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over centuries many of the major advances in public health have been achieved through medicine pharmaceutical interventions cure heal and prevent disease in the human body as well as improve and maintain our health as custodian of all medicines the pharmacist is one of the most important professionals in the delivery of health services pharmacists other health professionals who have the most detailed knowledge of medicines and how they work we depend on them to ensure the safety and efficacy of the medicines used by the public while we mostly encounter pharmacists who dispense medicines there are many pharmacists who work behind the scenes beginning long before the medicine reaches the patient over the last decade there has been a major shift in the role of the pharmacist as the profession has taken on many new responsibilities to meet the growing healthcare needs in our country a pharmacists duty is no longer confined to preparing prescription medicines the pharmacists responsibility extends to delivering optimal pharmaceutical care by assessing the suitability of the medication for a particular patient taking into account their medical history as well as possible side effects and interactions with food and other medicines that are being used importantly pharmaceutical care includes engagement and communication with patients so they are given a clear understanding of the medication its purposes effects and the dosage regimen or how to tailor their medicine to suit patients and their lifestyles from conversations for the patient a pharmacist must be able to identify and evaluate important health aspects which may need addressing in some cases it is important to show the patient how to use the device that delivers the medicine to the body one of the most dramatic changes in pharmacy is the addition of clinical screening services offered by more and more pharmacists such as screening tests for diabetes high blood pressure and cholesterol with these changes there's been a greater emphasis on the understanding of disease processes and how risks and diseases can be managed with lifestyle changes and medicine therapy in most cases you don't need an appointment to see your pharmacist and most pharmacies offer a private consulting area for this purpose pharmacists are well trained to offer advice and support on health issues like weight loss smoking and emergency contraception many pharmacists offer a baby clinic and Family Planning your local pharmacy is a place where you can ask questions and get a confidential consultation regarding any aspect of your health pharmaceutical patient counseling can go a long way towards detecting and preventing unsafe patient medicine practices and ensuring that patients understand the use of medications that help manage their disease community pharmacists are often the first port of call for people to get advice on health in general as well as specific clinical conditions your pharmacist can help you choose over-the-counter medication that is right for you by taking into consideration your symptoms medical history and lifestyle community pharmacists are trust health advisors and our an affordable and accessible healthcare resource they offer a trusted environment in which to reduce medication errors and improve safety while reducing costs and improving the overall quality of care this is especially so in rural areas where access to other health services may be limited in these times where pharmacy practices have been established for many years the pharmacist is trusted by the community to offer professional advice or to guide the patient to the right specialist for the necessary treatment like many other health professions pharmacy is evolving and adapting to the latest methods of health delivery through consultations with other health professionals pharmacists are forming healthcare teams wherein a patient's health is viewed holistically and medical problems are addressed from the perspective of the patient's life history and environment there are many ways in which the pharmacist adds value to your healthcare but as a patient you are also pivotal in the quality of health care you receive to enhance quality care consumers can start by taking responsibility for themselves and for their health you have a right to understand everything you need to know about your medicines your pharmacist can answer your questions guide you in your pharmaceutical and health contribute to your wellness together we can strive towards quality pharmaceutical care to achieve good health your pharmacist knows your pharmacist cares ask your pharmacist

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