Conservative teen invited to White House after Honor Society rejection

100 thoughts on “Conservative teen invited to White House after Honor Society rejection

  1. Wow, anti free speech at a public school while claiming others are against it. Someone should bring this to court, too many people getting away with this. So glad he was rewarded for his good grades and service.

  2. Please ask the President to get the Department of Justice to investigate possible violations of your First Amendment rights by your school teachers and administrators. This is serious and if there needs to be Federal prosecutions to deter such behavior, so be it.

  3. Oh my goodness!! A young respectful man has respect for OUR president. Not sure how the left has so much control

  4. Makes me glad I didn't suffer anything like he and others similar to him did in high school. Also makes me glad that the teachers that would do such things to students quit after (or within) one year.

  5. From a former NHS President, congratulations to you for your academic achievements and for standing up for your convictions! You're an awesome kid! Wish there were a lot more like you.

  6. Someone needs to find out the name of his high school and flood them with complaints for refusing to give him an excused absence for being invited to the freaking White House and demand a public apology from the school administrators.

  7. Behold, the abominable, oppressive thing called 'liberalism'. If you disagree with them, they will hurt you.
    Many kudos to this young man for standing up for freedom.

  8. He has a "character issue" for supporting the President? If anything, I'd say they have the potential character issue. Wouldn't be surprised to find out that they supported things like Berkley.

  9. I just emailed the NHS to find out how I get my mid-1970s membership erased. We'll see if those fuckers respond.

  10. Really really proud of this kid. I agree the teachers and administrators that are prejudice towards the current Republican president need to pull back immediately.

  11. 4.0 GPA?! Able to think for himself by being a Trump supporter. This young man is going to be a great man one day.

  12. If you don’t agree with liberals then you are a bad person. Good teachers never talk about politics or judge people on their political views.

  13. My god: this guy and those like him will be the ones who save this country from the neo-socialist, neo-fascists on the left whose mission and dream is to make this nation a province of Venezuela

  14. my sister got a question wrong on a college test because it was some sort of general knowledge test (somewhat like a SAT test i guess) and one of the questions was a paragraph that ended in "what is wrong with this sentence" and she thought it was a grammar question. nothing appeared to be wrong with it though so she sort of guessed. it was an open ended question not multiple choice.

    turns out once she read the answers on the study guide later, that the answer was the use of "he/she" pronouns was potentially offensive to people and shouldnt be used.

    this was just a general knowledge test that she had to take as part of her nursing school.

    so if anyone wants to become a nurse in texas study up on liberal propaganda because theyre testing you on it. cant be a nurse if you arent an sjw

  15. When young people support our President it's because they do their own research rather than believing the mouths of fools!
    Impressive young man!

  16. I love how fox news loves playing the victim lol and all the stories they do are stuff that tries to make republicans look like victims. This station and republicans are the real snowflakes lol

  17. Sounds like another professional victim blaming others for his failures and depending on the government to save him instead of pulling himself up by his bootstraps

  18. Ah, yes…the "Honor" Society, mid-20th century. Only the "elite" were accepted into it at my high school. You had to have the right parents, the right last name, the right social contacts in that hick town. No matter how good your grades were, no matter in what activities one participated, no Italians, Lithuanians, Polish, Welsh, Slovaks, Greeks, or other ethnic "minorities" were welcome. Then, one day, when school started, the "Honor" Society was called out of the four college-bound classes of students. Each one of them was smirking as they left our group/class/section as they were sure that more honors were being piled upon them. They didn't return to class for a couple of days. Turns out that the little buggers had created a "cheating machine", passing answers to tests between the four sections of college-bound students as classes passed during the day. I was one of the editors of the yearbook; we had to call back the photographer to take a photo of the decimated (by about 75%) "Honor" Society to put in the yearbook that year. We were all warned not to speak a word of it, as it would hamper their admission to college. A three-day suspension was the only consequence they got (aside from not getting to wear their gold braid when they "walked" on graduation night). I never did find out which teacher "outed" them. I always suspected the new Civics class teacher, as he was a social pariah among the teaching staff for the rest of the year and wasn't re-hired for the following year.

  19. This is the Democrat-Socialist Party's agenda to create an Orwellian society (read George's book, 1984) mixed with a healthy dose of Lucas's "THX 1138" tossed in for good measure.

  20. Sad. They should be looking at HIS character, not Trump's. Yeah Trump is unfiltered and doesn't hold back, but that doesn't make the kid a bad person. In my opinion, though, no matter who the president, the White House is a higher honor than the Honor Society.

  21. This is why for the third year straight that I'm eligible for Honor Society (last year I was 18 hours over community service requirement), I will never join. It's a sham.

  22. I agree with him that it needs to happen in high schools and middle schools. At my middle school, all the teachers are liberal, and one (who particularly likes me as a student and doesn't know I support Trump) who never stops pushing her views about politics on us. My Assistant Principal who is in charge of discipline had a huge Hillary sticker outside her door, and I have a friend who was put into detention for saying "Make America Great Again". It's stupid.

  23. Kid was rightly denied from NHS for tying his personal brand to Trump. Nothing inherently wrong with conservatism … plenty of respectable conservatives out there. However, adoption of Trump's values and continued support of Trump is indeed a flaw … he is almost universally the antithesis of a man of character. Lacking in pretty much all categories of trustworthiness, integrity, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, citizenship, and the like.

  24. “To stop the leftist agenda?” The leftist agenda is to make everything equal and to make everyone feel safe. Is it really fair to have hate speech (From the right) and to have LGBTQ students feel unsafe in a school environment from the Right who don’t accept anybody?

  25. I had a similar situation but on the other side of the spectrum. I once had a teacher who was attempting to subject us to his political indoctrination. He was a strong conservative and seemed to get into arguments with the students who aligned as democrat in his class about politics. He often referred to the media as "fake news" and glorified Trump in his class. Sometimes it was him who started it, sometimes it was the students. That class was hell. We should put an end to all of this indoctrination on both sides.

  26. This is exactly why I never post anything political on social media. I don’t want either potential businesses or universities to turn me down. Sad that political affiliation governs our life in that kind of way.

  27. Public schools should be shut down then. Don't care if it creates an uproar. The war started with people treating others with different values like this.

  28. Today the Norwegian socialist left wing just said they wanted free dental care as well….to laughter and shock from the rest

    I have several opinions on that, but i wanna know what people here think

  29. Wow, this is a disturbing trend! Colleges and universities in America are becoming indoctrination centers, almost like a cult. If you’re not liberal, you’re not welcome by them. Truth be told, they deserve to go out of business if they continue doing this.

  30. I wonder how many college applicants were denied admission on the basis of supporting President Obama back when he was still in power? Imagine the public outrage that would have ensued back then? But this is acceptable?

  31. whats sad is im conservative and will probably never have a liberal friend not because im not open to it but because they would probably yell at me and burn down my house because im conservative

  32. At my high school, we make sure to tell all the incoming freshmen to never speak or write what they actually think and to learn what political view their teachers have. Most of our teachers are left leaning and will score your tests/essays unfairly and treat you badly in class if you have right leaning views. Ah, I love getting a good education.

  33. Leftist indoctrination. Big time. This kid is spot on. My former current events teacher (I’m doing an internship at my uncles law firm for the rest of my senior year, so she ain’t my teacher any more!) literally ran a class where all we talked about was news and politics and me, being a conservative, always brought up points where liberals were making fools out of themselves, and trumps successes. Never did she put one of trumps successes or liberal failures on the news charts

  34. That's Antonio Gramsci's strategy to communism. Occupy the media, take the academy, take the cultural environment using the famous and artists, brain wash teens and teachers, then you have it. It's happening all over the world.

  35. This is ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with supporting the President of the United States. In fact, there’s something wrong with fighting against him

  36. I'm independent but I see how dumb leftists and democrats are acting so for questioning certain statements made by my Marxist professors I'm given lower grades all the time, despite in the same class never discussing it and getting A's until that point. It's academic assassination.

  37. So much for the all tolerant left. Those teachers have lots to learn. And they they expect raises and benefits from our taxes

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