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hi everybody its Kayla and welcome back to speed build someday today my friends we are building a community garden for Oasis Springs because one a lot of this place seems very desert II and sad and I don't want to call it lifeless but a little bit in some areas and they figured that always has Springs just as a whole could use like a really nice Park because I don't like the park that comes in the base game and so I took a tiny lot built a cute gazebo and then filled it with plants I spent so much time placing plants this kind of came from me being inspired by a certain rock that I found in debug because we didn't know in the latest update they added like thousands of objects as a strong word a strong number I should say into the game from the world so if you type in BV dot show hidden objects and then BB dot show live edit objects you can find all kinds of new things from the world like from the surroundings of the area like a bunch of new rocks bunch of new plants and they're all free debug items granted they are a little bit glitchy they've got high poly counts because they're made for the environment not made it's like actual objects for the games you'll see some plants like don't look like full quality and stuff but there are a lot of gems in here so all the things you see in the world like a dinosaur and waste of Springs you can like get that and put it into your game on your loss there all the base game stuff there's a million new things and because of that I use a lot of the new items like some of the new plants I use some of the rocks like this little rock pathway that comes from it grant said these things are like I said kind of glitchy for example your sims will walk through them because they already sort of being a real object so there are some issues with that but they're very pretty and they're fun for builds and they're free so if you're trying to do a cheap build with some cheap landscaping and you're okay with some like maybe some weird glitches you can get fences for free you can get landscaping for free you can get some decor items for free not very much to court but there's a lot of like outdoor things that you can get it just really expands our options here and it's so good and I was so happy and just more all the story is thank you to the Sims team for giving us this but I spent a lot of time like digging through it and picking out things and making this cute garden I also put in actual plants that your sins can grow things with obviously I went on the Calabrian people sometimes they'll upload like actual plants and so I stole some plans put them in this build so your Sims can come here and like harvest apples and whatever but it is a functional Park there's a cute little pond that isn't functional there's him a playground like it's one swing set there's a swing set a chess table and an easel and also a lot of plants so if your Sims want to come here for plants great place there is a grill also so your Sims can like come and make some food and like swing on the swings and maybe you paint some pictures so as far as visiting this place but it is functional and it's really cute and it turned out really nice and I was really proud of it and I spent away too long building it I was just digging through debug trying to find stuff and so it took me way too long about this tiny lot but you'll see me like dig through things and pull stuff out and stuff the one most irritating part if these debug items is that you can't copy them like you can't use the eyedropper tool to grab them again you can't like shift place them exceed enough you hold shift you place an object if place is multiple so you wanted to put like eight chairs you can hold shift and keep placing them or if you wanted to have like a bunch of bookshelves you could just like fill a room with bookshelves by holding shift and continue into place that same item it's a really useful little hotkey if you're looking for stuff like that but you can't do that with these debug items you have to grab them back out of the catalogue and they're not searchable because they'll just say debug so it's a little bit frustrating trying to pull things out because like you know you want that bridge but the game doesn't know it's a bridge it just it just says debug so you have to keep scrolling through stuff luckily some people have like filtered through this and they've pulled things out and put like all the plants into one category in one room on the gallery scene kind of like grab stuff off the gallery and use it but I didn't do that for this build I was all on my own so well it wasn't on my stream this build I was live on Twitch if you guys didn't know I hate to plug it again but like I'm gonna plug it again because why don't you hang out with me it's anyway I stream every single day on Twitch on /a little Sims II I do a lot of builds on Twitch for example this one I stream first and now I'm posting on YouTube later because it's fun to do builds with people watching because people can give input we can just like joke around and hang out and it's way more fun to do it live because again people can help me do it they can give suggestions and stuff like that so if you want to help me do my builds I'm live every single day on Twitch you like I said sometimes I don't room on Sundays I try not to because I should have a day off it's not healthy to stream every day but you know here we are I was gonna do a 12-hour stream today actually I was gonna do something fun but then I got really sick and I had to see a doctor like last minute on two went in what day Thursday I don't remember it was quite a time I was in the hospital for a second but it's okay ers are a scary place but I'm totally good it's all fine so if you saw my tweet and we're worried don't worry it's okay I'm all right but anyway falling on Twitter and on twitch but yeah that canceled that Sabbath on because that seems like a bad idea I'd like to do one soon though cuz I love doing longer streams like I'll do these like 12-hour streams and they're kind of fun and the way a Sabbath on works it's basically subs on Twitch aren't like on YouTube subs on Twitch are paying they pay money to support my stream they get free emotes like they get little like emojis basically they get no ads on my streams they get a badge next to their name I thank them and all this oh boy I thank them pretty exciting stuff you can also sub for free Amazon Prime on Twitch why am i doing a prime sub promotion on youtube but if you have Amazon Prime you can get a free sub every month on Twitch which is really cool because amazon owns twitch so you can like get free perks on twitch with your Amazon Prime subscription like you get a bunch of free games sometimes you get free subs every month you get to change your name color like there's a lot of like cute little things if you use Amazon Prime and twitch like you can get so much stuff extra for free just because you already pay for Prime so connect your account if you don't already like seriously because you get so much stuff for free that way I'm not even just trying to get you to sub to me like I mean genuinely you'll get so much extra perks with your prime sub but all that aside I stuff it's on like I was talking about that basically on twitch when people do them they'll be live for I'll put like an hour on the clock right look go alive in the morning and then every time someone subs they'll add time to the clock and so like you can just keep going basically as long people are subscribing to you on Twitch it's kind of funny I did one that lasted 16 hours once and I was gonna do one again this weekend but I capped it at 16 hours because there's no way I could stream longer than that I wouldn't live at like 9:00 a.m. and I got off so late we listen you can't stream for much longer than that I mean you could people do 24 hour stream sometimes but I'm not there yet I am NOT this kind of person I don't think I can handle that after 12 hours rooms I've we so exhausted it's so hard to explain this feeling because part of you like almost doesn't want to get off when you're doing these long streams but then when you get off it's like a wall hits you it's so horrible because you're like so on all day for the last 12 hours you've been like super like hype didn't running a stream and all these people are there with you and then you get off in it's like this weird like silent and it's so weird to get off a long stream like that but I was gonna do it this weekend and I didn't that's more of a story because I was really sick but you know what we're okay we're working through it all so my semester is ending this week I'm taking summer classes and I've got finals this week I felt like a big paper doing stuff so that's really exciting I don't know why I decided to plan one this weekend because I really shouldn't have but it didn't even work out so maybe the week after next weekend I'll do it again I'll keep you guys posted I am just live for a recommended time every day and I've done many 12-hour streams and in the past but will hopefully do another one soon we'll see but yeah good time just follow me on Twitter for updates and follow me on Twitch for notification oh my god anyway I really enjoyed this garden I use like I said a lot of debug things even these planter boxes are debug these are the ones that your Sims can craft with the Handy menu the Handy what the crafting table in minecraft you can make these planter boxes no you can make these boxes planter boxes using that like woodworking table in the game I actually like a lot of those things a lot like I love the concept of playing like a rags-to-riches kind of sim and having them use the woodworking table to craft things they need but it's so hard to do that because it takes a long time to get this skill up high enough to actually craft stuff you might need like you need to craft a toilet and a bathtub and stuff but you can't actually do that until they're skills pretty high so it's hard to play rags-to-riches and like actually like craft it for yourself unless you cheat the hands enos skill in the beginning I guess then you could do it but I like the idea of having a tiny house with just like a wooden bathtub and a wooden toilet and like all these wooden shelves and barstools and the things that your sins can make I don't know it's just kind of cute I think but anyway I tried to put a sign in front of the park also but I was so frustrated because so many of the sign things like it's one of those cats and dog signs and only the cats and dog stickers will snack to it and they and when you size them up there like to stall if they they are too high up and it just looks bad and you can't really move them the way you might want to and so I ended up just putting an actual get to work sign on the wall and like raising it up with using the objects and cheating to put it there so it's not actually on that sign but I think it looks alright like you can see there's a logo there and stuff but I didn't get to use the cats and dog stuff like I wanted to because the game was deciding to be glitchy and mean which is super rude honestly I don't know why they thought that was a good idea but I don't understand those cats and dog signs it's really annoying how you can't place things where you want them to go on where you I don't know why I said it like that but you can't like I said you can't alt place the signs on there and sometimes you want to have like a little logo and the lettering but you can't size them up you can't alt place them and they look so small compared to the sign maybe there's like other pieces to it that I'm missing but for some reason I just couldn't make it look good so I was very frustrated but it's fine everything's ok I'm okay I'll get through this difficult time please don't worry about me oh my god speaking of difficult times I have a big update for you all I know I'm not on face cam right now it's okay I usually am but not for speed build but you might notice the flip past like week or so my plant and the background jeffrey has been gone and that's because when I went to Italy I was this is like a week and a half ago thought I was there but I brought all of my plants I have three plans for now I have four plants hmm I forgot about one of them I have four plants Emma was gone my cat and my plants all went to stay at my parents house because the neighbors were gonna take care of them over there and so it's just easier to like have all the plans and the cats and everyone's there and so I brought all my plants to their grandparents house and then I had to leave them there and my parents just kept not helping me bring Geoffrey back home and he's kind of big and he needed help but he's finally back Geoffrey's home and I am looking at myself I am recording facecam but not I'm not posting the face cam if you know what I mean I'm like looking at myself in my camera and I'm like Oh Geoffrey he's home because my room just felt so empty without the plant cuz he's a really big plant and it just felt so empty without him in here but now that he's back I just I feel so whole and full and my heart's so so worm sorry people one of my friends makes fun of how I say warm so I don't know I don't think I say it wrong but whatever um I get made fun of for it so I started saying worm is a replacement term and sometimes it just slips out because I do it as a joke but I realized that I should clarify what I'm saying when I'm talking to new people because they're gonna be like what did you just say your hearts so worm who what and I understand that it could be concerning but don't worry there are no worms I think so worms are kind of freaky oh my god we had to dissect a worm in middle school I forgot about that yeah in middle school for one of in one of my science classes we dissected a worm we did a frog and a worm the worm was first gross that's I don't we I've taught us before but I really am not big into dissections in like middle school and even high school because I've seen how these people treat these animals like we dissected a shark my freshman year of high school and it really bothered me we had pregnant sharks and the way that the people in my class were treating them they were like cutting like chopping their heads off and just doing the worst things and it's so unnecessary and so bad and just like dissections when you're you know a serious student trying to study like anatomy and stuff that's one thing but when you're just like a bunch of fourteen-year-old high school students that want to cut a shark's head off like maybe we shouldn't be letting them do that I don't know but sorry that's my little I'm a vegetarian but I just it was a scarring experience for me okay but yeah worms seen the insides of one didn't like that either God why am I talking about this I don't know anyway there's a cute little gazebo on this lot as well that has a couple tables there's a grill I think but there's just some cute stuff you can bring your sims to do it'd be a nice spot to get engaged I feel like also if you wanted to you could always replace the things on the gazebo with a wedding arch and how your sins get married here that could be kind of cute um I don't like to put wedding arches down in my regular builds like I feel like it's weird to just put a wedding arch on a lot like this because I feel like the number of times you'll use it for a wedding versus just like general gameplay it makes more sense to have a grill here than a wedding arch but it's so easy to just take really get rid of the grill and put wedding or just down instead if you wanted to have a wedding here super easy to make happen yourself and it would look so good like that because such a nice place to get married although I don't know what the background looks like behind a lot maybe all likes oh it's just a big rock yeah get married if I'm a big rock that looks so good you'll get so many good screen shots from that but now I'm getting on to the gallery and I'm searching up plants I'm trying to find people that have posted like you know perfect plant complete collection and I was gonna put down a bunch of them I also I organized it kind of in a weird way because I started organizing it by type like putting flowers in one box and good vegetables in one and then I started doing it like that but also grouping them by season so like all the winter plants were in one spot and all the fall pants for in ones box I liked the idea of if you came here in the winter time you wouldn't have like three random spots blooming and that's it like there'd be at least one whole planter box full of things so you can harvest instead of just like random stuff everywhere and so I try to keep it a little bit like that but there are obviously some like weird ones because some things bloom in like fall and spring and so there with the spring section but on the fall section I tried to organize it's the best of my ability but it is a little bit weird so because there are so many plants and like my boxes are also randomly placed on this lot like there's it's just weird it's hard to place in nice areas but I did my best okay I also considered putting a cow plant here but I figured out the room and the vibe so I didn't put the cow in town I really thought about it I did but then I was like no we're going for like cute garden possibly wedding area aesthetic we can't put a cow plant down but if you would like to put a cow plant down I don't mean to offer suggestions but it's very easy to search up cow plant on the gallery and people upload rooms that just have a cow plant in them and you could like I said very easily just put a cow plant down I'm just saying but you you didn't hear that from me okay but if you by chance needed to eliminate a sim which of course you wouldn't do but on the off chance that you do need to do that you could very easily put a cow plant here on this lot but again I'm not encouraging this just so we're clear this was not my idea or my intention I don't encourage Cal Plant murder that would be bad and I don't respect that at all I've never killed it with a cow pie ever I would never kill us in I have no idea what you're talking about I don't yet know not me I don't do that cut to my video literally yesterday where I spun a wheel it aside who dies in my love's play hmm I wouldn't do that I wouldn't spin a wheel McGillis him that's ridiculous watch that video the link down below in the description box but anyway I'm gonna go ahead and cut off right here you guys I hope that you enjoyed the video please make sure to leave a like and comment and subscribe and do all those fun YouTube things and in case you guys didn't know I post new videos every single day and so I will see you all tomorrow bye everybody I don't know why I keep recording facecam for these speed bills that I know full well and like my face on because I look so bad right now like I felt that thing on my face like I just we're not doing well but it's fine we're still here it's all good

41 thoughts on “COMMUNITY GARDEN // The Sims 4: Speed Build

  1. Hey I know it may be hard for you but I would love if you streamed Not So Berry again, or did another update. I really love the challenge, and would love to see you play it again.

  2. That's the reason I use half walls and wall decorations to make signs.  You can also use the new foundation from GT that turns invisible to make it look like it is floating on air.  Or how about doing that and using one of the decorative items from Get Famous–I don't remember what it was called, but it looked like four mini columns and it came in small, medium, and tall.  I have to find a picture to show you.

  3. When we did dissections in high school the teacher stressed respecting the animals or we would be asked to wave the room.

  4. We had to dissect a cat my senior year of high school. My group thought it would be hilarious to get a black cat that looked exactly like my cat. 😒

  5. Do you have to have certain packs to have these in the debug ?!! Bc I went to my debug, and it didnt have this stuff .. and my game is updated 🤔

  6. The debug bridge is super cute O:O

    (I also uploaded a new speed build, would mean the world to me if you would check it out)

  7. "in middle school we dissected a frog and a worm" okay makes sense
    "like, in high school we dissected pregnant sharks" you WHAT

  8. Pssst….hey, I have some tea to spill!

    If you do "bb.showliveeditobjects" you can wade in water! I've only been able to do it in Brindleton Bay, but, hey! It's the closest thing to swimming when you don't have Island Living! Try it out yourself!

  9. Heeey, so… When you downsized the pond, how did you get the water to match the edges of the pond?? I mean, I dunno if it's something in my settings, but whenever I downsize like mirrors and the ponds from debug, the water and the mirror's "reflection" (??) remain the regular size, only the edges get sized down and it's really annoying @[email protected]

  10. When I have always dissected animals in my classes, the teachers were pretty strict and if we ever did something disrespectful to the animals we would have to stop dissecting and instead right a 5 page paper about it.

  11. You can put barrier from hidden objects if you don't want sims walking trough them but for some reason the barrier requires parenthood

  12. I looove the new debug objects, the waterfall from Island Living is my favorite. I think the green patches that you placed in first would be perfect for minigolf as well, actually.

  13. What should I do to receive the notifications from the other families and sims(sims 3)? ( about their pregnancies, relationships and so on, if you understand what I mean))))

  14. When I was in high school we watched the teacher dissecting part of a pig (a lung or a heart or something, I can't remember), but you had the option to go out of the room if you were vegetarian or were likely to feel sick at the sight. But that's as far as dissecting went I think.

  15. In 7th grade we had to dissect a grasshopper and my group chopped off its legs, stuck them onto pins, and used the legs and the grasshopper's decapitated head to play a morbid version of soccer.

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