Configuring DHCP Server and IP Helper on Packet Tracer

okay guys I know it's been a while since I posted my last video but I got to email this mone and asked me to make something to to show dhcp routing through a router so from a server not just from the router like I did in my last video so right now the DHCP server is configured we've got two pools we've got the 1010 Network and we got the 192 168 dot one network but these have been configured they both have allocation for 50 users per right now if I should go to this computer that's on the 192 Network the one that's with the server if I switch DHCP on I get an IP address sign the DHCP is working now to configure the router to route the traffic I want to enable config T and I'll configure my interfaces if a is your size 0 IP address 4 0 0 will be 10 10 0.1 1/24 and this is where this is where you add the DHCP trafficking stuff the the IP address for the for the DHCP server is one ninety two dot one sixty eight dot one dot ten so what you want to do is you want to IP helper you want to set your IP helper to that IP address there you go now that this side here will pull information from this server for its DHCP let me finish the configuration for the switch or for the for the router no shut set the interface faz or one set its configuration and I go ahead and set the IPO helper on that one as well no shut I had a set router rip and I'll set IP routes if a let's see 192 168 is on 0/1 with a one metric five to fifty five to respond 0fa just let's do with a one metric I'll write the memory close it out and that should be complete now if I come over to this computer that's on the other side and I pull DHCP that fails let's see let's try that one more time there we go it just needed to gather the routing traffic between there so that's how you do it you just add that IP helper tag into the interface showing where the DHCP server is and you'll have your configuration complete for having a DHCP server with a router and switch and multiple computers on different networks there you go

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  1. Hi. I think that you have mistake in this configuration. When i start DHCP server without default gateway (that and reouter configuration, i can't take IP address in PC2. But i can being wrong. Please reply to me. 

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