Community Hospice: Family Member Involvement

I’m walking in the walk for hospice
where my courageous mother June. she was a loving inspirational
selfless brave woman whom we miss dearly I sent out an email to my friends and
family and encouraged them to come and walk for my mom and many of them
unfortunately have had loved ones and friends who have passed and some of them
have used The Community Hospice also so they were excited to to be a part of it we have a strong family unit and were
connected and we’re close were there for each other it’s was difficult at first
but we’re we’re getting by we’ve had Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter
without her and Easter was hard because that was the time that we noticed that
she was not doing well last year we noticed that something was wrong
neurologically with her and that’s when I took her to the ER and we were told
that she had brain lesions that had spread she was compassionate and would
do anything for her family she loved her children and her grandchildren she loved
all children especially babies she was a great cook she loved family time and she
liked to have fun thanks to hospice towards the end she
had a good quality of life while she was at home
the last four months of her life she basically spent a lot of time going to
doctor’s appointments and having radiation and chemotherapy we spent a
lot of time together because I was her her transport and her medical advocate
and she she was happy she she was selfless she didn’t dwell on her disease
which made it easy for all of us I’m excited I’m excited to do this for her
I’m excited to have my family together too to honor her she just did everything
with us she was a big part of my life and my brother’s life do you encouraged
us to be whatever we wants it to be that was truly her legacy.

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