Community members react to Fort Worth officer shooting

100 thoughts on “Community members react to Fort Worth officer shooting

  1. This lady is a tax paying pillar of the community – educated, family oriented and lovely lady. Her front door was open is all?? Then she was killed, the officer killed her and, judging by the video under absolutely no possibility of danger to him. The context is a neighbour has spotted a front door open, when it is usually shut – that is it. NOT A BURGLARY – NOT A CRIME SCENE – NO DANGER!!!!
    This is not negligence and not bad training this is bloodlust by the officer, he could not wait.

  2. This is crazy why the neighbor didn’t just check on her his self he saw the door open he could have just knocked and called for her….I’m not blaming the brother I’m just trying to see what could have been done to prevent all that madness…rip to the sista killed… I’m lost for words… peace

  3. Whatever happens to the black man is his own fault because he continues to sleep in the bed of his own enemy. When will they learn!!!!

  4. 1. in the video they didn't present themselves as the authorities. This was a welfare check, why didn't they just knock on the door and make their presence known instead of sneaking around the residence.

    2. They parked their squad car around the corner instead of in front of a home.

    3. He shot her as he ordered her to comply. She had no chance.

    Also that was dastardly for the police department to released a photo of a gun as if she was criminal or this whole ordeal was justified. Even if she was holding a gun it was perfectly within her right to defend her property from presumed Intruders sneaking around her house.

  5. Yoo… who gonna hug this cop too? At this point we might as well line up all of the huge cops in AmeriKKKa & give out free hugs whilst they continue taking innocent lives.

  6. she didn't have a chance. no lights no siren. Didn't even park the police vehicle's in front of the house. This white cop Shot 3 seconds after saying show me your hands.

  7. I bet they will say he FEARED for his life🤬. I hope the family doesn’t hug this murderer…or the judge or the bailiff!!!

  8. Not all police are bad but some have profiled us the blacks if that officer was black and the victim was white what would be the outcome they need to practice saving lives interact with the community build trust and respect.

  9. They "the 'Concerned Faith Leaders'; don't do nothing to protect Black Women involving the Law Enforcement in DFW UNTIL after that woman is openly assaulted or killed. All they do IS talk and pray smh.


  11. We black people need to understand that these cops are on a mission…they get badges to do "legally" what some do in malls, schools, cinemas and churches as domestic terrorists.

  12. Another "Amber Guyger" moment from trigger happy police! They need to be held accountable so they will think twice before they do this BS

  13. I like to see what goes on in the police training police pgm! You see you shoot? How are citizens suppose to feel safe! If I call the police when I am in need of help, I might be killed by them! This is outrageous! And 10 years for Amber Guyger?! DFW you better watch your back.

  14. These so called police departments need to something different because what they're doing is definitely not working, especially for people of color, they need to start with the fact, there are way to many caucasian people on all the police force, all over the United States, the police force need to be balance, when it comes to different races of people.

  15. The NDAA that allows the killing of people indiscriminantly was signed into effect on New Years Eve during the Obama administration after he said he wouldnt sign it. This is the NDAA, a satanic agenda

  16. He better tell tha MATHAFUCKAs he got spooked out cuz somebody popped up in the window & that he's been hearing alot of talk of a potential ALIEN 👽 here in FT WORTH & has been on the 👽 YouTube page & FACEBOOK
    SOoo his nerves was a lil UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. heavily edited body cam footage. won't release it for now. need time to get a professional to doctor the footage before they release. don't want anyone to see them plant the gun either. don't believe anything they say. it's a top down thing now. they're covering it up and everyone involved needs fired and charged with obstruction and complicity

  18. they are trying to scrub all the videos to make sure it doesnt show her hands so they can claim she had the gun in her hand. they are also not releasing the officers name (anyon else would be shouted from the rooftops by the scumbag cops) so they have time to scrub his social media etc for any racist or negative posts.

  19. But let white folks start getting shot in their own homes for no reason by police officers. THEN the powers that be will become outraged and enact better protocols. Sadly their is no sense of urgency until it's them. That is the sad reality in this country. When it's people of color, it's more of an annoyance to be spun making the victim appear at fault. Happens over and over. The same pattern.

  20. STOP BEING CRIMINALS AND YOU'LL STOP SEEING POLICE!!! You care NOTHING for the many blacks killed in the same time, by OTHER BLACKS!!! In truth, you care for no one but yourselves, but can;t pass up an opportunity to be "OUTRAGED", and to INCREASE RACIAL HATRED!!!

  21. Practise at home carried abroad. U.S cops killing black people at their homes. U.S drones killing Afghans at their homes. "Might is right"

  22. A concern call could be so fatal? Cops with guns are killing way too many black people out of imaginary fear than actual fear. Don't say police get killed too. By whom? Are black america more gun freak than any other group of people? What are they singled out and use for target practise? I feel bad for black America. It looks like a hen house guarded by snakes or mongooses. They consume the eggs and chicks at will.

  23. Isaiah 5:21-23
    You think you are clever and smart. And you are great at drinking and mixing drinks. But you are in for trouble. You accept bribes to let the guilty go free, and you cheat the innocent out of a fair trial.

    Colossians 3:25
    For the wrongdoer will be paid back for the wrong he has done, and there is no partiality.

  24. This is the second case lately, where an Africa-America was shot by a police officer. Botham Jean and
    now Atatiana Jefferson, both just 28 years old in the state of TEXAS (31 miles apart). Mr. Jean in his apartment and now Ms. Jefferson in her home. Is The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: "A well
    regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." is this only for some people?? Enough is enough…

  25. They said they found a gun, so what plenty of people have guns in their homes and how do we know the gun wasn't planted there by the cops?

  26. You are a cop and you act like you don't know what to do. We have more sense than they do. You mean to tell me a Judge can come off the bench and give a hug and a Bible but you can't say I'm sorry. Sorry won't make it better but it would at least let us know you have some kind of feelings. Cops act like they don't have any common sense.

  27. Andre Taylor police accountability in Washington look it up lets get this passed in Texas. Its time to take action through getting laws passed not only praying and protesting faith without works is dead!

  28. I guess you 'all need to either pray and give them a hug & a bible or you need to start defending your communities from cops. Don't have much choice.

  29. I think that the police "planted" that gun in the bedroom in an attempt to "justify" the actions of the officer who shot Atatiana Jefferson.

  30. This makes me mad. My prayers and condolences to her family and friends. To the Fort worth community my prayers are with you. Justice will be served.

  31. I believe this is what people think of when they hear "white privilege"… just the ability to deal with law enforcement in a reasonable manner without fear.

  32. I guess wellness checks are only safe in white neighborhoods…. No ever gets shot, and Ill admit that white people call wellness checks if someone so much as blinks the wrong way, ALOT more wellness checks done than in black neigborhoods. But the second a black neighbor call for help to check on his black neighbor, she gets instant death penalty for interrupting the cops donut break..

  33. Please be advised. …..this can happen to you, you, and you. The city will rest until she's put in the ground. That's when thing will start to go weird. I'm still waiting on the me to movement women! !!!! Women mount up….The African American political leaders, put down your corn and Apple pie and get to work.

  34. Why did the nosey neighbor call instead of going and yelling himself.. The way he said it on the call made it sound like someone might have been hurt.. It's unfair this happens too much

  35. I hope someone brings up the fact she would have been 100% unable to see who was outside her window with a bright flashlight in her face. This is BS

  36. Dear family and friends of Atatiana Jefferson, My heart is broken for your loss. I feel sick. This PD had the opportunity to do the right thing. That hasn’t happened. Much can be learned about a police department by the documents they possess. The criminal investigation of and your civil action against this police department should include the obtaining of all training records, including outside fear-based training, employee disciplinary records, internal Policy & Procedures, AND employee membership in hate groups.


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