the
Constitution is the solution probably any family in America can afford to buy
that series and watch it take you six nights they’re about a half hour each no
the Constitution and its limits then hold your congressmen your legislators
your President etc accountable to it how phone calls visits letters emails and
even at the ballot box you can do that learn about the John Birch Society and
join with us for over six decades now the wonderful people of the John Birch
Society both on their headquarters staff their field staff and their volunteer
leaders and members across this great country have been protecting
constitutionally limited government freedom for the individual liberty and
independence for this country please join with us when you’ve read these
books then it’s up to us to turn this around it’s up to you it’s up to you
it’s up to me we can’t just sit on the sidelines lines and let this happen so
god bless america and thank you very much for listening to me you

45 thoughts on “Conspiracy | What History Teaches Us

  1. Conspiracy Fact is that the 17th Amendment only changed the way the US Senators are selected and not who they work for. Everyone says they work for the people bur they do not. The fact is they still work for the State that they represent. The people do not see this, no state legislatures, US Representatives, US Senators, no constitutional scholars, no educational systems. Read the 10th Amendment which defines the Federal Gov. the State Or the People. This defines the three powers. No exception! Read the !7th Amendment ( Read the 2nd. paragraph 1st. line ). When vacancy's happen in the representation of any State in the Senate,. The People is not the State, the State is not the People. The State owns the 2 Senators votes and no one else. Now John Birch Society study this over. Thanks Joe

  2. U N Agenda 21 isn't a theory, it can be found on the U.N's website. Its total world government. Our freedom would be lost. Thank you sir for fighting for us.

  3. I say we coordinate a worldwide strike. Kill all of “them” at once. Speed, violence and momentum will surely knock them back on their heels.
    The whole system needs to be taken down and it’s because they own the system. American government needs to be shaken up so that “their” layers of protection are in the wrong spots.
    There has to be a counter conspiracy and I hope it works.

  4. I enjoy learning about these things, but the only problem is, what you’re trying to accomplish is stopping the end times. You can’t stop the end. It has been prophesied about for thousands of years in the Lord God’s Holy Word. I wish we could do something to make this world a better place. But only our Lord Jesus can do that. And he is going to soon.

  5. I have not watched this long video yet but judging from the comments its about starting conspiracy theories right? lol…

  6. Excellent presentation! Much food for deep thought!
    Real Men, have a deep love of the Truth, and an evil man will fail against it!

  7. This presentation is very good and I can't recommend None dare call it conspiracy enough. It is one book that you HAVE to read to be politically awake

  8. The FBI told us we have lone wolves with TS security clearances working in our own government germ labs with anthrax germs. Those lone wolves sometimes mail anthrax letters to Congress. Colin Powell said we should invade Iraq over it.

  9. The HUBRIS of the political power elite is staggering .
    I will put my faith in the group-conscious of good , humble , honest souls .
    May God restore and save the Republic !!

  10. Civic nationalism is a pipe dream and a losing strategy. Read Exodus for the definition of a NATION. White Europeans built this country, explicitly FOR white Europeans, and non-whites (and childless women) are killing it because they HATE it, period. And no, Mestizos are not white, they are a separate nation forged over 400 years (plenty of time to make a nation according to GOD). Non Whites CONSISTENTLY vote about 70% Democrat. Demographics is destiny. Prepare accordingly. White nationalism the ONLY hope of survival for western civilization, and for (yes I'm aware of the irony) liberty. The Republican party, absent a MAJOR platform change, will never win another national election past 2028. A white homeland is the only hope for liberty on this continent. Sorry for the black pill, buy you already know that it is true. You can not coexist with the left, they won't allow it. You can not teach the left, they won't listen. And you will NOT be able to out vote the left, because of immigration.

  11. I completely and thoroughly enjoyed this great lecture. I am always blessed by and learn so much from anything from the John Birch Society. For anyone interested in listening to hearing recent interviews v
    from Dr. James Perloff ( sp ?) ,I highly recommend scanning SGT Report videos on yt. Sean of SGT has done several detailed interviews with Dr. Perloff on God, the Bible, science, NASA ,…
    God bless the John Birch Society and to all who's eyes are yet to be opened to the truth by many of it's fierce, great men!

  12. The Communists are actively enslaving America and the Western World. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are being shredded day by day, week by week. It has ramped up since George Bush Sr. became president. New World Order!

  13. Thank you for this presentation. Excellent and concise summary with touching far history as well on the topic of conspiracy. Yes, knowledge and spreading the words but doing it wisely and effectively is the action plan for any free and freedom loving citizen, whenever he lives. God Bless America and other freedom loving countries, as well.

  14. I turn as many as i can to Qanon…prageru , jbs,etc. Etc. Oh and blue collar logic. RockingMeE,douglas doucte sr.,ben shapiro,jordan peterson.

  15. Iraq 2003, Libya 2011 and Syria since 2013 and still continuing to be a push for illegal war there under Trump as it was attempted under Obama, these are all recent conspiracies fact

  16. I'm here because my dear grandmother back in the 1970s shared the JBS with me. And my life was never the same. I really appreciate the beautifully understated manner of this gentleman. It is so hard to get people to hear what has happened to us. They want to believe all is well.

  17. Don't forget to join this incredibly important organization and do your part to save America!

  18. "The Family" Documentary on Netflicks. Really deceptive. Form of so-called Godliness Denying the power of The Gospel of Grace. They seek to employ Kingdom Gospel measures to implement world dominance believing they are doing Gods Work. It's about Power not the power of The Cross. It's the Kingdom of AntiChrist that they are building.

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