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here's the problem this dog is bit every friend I have yeah bit my mother he's been my assistant no way he's just bitter today and I'll do no Richard ahaha I didn't heat the first so he'll be louder so he can hear you better no yeah I but I don't get a stare going over it's always funny no and then he'll have a moment like this and then you look goes right backwards right because you didn't follow through what do you do after that I'm gonna show you first seizure wants to see how nervous Richard becomes when confronted in his own home all nervous dog all fearful dogs all excited dogs are gonna run away so let's take that power away which is unhealthy for everybody including Richard let's put a leash home block the power he's gonna work okay frantic is good they want to throw all the punches so when you block the dog doesn't they have to go it's just you holding an energy so the energy have to go somewhere so they go into screaming bitey but he wasn't like glamping he would he says if normally people walks away from me or they put me away but you're not doing that it was like a showdown and Richard I mean opened his fingers up he bit right through you're pregnant oh no but that's just the worry about it like coming on his hand for a chihuahua looked like he got bit by a piranha I'm mortified so he did his whole physical thing and this leg I'm gonna take over most of them people retrieve or they take him away but nobody confronts him right right yeah yeah by us taking him to that state of releasing it is actually very healthy for him yeah yeah Banting is good holding is bad yeah that's right just like a person yeah okay aggression is not the problem is the outcome of a problem the probability is not the groan is the outcome of a problem yeah right into business as a system – that's right so aggression is a symptom so I don't focus on the symptoms to me is like what's the real problem this is an insecure dog they has way too much power and he gets affection at the wrong time

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  1. This just shows older women spoiling their chihuahuas turning them into monsters when they could have been the sweetest dogs ever

  2. Anyone notice Caesar goes more LaLa with a female human client? Perhaps Caesar has too much pent up energy, and needs to go jogging every day.

  3. You know, I see these videos and I think about my ex. He’d lash out and my response was to be even nicer to him. I should have just let him bite my hand. Hahaha

  4. I don't understand why people love dogs?
    If for safety of their family, I agree. If not that case, then why pet a dog?

  5. I don’t agree with this guy’s methods using brute force to rehabilitate dogs because it often seems a bit forceful and I don’t agree with the time he hit the golden dog(holly I think it’s name was) because to me that’s like scaring your dog into submission and instead of showing that you love and care for them you show them that you own them. But I do agree with the fact that he finds the issue in this one and uses himself as an outlet, even if the dog was restrained which I feel may have stressed it out more he seemed to make progress without harming it

  6. Most Aggressive Dog Breeds
    10. Aggression
    9. Is
    8. Not
    7. Bred
    6. It
    5. Is
    4. A
    3. Trained
    2. Behavior
    1. Chihuahua

  7. The dog dude looks like that guy Taco Guy from turbo the snail you know what i mean that fast snail thing.

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